Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yours virtually

Facebook is gradually turning into a come-one-and-come-all kind of stage play these days, where the actors are people like you and me, i.e, the users, the director being Mark Zuckerberg and his team of Facebook developers and the viewers are the those in your 'friend's list'. The emotions, however, are all too real.

The minute you log in and find yourself on the homepage you'll be flooded with updates from your friends (or in most cases people you barely know). Updates range from a 100 people commenting on a picture of an empty vodka bottle uploaded by some drunken moron, or somebody's chest hair (Bleaaargggghhhh!), somebody changing their relationship status to 'widowed' who was 'in a relationship with ABC' just the day before to somebody cracking a Kalmadi joke (that too plagiarized or stolen from twitter) and garnering atleast 20 'likes'.

Your private life is no longer private. No matter how hard you try you'll fall a victim to the temptation of letting the world know of how well you're doing in life or your expert opinion on the CWG mess.
Sometimes I get the nagging suspicion that Facebook might just be part of an international conspiracy to monitor each and every moment of our lives. (my paranoia at its peak..I beg pardon)
Mostly I'm a silent spectator. Time and experience with social networking sites have taught me to exercise self-control. That's why I comment only when I have to. But when I find updates from friends taking quizzes such as 'How many times will you bang your girlfriend this weekend?' and 50 odd comments beneath such a post ranging from ' pervert', 'only 10..meh I can do more' to his 'supposedly' shy girlfriend commenting 'dislike', you must agree that I, too, need to vent somewhere.

Anyway the point of this post is neither to criticize the makers of Facebook, nor the users. 'Cause no matter how I see it Facebook is a tremendously useful medium for self-promotion. The moment I publish this blog post, networked blogs, a Facebook application will help auto-publish this to my wall.
At the end of the day, how you want to use your Facebook account is entirely upto you.

But even so...I can't help but be amused when I hear of Zuckerberg's apparent uneasiness over the making of the movie 'The Social Network', which recounts his journey from being a dorky Harvard undergrad to the head honcho of a multi-billion dollar business, that is Facebook. Seemingly in the movie Zuckerberg has been portrayed as a crafty genius who conned his fellow dorm-mates into helping him make Facebook and later denied them any credit.
If you have time do click on this link for further information.

How does it feel to have little known facts about your private, secure life being let out in the open for everyone to see and analyze? In other words how does it feel to savour the taste of your own medicine Mr Entrepreneur?

The geeky coding genius Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook

Not too nice I bet.
Well in any case since David Fincher (of Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Se7en fame) is one of my favorite directors, I won't be giving this movie a miss.
Here's a glimpse :-

P.S: The next time you take a silly Facebook quiz or change your relationship status for the zillionth time, please do remember that while people in your friend's list are probably busy poking fun at your actions elsewhere, a 26-year old named Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is making millions at your expense.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

10 most annoying cliches in teen dramas

1.)High schools are always named after the small town where they are situated. For example if a place is called 'XYZ-ville' the high school will undoubtedly be called 'XYZ-ville High'. Duh do not expect the founders of American high schools to be endowed with a better imagination.

2.)The male and female protagonists would invariably have a troubled past, i.e, either their parents died or divorced when they were kids or he/she is an illegitimate child. This of course has inflicted a deep emotional scar on them which usually manifests in the form of them smoking pot or engaging in illegal activities.

3.)No high school would ever have a uniform. I mean how else will all the hot girls get to sit in the most provocative of poses, sporting the shortest of skirts/shorts and cleavage-displaying blouses?

4.)High-school students are perpetually 16-year olds. Doesn't matter even if the lead actor looks like he could be married with a 10-year old. He is 16 and you gotta believe it and fawn over him.

5.)The female protagonist is mostly a brunette with a miss-goody-two-shoes air about her. (Let's call her Miss GTS for convenience shall we?) She might look extremely ordinary but all the hot guys would fall for her faster than you can say 'Yes we can' ignoring the advances of the dumb, bitchy blonde who is hot but nonetheless the 'bad girl'.

The perfect Miss GTS

Miss Mono-Expressioned...err Bella Swan from Twilight

The dumb, bitchy blonde

Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

6.)The thuggish looking popular jock - blonde if he is the ill-famed bully, dark-haired if he is the guy-about-to-have-a-change-of-heart, who will ditch his blonde, conniving girlfriend and transform into a good person thanks to Miss GTS.
Classic case in example

 Finn Hudson from Glee

7.)Even though Miss GTS speaks of  'true love' and appears to be a loner with a solitary best friend (who will be an African American/nerdy girl with glasses without fail) she is always plotting inventive ways of getting to jump the hero's bones. Alternately our innocent Miss GTS keeps switching back and forth between two hot guys.

8.)The slut who gets herself pregnant or is doing drugs and gets lectured on about how one should lead her life by Miss GTS even though her own life is pretty much screwed as well.

 Adrianna from 90210

9.)There's always the dorky teacher who takes no bullshit from his students and as a direct consequence of that, is labeled as one who doesn't understand the 'issues' centering a teen. There's also another good-looking, charismatic young teacher whose side-job is to go around offering free counseling to drug-addicts, pregnant teens, the Goths and other social rejects on campus. (Dude, you could seriously consider becoming a therapist as an alternative career option)

10.) And lastly no matter what, high school students must never worry about education. They will attend school in the skimpiest of outfits, gossip in class or make paper planes completely ignoring the presence of the teacher, conspire against the good people, join the football/basketball team, worry about part-time jobs and which party to attend during the weekend, make out in front of lockers. But what they must never do is study. It's against the universal laws governing high-school dramas.

P.S : I was absolutely smitten with the Twilight books a coupla years back but seriously...the whole vampire-human romance angle has started to get on my nerves. Oh and somebody provide the makers of crap teen dramas with some innovative ideas. For our sanity's sake.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


10 years down the line would I still be the 'me' who loves to look at the sky above and discern patterns created by the array of clouds?
Would I still feel thrilled to hear the distant rumbling of clouds and the first clap of thunder heralding the advent of that much-awaited first spell of shower?
Stuck in a traffic snarl where all other sound is drowned out by the blaring of horns and heated exchange of words between drivers and people eager to reach their destinations on time..will I still be able to look at that girl on the pavement who is chatting with someone over the cell-phone so animatedly,oblivious of her surroundings, and smile to myself?
Despite the shortcomings, the potholes on the roads, the mismanagement of traffic ...will I still be able to look at my city with awe and wonder every time I venture into an unknown part of it?
What will become of the 'me' who gets tears in her eyes every time she listens to that favorite song she has listened to over a hundred times? Will that song cease to be such an important part of me?
Will I help that woman, who climbs aboard a crowded bus with several bags and a kid in tow, with a smile or will I look the other way and pretend not to notice?
Will I feel equally outraged when I hear a racist comment, an offensive remark about my nation and my people?
Will I have any time left for finer feelings or will I be forced to drive them away and busy myself with the more materialistic prospects of life? Always calculating, estimating, planning and programming.....
Will I start seeing the world in a whole new light as time progresses? Will I be forced to give up on my ideals that are so treasured by me right now?
All my beliefs...all my dreams...the people I cherish...will I be forced to forsake them all?
I don't want to succumb to the demands of worldly matters and transform into a person I can no longer recognize as myself.
I just want to keep being 'me'. No matter what.

P.S: I'm in one of those hyper-moody phases today. All thanks to the incessant rain.

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Saturday, September 04, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

It was hard to believe he was right there. Standing atop a stage where many a theater actor and stage performer of renown had enacted scenes from legendary drama and literary pieces, he could feel his entire frame the incredulity of the whole situation began to sink in.
Amidst the last-minute frenzy prevailing on stage, he stood listless as a statue, profoundly nervous and wondering whether he could really pull it off.
A tenderly warm hand gripped his shoulder from behind. Turning around he faced his angel- his mentor, his guiding light out of a world of dismal darkness.

'You can do it.' she whispered, a confident smile etched across her face.
And he could hold it no longer.
When was the last time he had felt so overwhelmed? when was the last time he had cried his heart out in front of someone? He couldn't recall.
7 years in hell had robbed him of all his finer emotions, made him forget what it felt like to be alive.
But all that was about to change.

He was no more the ignominious criminal sentenced to 10 years rigorous imprisonment.
He now understood the depth of Tagore's writings and thoughts, he knew how to play-act. He had savoured freedom, nervous excitement and a strange sense of fulfillment after mastering the first steps of classical dance at the workshop.
He had, for the very first time in years, felt remorse and yearned to atone for his sins.

'Thank you.' - he wiped his tears away and looked up at the lady with the enigmatic smile, celebrated danseuse Mitranjali Roy.
All of it had been possible solely because of her dedication to the cause of the jail inmates and her tireless work in an effort to bring them back to the mainstream of life.

As the stage curtains started to move up, he glimpsed the sea of expectant faces in the crowd for the first time.
He readied himself and re-adjusted his costume, no longer unsure of whether he could portray Ratnakar's character and his subsequent transformation into the sage Valmiki, who scripted Ramayana.

His lost humane side had at last returned to him.

P.S: The reference to Tagore's writings has been made primarily because the protagonist was about to perform 'Valmiki Pratibha' which is a drama-opera, composed by Rabindranath Tagore.

P.P.S: Based on real life incidents.
The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

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