Monday, April 30, 2012

The Murakami Effect

Words don't come to me now-a-days. Words I can write out and effectively record. Words that shout out my disapproval or critique or even appreciation. At least not as easily as they came to me about 6 months ago.
It's not that I have lost the desire to write, it's just that I'm not in the right mind to sit at my desk and invest three or four hours in writing. I have something going on in my life right now which is taking up all my time.
My day begins and ends without me even realizing where I lost the past 24 hours.

I've never been more busy and I've never been so full of bristling energy and enthusiasm. So I'm happy to stay away from writing as long as I know I'm spending my time doing something worthwhile instead.
Besides one cannot write when one has nothing significant to say or express.
There was a time when blogging was for the sake of sometimes sycophantic sometimes positively awestruck comments, likes on my Facebook page, changing the template for the umpteenth time and taking part in blogging contests in the hopes of getting some recognition, some form of tangible proof of the fact that at least in this virtual spatial plane, my writing matters.
But then time passes and you change, evolve and mature. Unlike other people, you realize that writing is not just a hobby for you or a way to relieve pent up stress. It is a much more important and vital part of your existence which you revere in a way you didn't even know of.
So this is why I haven't written a single line in over five months now. Because I want to write when I feel it will hold some meaning, some significance.
There were times when I gave in to inner paranoia and couldn't help but wonder, will I be able to write again? Was blogging just a childish game for me? or the latest fad which I had busied myself with? Was I writing because I could afford the time back then and quit the moment real life came calling?

As it turns out I was wrong. I can still write. I am writing right now and it is making me feel alive like never before. Inside my head at this very moment, is a mess - of words, of expressions, of emotions, of things I don't fully comprehend yet, all dying to coalesce together and manifest themselves in pages of coherent thought.
I have found my words again. And it's all thanks to Haruki Murakami, who of course needs no introduction. (There's google, if you do need an introduction though)
"Sputnik Sweetheart" in the course of just one day, has helped me rekindle my relationship with my creative side that had eluded me for a while.
And boy have I ever felt more relieved for choosing to read Murakami when I was feeling a bit out of it?
If you have read my blog before, you know that I have gushed about him already but now I feel I wasn't able to do justice to his creative genius in the review of Norwegian Wood. An author of his stature deserves to be accoladed in a greater and much better way.
Murakami's work is like an abstract painting. You can never fully grasp the meaning the artist intended to convey or the underlying message it carries as it's always open to interpretation by the reader. But what you are instantly struck by is the seductive beauty of the vignettes he creates.
You can't help but plunge headlong into the enigmatic tale he spins. You are slowly but gradually pulled into the core of it without even realizing that you are engrossed so deeply that you cannot pull away of your own volition. Like an ingenious magician commanding the attention of his viewers on stage, he makes you build unshakable faith in the illusions he begets.
Murakami does not ever want you to fully understand what's happening, because if you do, the charm, the magic melts into oblivion robbing his writing of its unique surreal quality. But at the same time, you do least as much as its necessary to connect with his characters and their psyche.
He has the unparalleled ability of stringing together the main narrative and the psychological repercussions the happenings have on the central characters in a way such that both meld into one entity, indistinguishable from the other.
And not even once do you feel that the story has lost its clarity.
In the world Murakami envisages, nearly anything is possible and legitimately so.
His writings are bound to provide you with intellectual as well as emotional stimulation especially if you're low on inspiration. And create gateways to a whole new dimension, where your imagination knows no constraints and can conjure up delightfully distorted images without having to forego a touch with reality.
And that is why, at this very moment, he is my one true Sputnik Sweetheart.



Viyoma said...

Wow..too good i say. You may have taken up writing after a long time, but it is what is called a Straight from the Heart Post.

You are right- one cant write, when there is nothing to express or say.i have felt the same many times.
My 100th Blog Post -came 4 years after i started blogging- But no complains - i am happy - every post i made, i made with full enthusiasm.

Somewhere, this post of yours - makes me see myself & my days of hibernation from Blogging.

Giribala said...

Nice!! Good to hear from you :-)

Md.Al-Amin said...

You write very well about this
Thanks from for this information

Meera Sundararajan said...

Hi, I have not been on your blog for a while. But I can understand this thing that you have written about -the need to write for the sake of writing , comments etc. Blogging is very addictive sometimes for the wrong reasons. Glad that you are back. Yours is a blog I like. that is why I keep coming back to it.

astrosunilnomy said...

Well, it happens with me too.. lack of time..reflects in no creative thinking or writing..but things will change...some day some fresh thoughts lead to new writing...well your readers always want to read your posts...hat can be greater reason other than this ?

sharmila said...

Haruki Murakami effect is real and I can vouch for that.I took to running after reading his book on running.It is good to be on your blog,hope to read more ..

Aditya Kasavaraju said...

Hi. Good to see you writing. In fact, I am glad. You were on of the few bloggers I remember when I was active couple of years back. Hope you write more. and more.

Atul XYZ said...

Hope you have read "Kafka on the Shore"... He is in some other level... we cant comprehend...

JayaBidkar said...

very well written :)

KayEm said...

I totally agree. I write when I really have something to say.

harsh surana said...

Good one

Srinivas said...

words sometimes slip away from myself, like sand, every time u try to hold in ur hand.

but sometimes, words are like the dead leaves just fallen from trees, swept away by wind, with out non-coherently without any intention, yet spilling its magic on its way.

but when first started Murakami, i tried to grasp his words, minutes later, i let myself to swift away by his words and just enjoying the meanings that, his words held up in their wombs.

Tanisha Christie said...

That’s so true, words don’t always come to me either. Sometimes, the flow is real smooth and at other times I am just struggling to express myself. If you can find the right words, then it becomes so easy to speak your mind.

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