Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Road to Salvation

An eternal quest for knowledge and an unending search for righteousness has led me to this barren piece of land nestled in the heart of nowhere.

I stop in my tracks to gaze at the eerie landscape-the dried grass growing in patches,clumps of thorny bushes here and there and a few rocky boulders.
I should be scared and nervous but uncannily enough there's no feeling of impending doom or of any sadness.

I see three random paths stretching in front.
And I know one of them is the one-the one holding the key to all the answers.
The answers I've been looking for..I don't know how long.

I catch the scent of fragrant flowers-
Perhaps blooming yonder at the end of one path.Or maybe the one beside it.It's hard to tell which one.

But I can also smell charred human flesh.Although I'm not nauseated.For I've seen it all.....known it all these countless years of travelling.

I close my eyes in the final moments of contemplation.But I already know it won't help me to decide.
Time is running out and I have to make that dreaded choice.....that much-awaited choice.

Inhaling deeply I take that first step...that unsure step which bridges the gap between me and an unknown destination by a few centimeters.

Gradually I break into a slow but steady walk.
It is an untrodden path I'm walking along.It is not paved or smooth but neither is it strewn with thorns.I can see a few trees on either side and the blazing summer sun above.I can also hear a low,dull sound...but I'm not sure what it is.

It keeps growing in intensity though.

Astounded I pause I see from afar another human being walking towards me from the other end of the road.He is humming a tune and wearing a smile on his lips.And he is not in the least bit surprised to come across another human in this desolate place.
I've never known him before but somehow I know this much-that he is my mirror image.Another lone traveller who has braved the harshness of worldly realities.
I smile for the first time in days as comprehension dawns on me.And I know I've chosen right.Finally.

P.S:I was studying last evening when suddenly this idea popped into my head.Originally this piece was written in the form of verses but then I felt it was too much in the league of prose.But now I can't figure out whether this is a piece of prose or poetry...well never mind.I'll just tag it as a short story and let you guys decide what you feel about this.Pardon me if this sounds a bit confusing or too sombre.For this is just a figment of my imagination :)

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Read before you hate Twilight

I suppose the self-explanatory title leaves no room for doubt about what this post could hold.
But before I begin let me tell you that I'm not one of those crazy fan-girls spread all over the world who day-dream about a seemingly perfect vampire lover-boy.Well let's be honest I used to be infatuated with this larger-than-life,imaginary character once.But that lasted for a very brief period of time.I'm a dreamer alright but that doesn't mean I entertain the idea of having ludicrous fantasies for too long.
Anyway let's come to topic now.
Even if you are someone who likes to keep himself/herself far far away from the world of books,novels and contemporary literature you are bound to have heard about Stephenie Meyer's best-selling phenomenon-The Twilight Saga in short.
Just in case you haven't-click on the link given above.I'm not in the mood for summarizing the story and its contents.
For the already enlightened ones(which,no doubt,most of you are) I'm sure you're already aware of the existence of numerous Twilight flame sites,blogs and similar such groups on social networking media and so on and so forth.Now incidentally the majority of Twilight haters happen to be men.
And that's really fine.'Cause it's a free country and you are free to like what you like and hate what you hate.
But a simple question-
Have you read the entire series created by Meyer?
If the answer to this question is No then-
Have you read even one book included in the Twilight saga?
If the answer to this question is No as well then here's what I have to say to you-
You are in no position to judge a book or its characters without ever having read it.
Yes yes obviously these days you have sites like wiki and which can provide you with details on any subject in the world within a matter of seconds.But that is simply not enough.
You can't form an opinion about a book without ever having read it.
Oh so you might have watched the movie.I'm sad to hear that.You must have suffered.
But then most movies which are inspired from novels fail to do justice to the original story and the Twilight movie was a notable example of such a case.It was nothing short of a disaster with the pathetically slow screenplay,lead pair's lack of any real chemistry and the female lead's monotonous acting or lack thereof.
So watching the movie is not a fair way of judging the story.
If you want to hate Edward Cullen and the books this much....why don't you read them and gain sufficient ground to strengthen that hatred first?That would make you appear less stupid.
Yes this part of the post is directed towards those who have jumped on the 'hate-twilight' bandwagon without having read any of the books.

That aside if you have already read the books and then came to such a conclusion then that's quite okay.
But I'd love to know the reason why you hate Twilight or Edward so much.Really.
What did he do to incur the wrath of the entire male population?
-Be utterly and dazzlingly beautiful?
-Be the perfect lover to his woman?
-Be an invincible vampire with superhuman strength and special abilities?
-Be perfect in short?
Is that why all men hate him so much?'Cause no matter which way you see it such a man cannot exist in reality.The very concept of Edward Cullen is out of this world.
Or is there a more simple reason behind the unpopularity of Edward among men?
Is he hated because of the fact that women idealize him as their perfect partner?
Is it 'cause of the fact that no matter how much one tries no man can compete with his image?
Is jealousy the answer?
Yes I think so.
Childish isn't it?
If men can go ga-ga over Batman,Superman,Justice League,Don Corleone,computer games and Fight Club then where exactly is the wrong in a woman adoring Edward Cullen?
 It does not necessarily mean they're looking for an Edward to date in real life.Nurturing such a dream would be a highly unrealistic and immature thing to do.

As far as I'm thoughts on Twilight and Edward are a bit out of the ordinary.I'm quoting a brief part from my earlier post on this subject to let you know what I mean.

.........I have been able to see the imperfection in the seemingly perfect love story.Rob Pattinson's acting made me realize what a chauvinistic,imperious and domineering man Edward Cullen was.Throughout the entire series he kept making the rules of Bella's and his relationship and a demure Bella had to obey.Wanna know why she did that?-'Cause she was hopelessly in love with this physically beautiful person,hopelessly in love with his perfection and ashamed of her own ordinariness.And though it's not quite apparent in the books,Edward continued to exploit this attitude of hers.When HE decided that it was dangerous for him and his vampire family staying anywhere near his beloved Bella he dumped her without ado and vanished from her life.When HE learnt from another source that Bella had committed suicide out of depression(which she actually hadn't) he set out to throw his own life away to punish himself for causing Bella's death or maybe showing off to the rest of the world what a genuine lover he was!He even made rules on how much physical they should get(he insisted that if he got too intense he might end up hurting her 'cause he was a vampire and Bella was a simple human).When he left Bella he hardly cared for the fact that in the process of trying to keep her alive he was inflicting a different kind of death on her.But the moment he 'realized his mistake' he came back to her with the pathetic excuse that he would have come back eventually 'cause he couldn't stay away.And poor Bella-poor human,ordinary and unremarkable Bella had to welcome him back into her life with open arms 'cause well..what better option did she have?She was way too much in love to stand upto him and show him his rightful place.
Throughout the series it was Bella who got hurt the most.Her body and her heart-Edward injured both.And it's hardly fair,right?
So after this realization hit me I was disillusioned with Edward Cullen forever.
If you hate Edward Cullen for similar such logical reasons then you have my respect.
P.S: I watched New Moon recently and although it didn't do much to leave any kind of impression the presence of Taylor Lautner was more than enough reason to sit through it.The wolf pack scenes aren't all that bad.The sequel is better than its predecessor.
So before dissing New Moon do try watching it first.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

City of Nightmares

  Stuck in the midst of this lifeless city-
I often look outside my window.

There are people here and people there-
People who have no fear of fear.
People who live to die every day.
People who don't know of any other way.

The cool evening breeze that blows-
It doesn't soothe you as if it knows-
That hearts are broken beyond repair.
Hearts ruled by only grief and despair.

If you shovel the snow from the streets.
You'll see the frozen blood underneath-
And the sad tears that people cry-
Tears that refuse to dry.

There was a time when I could write a song,
A time when I could love and live.
But that part of 'me' died long ago-
Leaving the 'me' who has learned to breathe-
Stuck in the midst of this lifeless city.

P.S: Just for the record this is not the product of a depressed state of mind.The mechanical way of living life prompted me to come up with this.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

You'll regret not reading this

Well I've been showered with numerous blog accolades in the past few months by some truly awesome bloggers.And it's high time I pass them on to other deserving people.

So here goes-

First up is this one-

I pass this award to-

The following award is an original one given exclusively from my blog-

This one goes to-
Anish,Atindriyo,Aritra,Sayandeep,Quintessence of Illusion,Daone,heavealie,wisewit,Ranjith,Tanmaya,Amit,Rakesh,Vidhu,Hopeless Romantic(Amit),Selenium,The Laughing Man,Ayu,chocolate lover,Pawan,sawan,Sourav,Aparna,nesquarx,wisewit,Karthik,Sreya,Shruti,Sid,

I present this award to-

This one goes to the ones who are truly creative in whatever they do(be it original poems or short stories or music compositions to even comic strips :P)-

This one goes to my most loyal followers-

The Laughing Man

P.S: I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.But just in case I have feel free to give me a poke and remind me ok? :)
P.P.S: A very happy Women's Day to us all! :)

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Meet the laughing man

This is a first for me since I haven't done a guest blogger post on Aura of Sleepless Dreams before.But hey it doesn't hurt to showcase someone else's talent for a change.
So enough about me....let's talk about the blogger in question.
To anime-addicts over the net he is known as Kyo-a budding rocket scientist,an ardent anime and manga aficionado(as he likes to call himself) and a pure-bred Indian currently residing in Arizona.To the blogging world(which he has joined recently) he is known as The Laughing Man who gives us an insight into his creative side over at Rantings of a Deaf-Mute

Finally I present you with one of his 55-word stories-

Peer Pressure

'What are you waiting for?'
'I’m not sure if I want to do this…'
'Dude… come on… everyone does it…'
'Why? Just… cause…'
'I don’t want any trouble…'
'There won’t be…'
'But… what if…'
'Jeez… you’re lame… I’ll ask AJ instead…'
'No wait... I'll do it..'
All that dithering… for a single proxy.

P.S.(from the author): For the uninitiated... (I doubt there are very many)... but by 'proxy'... I was referring to the practice of having someone else sign for your attendance on a register... a tactic frequently employed by college students all over the world... (I wish my professors didn't know me well enough so that they wouldn't notice I was missing when I try this myself)

P.P.S: Do let him(and me) know how you feel about this. :)
Have a good weekend folks!

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