Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bittersweet life

This post is published as an entry for the KING AND QUEEN OF 55F CONTEST – The first ever unique, challenge for the coveted title in micro fiction category. To catch the crowning moments and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai

Rules of the contest:
  • You have to write a set of three 55F.
  • The first two sets should be a story on its own.
  • The  two stories should  climax / conclude / inter-twine in the third set of 55F.
  • The story could be of any genre i.e, love, crime, mystery or thriller etc.


It was the happiest day of his life. He rushed home without a moment's delay. He had to tell her first. When he turned the door-knob of his apartment and stepped inside the living room, she was already there. Wearing a sad smile on her face, a suitcase in tow she said  "Honey, I'm leaving."


15 years of tireless work in poverty-stricken Sudan and Nigeria had taught her a lot. She had learnt to be patient and to keep her emotions in check. But nothing could’ve prepared her for this. UNESCO was about to send Kirti to India.
Back to the place she had vowed never to return to.

The Beginning

Old and frail, diseased and wounded. It was always easy for her to help these complete strangers with a smile. But not today. Horrified, Kirti clamped both her hands over her mouth, staring at the vacant expression of the man bound to a wheel-chair. 
The man she had once deserted to follow her heart.



Sayak said...

Departure was a swift arrow, from the sling of a deft archer.
Fate was, as the name says; and it's presence one can not abate.
Re-union was heartrending, more than it was, their dis-union.

Giribala said...

Bittersweet indeed! Nice.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And the first story comes back as a tight slap in the end.
How easy it had been, I'm leaving, that's it.

Very nice story.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Rumya said...

A tragic tale.
I felt the subtitles gave the plot away to some extent.
A nice story extending into two continents (and thank God nobody was murdered!) :)
All the best, Samadrita! :)

dialoguewithyou said...

Very tragic....nicely done :)
ATB Sammy :)

Anish said...

I am not exaggerating at all-I think this is your very best!!it's like a ton of bricks!!in so few words!!simply brilliant!!

Purba said...

Loved this one Sam, all the best for the contest :)

Prateek said...

Truly a Bitter-Sweet.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Crisp,short...making a great short very good gal...

uma.a said...

Your story is a sort of suspense at the beginning.Nice !

Gyanban said...

In the cycle of life you are sure to meet your past in the future. !!

Nicely done this...

The Laughing Man said...

As usual.... great stuff... I wish I had known about this contest before though... DH mentioned it in the Amalga CB today... LoL... but it looks like I had the wrong idea about what we had to do... come to my blog to read my 3 mishmashed 55s...

Vivek Chamoli said...

Nice one , really liked the way you put it in 3 stages.

All the best for the contest.

Nethra said...

That's one sad story. :( Hope you win this time. All the best! :D

Rachit said...

Indeed a great post.

D2 said...

Interesting. She must have been stricken with emotion. Awesome portrayal of what destiny may have in store for people and just how small the world can be. All the best.

Enchanta said...

This was sheer brilliance!

It did upset me that I had read this on your blog on the same day the contest ended. Wish I had known better!

Didn't have much time to post a comment then and hence now I do so!

All the best!

Blogman said...

Good ones.. :)

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