Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The curious case of a "blogger's block"

Whenever I am faced with a writer's block I indulge in an in-depth introspection and fling a self-made questionnaire at myself - has my desire to write evaporated with the passage of time? have I gotten bored of blogging altogether? don't I have a topic to write on? am I just being too lazy?

The common answer to all the above questions will be in the negative.
Every time I experience that Eureka moment where I derive inspiration out of real emotions or observing real life and real people and gear up to create something out of nothing, I get an indescribable thrill. That titillating emotion makes me feel alive, like there's no greater joy. (except perhaps the joy of reading or learning new things)

That is how vital writing is to my existence. The day the writer in me dies, will be the day I'll probably be reduced to an empty shell of a human being with a hollow core. And no, this isn't me being dramatic.

But how do I deal with a situation where I'm dry of ideas? No I'm afraid, a Blogadda article doesn't help me in this respect. And neither would I want to read a host of articles on the net regarding writer's block and then come up with a likely solution to remedy the situation.

Often I feel a pang of jealousy when I see other bloggers updating so frequently or publishing posts on Wordless Wednesday or Music Monday or Foto Friday. What a perfect way to get rid of the predicament of not being able to write or rather excusing yourself from the trouble of putting on your thinking cap. But then again, since I lack talent in the field of clicking delectable pictures I cannot take this easy way out either. Besides it's a real pain to go scout for likely subjects to click pictures of every Wednesday or Friday. And the bigger question is, why should I?

There was a time when garnering followers and more comments had turned into an obsession. The more the number of comments, the greater the satisfaction of publishing a piece. The more the number of hits, the greater your popularity. Not that this isn't relevant like some people would say. A writer writes so that others can read and offer appreciation as well as criticism. Without readers, the very purpose of writing gets defeated. But somewhere in the mad rush of inviting more attention, the idea of writing for the sake of letting your creativity flow or highlighting a cause gets ignored.

This blog is my mouthpiece. A platform which I should use in the most sagacious of ways. I am not that teenager anymore who could crib about some disappointing event from her life or write a scathing commentary of a known public figure in profane language. I can no longer afford the luxury of being naive and impulsive.

Hence from now on I will write when I feel that urge from within. Not for the sake of keeping this space alive. Or another flattering comment. Or another Facebook 'like'.
And I'll not make a big deal out of a likely case of a 'writer's block'.

P.S: Also maybe one of you fabulous bloggers out there, could help me out with a guest post once in a while. That would be an easy way out. :P



Neha said...

gone are the days when I updated my blog every third day! not for hit or comments, but I really liked doing so..I still do, but find less time..but WTH! I can update it when i want to and that's gives you a sense of satisfaction even when u have under 10 comments :P

Sayak said...

The sixth paragraph stole the show,
The boat can topple while you row,
Yourself, in the ocean, you can throw -
And swim across it, while the waves grow.

inquisitive-life said...

I experience the same..... I guess we get inspiration from anything in our daily scenarios.

And writing is our survival.

Nice Post Samadrita

Raam Pyari said...

thast a problem a lot of us face..sometimes i sit with the laptop in front of me..really wanting to write...but ..nothing happens....been blogging for half a i know that there are phases...and each one- good or bad-passses :)

Prateek said...

There were 4 posts by me in 2 months. Blogadda mailed me to update my blog. I questioned myself "I am not a post synthesizing machine."
I love comments, who doesn't but posting pictures every Wednesday is just a mere excuse to feed the blog temporarily. I have never liked this idea.

Giribala said...

You sound so sensible! I am also stuck this time. Too many tragedies around the world to write a comic post....

cloud nine said...

Exactly right! We blog for our personal satisfaction and posting at our own fancy, creativity doesn't come bottled-up! Great post!

astrosunilnomy said...

ya me too feel writer's block is overrated term, one should write if he or she feels if it's worth of expression, we should wait until ideas strike naturally, unless one is writing professionally with deadlines.

dialoguewithyou said...

I totally agree with your idea of writing in only when you feel motivated enough to do so, not for the sake of updating the blog.

We write cause we love to, then why not do it at our pace and convenience just the way we like it?

Count me in amongst those who do not like the idea to post pictures only to keep the blog alive.

Purba said...

You write because it makes you happy. Reader feedback, number of hits is the cherry on the cake.

And didn't someone say, change is the only constant of life?

Do what makes you happy and stop feeling guilty about it :)

Anish said...

yeah I get those thoughts when I have a writer's block too.It's a dangerous thing the writer's block.But one should never write for the sake of writing.

Samadrita said...

@Neha: Yeah somehow you grow as a writer with time. Things cease to be important to you and other things take center stage. Thanks for the comment after such a long time Neha ji! :P

@Sayak: Just like Sayak to comment with a verse. :D

@inquisitive-life: Thank you!

@Raam Pyari: Wow you've been blogging for a long time indeed. Good to see you here. :)

@Prateek: Not that I've any problem with people who make Wordless Wednesday posts. It's just that I don't personally like such posts.

Samadrita said...

@GB: Yeah I know what you mean. The world is in shambles. But you know what? it is at times like these that we need a post full of GB humor the most. :) So go for it!

@cloud nine: Glad you agree! :-)

@astrosunilnomy: Exactly my point. But some people never run out of ideas. I envy them a lot! :)

@Purba di: Yeah you're right I guess. :-) I'll make sure to follow my heart.

@Anish: We should never write for the sake of writing? Are you sure that's what you meant? :D

Defiant Princess said...

You bet, the reason I started Music Monday was to avoid the prolonged writer's block break!
Guest Posts : you can always ask :P
and you're welcome for the same :) feel free to tell me "hey, make some space for My post on Bits n Pieces"


Karthik said...

In my personal opinion, there is nothing called writer's block. It's just a myth. As Sean Connery said in Finding Forrester, "No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is to write, not to think!"
So just write on, Sammy. Write what your hand writes. Will be happy to read. :)

Nethra said...

I decided that long back. I cannot write for readers and I write because I like to write. And there's nothing called writer's block; it's just laziness. :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

That is why, we all love a writer who writes for himself, and lets others revel in it.
Readers are important, but its our writing that is more important, and it is the very same writing that shall bring them back to read him.


vamsi said...

Wonderfully written. I've been feeling the same since the recent past. Half an year ago the frequency was 3 to 4 blogs per month and now it is just around 1/month. This sort of thing does happen to everyone in the blogging world Sam. So take it easy and keep blogging :)

Samadrita said...

@Defiant Princess: Hey thanks for being so generous girlie. I'll make sure to ask you for a guest post whenever I have nothing to write on. :P

@Karthik: Yeah right you're Karthik. I'll just write whatever comes to me. And I'll write for the sake of writing.

@Nethra: Ok I kinda agree that laziness thwarts the desire to write sometimes. :D

@BA: Absolutely. Well-said.

@Vamsi: I will. Definitely. :)

Vivek Chamoli said...

Well , when I started blogging ..I used to wonder how ppl come up with post so frequently.
But as one said ..we learn belatedly in this area..I think its more impt to 1st make yourself happy with what you have in your mind..and once we start writing it hard to stop at one point ..and its opposite might happen sometime ..

So its the quality of writing what one write that values over quantity.

recently when I was out ..on tour for few weeks ..and when I opened my blog I saw my blog rating is reduced to 64 from 76 ...
but thats a number game ... ;)

Hemant said...

So true....and one fine day..its only writing what seems so important to us rather than any other motivation which is a product of writing..

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