Sunday, March 27, 2011


Afar, alone I may go on a whim-
To a mystical land, seen only in a dream.
Empty my head of all reason and a sad truth.
Who cares if someone calls me uncouth?
And blessed I'll be to forget this season-
Of lies, charades and a tale of treason.

'Shunning a way of life isn't a sin.'
That's what they all tell me with a knowing grin.
But how do I tell right from wrong?
Instincts tell me people just play along.
That's why I must pay heed to that voice-
That sole voice of sanity and make a choice.

A cosy village in the heart of the mountains,
Where oaks and pines abound with gurgling fountains,
A makeshift abode and a humble life-
Without a hint of dolour or strife.
And afternoons, in which I can hear the Church bells-
My wounded heart pines for very little else.

Away from the people I know so well,
Away from worldly pleasures, I want to dwell.
Rediscovering that which I treasure the most,
Things that I could have, but never lost.
And if all my beliefs turn out to be true,
Some day, I promise I'll find my way back to you.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The curious case of a "blogger's block"

Whenever I am faced with a writer's block I indulge in an in-depth introspection and fling a self-made questionnaire at myself - has my desire to write evaporated with the passage of time? have I gotten bored of blogging altogether? don't I have a topic to write on? am I just being too lazy?

The common answer to all the above questions will be in the negative.
Every time I experience that Eureka moment where I derive inspiration out of real emotions or observing real life and real people and gear up to create something out of nothing, I get an indescribable thrill. That titillating emotion makes me feel alive, like there's no greater joy. (except perhaps the joy of reading or learning new things)

That is how vital writing is to my existence. The day the writer in me dies, will be the day I'll probably be reduced to an empty shell of a human being with a hollow core. And no, this isn't me being dramatic.

But how do I deal with a situation where I'm dry of ideas? No I'm afraid, a Blogadda article doesn't help me in this respect. And neither would I want to read a host of articles on the net regarding writer's block and then come up with a likely solution to remedy the situation.

Often I feel a pang of jealousy when I see other bloggers updating so frequently or publishing posts on Wordless Wednesday or Music Monday or Foto Friday. What a perfect way to get rid of the predicament of not being able to write or rather excusing yourself from the trouble of putting on your thinking cap. But then again, since I lack talent in the field of clicking delectable pictures I cannot take this easy way out either. Besides it's a real pain to go scout for likely subjects to click pictures of every Wednesday or Friday. And the bigger question is, why should I?

There was a time when garnering followers and more comments had turned into an obsession. The more the number of comments, the greater the satisfaction of publishing a piece. The more the number of hits, the greater your popularity. Not that this isn't relevant like some people would say. A writer writes so that others can read and offer appreciation as well as criticism. Without readers, the very purpose of writing gets defeated. But somewhere in the mad rush of inviting more attention, the idea of writing for the sake of letting your creativity flow or highlighting a cause gets ignored.

This blog is my mouthpiece. A platform which I should use in the most sagacious of ways. I am not that teenager anymore who could crib about some disappointing event from her life or write a scathing commentary of a known public figure in profane language. I can no longer afford the luxury of being naive and impulsive.

Hence from now on I will write when I feel that urge from within. Not for the sake of keeping this space alive. Or another flattering comment. Or another Facebook 'like'.
And I'll not make a big deal out of a likely case of a 'writer's block'.

P.S: Also maybe one of you fabulous bloggers out there, could help me out with a guest post once in a while. That would be an easy way out. :P


Monday, March 14, 2011

Voices in my head

Amidst the sea of emptiness,
Stretching between both the sidewalks,
Amidst the sombre memories of rain-drenched afternoons,
Amidst the cacophony of insane voices,
There's the surreal dream of life-
Not a mere shadow of an existence.
There's a voice of righteousness waiting to be heard-
Feeble, but full of optimism.
There's the beckoning of pensive solitude,
Imploring one to lose oneself in its endless maze....
And there's an impassioned desire to measure eternity.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Moral Guardians

I had actually decided on keeping my rantings to a bare minimum in this space after the post on Aruna Shanbaug but it seems the Divine Providence always has something on His agenda which has to go against my well-thought-out and elaborate plans.
Even with the endless circle of scams and scandals characterized by varying acronyms (IPL, CWG, 2G, ED, CVC) which have acquired nothing short of a celebrity status in our daily lives now thanks to our 'very vocal' media sources, it seems the higher authorities are more intent on directing their energies at censoring the content that exists over the internet. Rather than dealing with a million other problems like swindler-turned-billionaires evading income tax worth thousands of crores of rupees or trying to tackle a loathsome monster named 'Corruption' which raises its ugly-as-hell head every now and then and seems beyond any kind of control, the government has now turned to moral policing of bloggers.

Young women are being raped and shot multiple times in the capital city in broad daylight by unknown miscreants but hey who cares about that? Keeping an eye over what the social media activists are writing in their blogs is far more important and demands immediate attention.

Under the Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008, a governmental proposal seeks to enforce the moderation of blogs and any discussion that goes on in the comments section of a post. If any comment/reader-posted link or part of the blog is found to be abusive, racist, vulgar, threatening, objectionable or defamatory according to the Government, then it will be considered the blogger's legal responsibility.
Just a few weeks back I was actually praising the way our Government respects a citizen's right to free speech and freedom of expression in a post. And I felt genuinely thankful to have not been born in a country like China or anywhere in the Middle East where the term 'human rights' is probably unheard of. Spoken too soon eh?

Now I'm not sure whether the word 'hell' is abusive or vulgar. For I've used it once in this post while describing an abstract entity that is, 'corruption' and totally wondering whether it qualifies as a grievous offense that could land me in jail like that famed Egyptian blogger. Would we require to register our blogs somewhere and obtain a license next?

My constitution tells me this country is a democratic republic which ensures justice, equality and liberty for all its citizens and where the will of the people is above all. I hope I can continue to have faith in it. And I hope I can believe in the fact that my voice won't be strangulated whenever I want to scream out in protest.

P.S: Dudes and dudettes, from now on take care about the way you comment on a blogger's post. Your choice of words and expressions can land the unsuspecting author in hot water.

P.P.S: The phrase 'dudes and dudettes' doesn't count as vulgar or racist right? *confused* Also is it a mere coincidence that I'm publishing this post on the International Day of Awesomeness?

P.P.P.S: Will sarcasm be regarded as a non-bailable offense now? #justcurious


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I listen to Katy Perry and I like it

It's ironic how I used to think Katy Perry will be a one-hit wonder and disappear into oblivion. And now I just can't stop admiring her spunk. 
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson or Katy Perry is a lovely woman. Not only is she endowed with stunning looks and a peaches-and-cream complexion but her music is inspiring and strikes the right cord with the listeners and fans every time. Only she can get away with something like 'I kissed a girl' and make it sound legitimate without undertones of  lesbianism.

"I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chap stick
I kissed a girl to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it"

If you think about the situation without any sense of humor then it will feel odd. (in which case there's something seriously wrong with you) So just let it go and think like a normal human being devoid of any prejudices or staunch ideals for once.

"It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight"

Before the official release of the track, it was feared it would create a huge controversy but ultimately it proved to be a ticket to uncharted stardom for Katy. It's the general tone of the song and the lyrics which make it easier for people to identify with it.

'Hot N Cold' was another song which stayed at the top of the charts for quite a while. Sample this :-

"You change your mind
Like a girl changes clothes
Yeah, you PMS like a bitch
I would know"

A 'lol' maybe the appropriate reaction to these words. But this song is totally hip and any pop-lover will be addicted to it in no time.

"'Cause you're hot then you're cold
  You're yes then you're no
  You're in then you're out
  You're up and you're down
  You're wrong when it's right 
  It's black and it's white
  We fight, we break up
  We kiss, we make up"

Have a troubled relationship with someone? Yes? Then this is the song for you.
Actually all relationships are somewhat similar. At times they feel right, at times wrong. Without conflicting feelings a relationship cannot be real. And Katy Perry once again hits the right note with this foot-tapping number.

"Someone, call the doctor
Got a case of love bipolar
Stuck on a rollercoaster
Can't get off this ride"

Just the right words to illustrate the pangs of a relationship where one can't let go. Nothing unnecessary or emotionally burgeoning.

Another epic song will be 'You're so gay'. I remember the very first time I came across this song on Youtube, the title cracked me up instantly. Sample the lyrics:-

"I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf
While jacking off listening to Mozart
You bitch and moan about LA
Wishing you were in the rain reading Hemingway
You don’t eat meat
And drive electrical cars
You’re so indie rock it’s almost an art
You need SPF 45 just to stay alive"

Ideal way to curse an ex boyfriend. That is only if he had been a jerk to you :-P

Now before you begin stereotyping Katy as someone who bitches about bad boyfriends and relationships to wanting to kiss girls don't write her off just as yet.

Listen to her 'Who am I living for?' track from 'Teenage Dream'.

"I can feel a phoenix inside of me
As I march alone to a different beat
Slowly swallowing down my fear, yeah yeah

I am ready for the road less traveled
Suiting up for my crowning battle
This test is my own cross to bare
But I will get there

At times her voice sounds a bit coarse and rough around the edges when she is going for the higher notes but somehow it doesn't sound too off. Not everyone can be like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston right?
Other Katy Perry songs which are worth listening to -'Firework', 'California gurls', 'Teenage dream', 'E.T', 'One of the boys' and many more.

So go get yourself a dose of Katy Perry if you haven't already. And this applies to the men too. C'mon it's International Women's Day after all.

P.S: Don't overdose on her. She is married to Russell Brand who pretty much looks and acts like a psycho.


Friday, March 04, 2011


It's not like I have this sudden urge of dabbling in journalism or human rights activism. But since I always write about the things I feel strongly about, I have to compose such a post. For as much as the knowledge of this gruesome happening pains me, it pains me all the more to know how few people are aware of this issue.

On the horrifically tragic night of 27th November 1973, Aruna Shanbaug, a 25 year-old spirited woman hailing from Karnataka and working at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai as a nurse, was sodomized and strangulated with a dog chain by a ward-boy named Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki. She was discovered in an unconscious state 11 hours later by the hospital authorities. It turned out that the asphyxiation during the course of the assault cut off oxygen supply to her brain and in turn left her bereft of the power of speech. She also lost control over her muscles, became cortically blind and suffered a severe kind of emotional disability. The demonic sonovabitch, who authored this monstrosity just 'cause he was severely reprimanded by the righteous Aruna earlier, was charged with attempt to murder and robbery. The much more heinous crime of sodomy was conveniently kept under wraps in fear of Aruna facing social stigma. Under the instructions of the Dean of KEM, doctors did away with medical evidence confirming anal rape in view of her forthcoming marriage to Dr Sundeep Sardesai.
37 years have passed since that day. Aruna Shanbaug has been reduced to a mere lump of unresponsive human flesh from a full-fledged woman of character and strength, confined to a bed of the same hospital she once used to work for. Her fiance and her family have abandoned her in due course of time.
But the rapist motherfucker responsible for all this got away with a mild 7 year term in jail. His current location is undisclosed (the authorities probably respect his well-deserved right to privacy) but rumors suggest he was later employed as a ward-boy in a Delhi hospital.

Aruna's story was compiled into a book by a journalist friend Pinki Virani who later filed a plea for Euthanasia with the Supreme Court. The case continues to draw worldwide attention and be a topic of a raging controversy amidst all members of the society.
Aruna cannot really eat. Food in the form of a paste is shoved down her throat which she cannot swallow. She is almost blind, her skin is as fragile as a piece of tissue-paper and gets bruised easily. So much so that the nurses in charge of her care, have to sew special clothes for her. Her teeth are decaying owing to the lack of use. She hasn't walked in decades and all her limbs are as good as gone. She screams every time she hears a man's voice.

We may not have the right to destroy life, a creation of nature. But do we have the right of inflicting a form of mortal agony a thousand times worse than death on a human being who never did anything to deserve it?
Why must her perpetrator get away with such a light sentence and be allowed to live a normal, healthy life while she continues to suffer the crudest form of torment disguised as 'life' for no apparent reason?
Why is a rape victim snubbed by the society instead of being treated with care and concern? Why must the terrible tale of her trauma be shoved under the carpet just to keep her from being 'stigmatized'? Why must others point fingers at her for being a victim of a flagitious crime somebody else committed?
Maybe, just maybe, the world would be a much better place if only we could get rid of the numerous such 'why-s'.
And maybe the Supreme Court will respond to the plea for 'non-action' in Aruna's case and finally save her from the indignity she has endured all her life.

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