Friday, December 17, 2010


In the deathly stillness of the night,
I hear only the whispering winds.
They speak of frozen memories and tinkling laughter.
And fragments of long-forgotten times.
Was the night so lonesome and cold...
Just the day before?
Maybe not.
Or maybe I am always the last one to know.
Things that have gone missing...
Have been craftily concealed somewhere-
Within this ever-widening chasm.
Will I ever be able to find them again?
Maybe not.
Or maybe I will...
When a new day dawns again.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Update : The 55-er tag

Just when you're faced with the dreadful conundrum of wanting to update your blog and yet having no time whatsoever for typing out your thoughts, a cure arrives in the form of a tag.
No no this is not one of those annoying ones where you have to rack your brains to come up with 8 places you prefer to have a meal at. I assure you.
This one is for the story-tellers... a 55-word story tag to be precise. I'm merely re-posting 3 such stories written by me earlier.

Pretty Woman 

I applied generous amounts of lip-gloss and readjusted my corset dress.
The lady in the mirror stared back at me.
I wasn't sure how I looked though.
I needed my daughter's opinion.
'So?....' I asked her nervously.
' look gorgeous. Now go.' she said in a bored voice.


We always played together in the sunny afternoons- me and her. She had the most wonderful smile ever but people only noticed her scarred face.
Years passed by and it was my wedding day.
Bidding her goodbye I said, 'Soon you'll be gone too.'
She just smiled and replied, 'Nobody marries an ugly girl.'

From the shadows

She watched the road through her tinted shades.
The convoy of black limousines passed by the rows of silent mourners on the sidewalk- the President on his last journey.
A bead of tear trickled down her right cheek.
Nobody noticed.
No one knew the deceased president had an illegitimate daughter.

I tag all who are viewing this..especially the fiction-writers. Also expect this space to be dead for a couple of weeks until the torture season (read exams) gets over. Till then enjoy your winter!
P.S: For those who couldn't get the first's about a trans-sexual or a cross-dresser.

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