Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The computer-game addicts

Since times immemorial the topic of  'what women want' has been a colossal subject of controversy amidst members of the opposite sex. It has reached that stature where movies have been made, books have been written solely for the purpose of figuring out what the illustrious members of the fairer sex have in mind. ( Not that these have helped matters though...given the fact Blogadda is still organizing 'What women want' contests :P )

In all this hullabaloo surrounding the mystery behind a woman's supposedly convoluted way of thinking, the man has been conveniently forgotten without further ado. Seriously, how many times do we pause to think about what the men in our life want?
Duh we don't need to...we opine. 'Cause we know them all too well.

The grand-dad needs his morning cup of tea and the newspaper boy on time, the father wants his wallet and necktie in a place where he can easily spot it in his hurry to make it to work during the rush hour, the brother needs his monthly allowance way before the next month begins and a bigger room than the sister's, the son wants his mom to pamper him forever and rescue him from the dad's unjust wrath in times of distress....and the boyfriend demands constant attention like a love-struck puppy and an inexhaustible source of beer.

A man's mind is easy to figure out is the widely accepted public consensus. But is that really so?

Ever heard of a guy who willingly asks a girl, who is reasonably attractive and popular in college, for a rakhi? As ludicrous as this might sound there's not an ounce of imagination involved in this story. I happen to know the pair of them....who till this day share a brother-sister relationship despite being in the same class and continue to be the greatest of friends. No selfish interests or ulterior motives included.

Ever known a guy who thinks porn is the most disgusting thing on earth and is of the opinion 'What kind of retarded people watch that revolting crap? I puked the only time I saw a porno clip.'
I have.

In fact I also know of a guy who hadn't heard of the term "Counter-Strike" until I, the computer-game noob, enlightened him on the issue.

Will you think twice before generalizing a man's wants now?

A man's mantra in life can be summed up in the words "sex, cigars, booze"
Yes and no.
Not all of them think about sex every 5 minutes or drown themselves in alcohol at the first opportunity they get. Not all of them care more about the latest gadgets and Bugatti Veyrons over real people.

They will whine and express disapproval when served with a strictly veg menu at lunch but they will also be the ones eating without creating a ruckus once they know of the mother's sickness. You'll be at the receiving end of a death-glare if you stand in front of the tv screen during a do-or-die soccer match, but they will also dutifully accompany you on your shopping excursion no matter how much they may resent it. They may want you to dress impeccably and look your glamorous best every time you go out together, but they will also be the ones to brew some (barely edible :P) hot soup and care for you when you have a bad fever and look like a complete mess. They may blast Nirvana and GnR tracks at the loudest volume in their rooms but they will also be secretly appreciative of the melodious power ballads that you like listening to.

So maybe..just maybe it's okay to conclude that essentially men and women want the same things from life. Success, recognition, happiness...and to get along with each other. A warm, close-knit family, scrumptious home-cooked meals, a stable job( preferably with a boss who is NOT a jerk), a loving spouse, weekend outings and the occasional vacation.

However you should also be prepared to encounter the stereotypical "sex, cigar, booze" craving, selfish and slightly hypocritical male ego and sensibilities once in a while.
That's the catch yeah!

Written for Blogadda's "What Men Want" contest...just for the heck of it.  

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Anish said...

This nearly made me cry!sob sob

The sex cigar and booze type do it coz mainly they feel that's cool-mostly they dont enjoy that either.

and I guess it's true-they really do want the same thing-to enjoy life's little joys!and people to enjoy those with!

Awesome touching post!

Beyond Horizon said...

Its simple wat men wants...but since ages considered as difficult...nicely said...must also b ready 4 d encounter of d stereotype ;-)

nkr4068 said...

Hmm..interesting article. Men r a lot more than Sex,Cigar & Booze. Nicely written!!

Rajlakshmi said...

thats a lovely post :D I feel like women , its difficult to understand men too, but then men are a lot more predictable :P

vivek said...

Well finally some refreshing perpective to how women look at us.

Off topic: Somehow all the while reading this article I felt the traits of Gemini and yep, you are one.

Shail said...

Essentially everyone wants to be content and happy :)

The Laughing Man said...

Honestly speaking I have played CS maybe twice in my lifetime and before I actually played it... I was seriously convinced that CS was actually one of the expansion packs to Command and Conquer Red Alert (I am not ashamed to admit I have played and finished every installment of the C&C universe)

Porn is really not my thing... some of my friends were more than a little anxious about my aversion to pornographic material... That said, I do read some borderline hentai comics... some very good art goes into those BTW....

Alcohol... lets just say I quit drinking before I was of legal age to drink... It was a bad time in my life... and I am thankful that I quit when I did...

Men are about the same as women... its just that they don't generally want to appear 'soft' or 'feminine' (these guys are usually called gay... irrespective of their sexuality) to other people... and there women in general don't want to appear to be too 'simple' or 'manly'...

Paraphrasing the quotes of some of the "feminists" who inhabit the ASU campus: "Like men, a woman should not have to apologize for wanting sex, getting wasted or being assertive."

wisewit said...

Sex, cigars, and booze? Not me! Porno and tobacco both make me sick. Not sure about alcohol--never really tried it.

So why do men like those things? How should I know? All I can say is that those are probably the people who made fun of me and beat me up. Maybe they're unhappy with themselves and are trying to hide it.

But yeah, men are at least as confusing as women.


Ritu said...

A wonderfully balanced entry Samadrita, loved it

Purba said...

Not another man bashing post and a balanced point of view. The men will love you for it.

evanescentthoughts said...

Great post girl.. but yeah even I feel some men unpredictable.. not all men are alike.. some men are so unpredictable that I have found them difficult to understand.. Good luck for the contest!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

sex, cigar and booze, no dear, I think u generalized men.

But an interesting take.


Bikramjit said...

well i will go with others thats a bit general..

I dont smoke ..
i drink but that cant be called boozing

But yeah you have mentioned some good points tooo and those i like :) he heheeh

and yeah i am into games and can spend easily any amount of time on my play station .. easyyy


Abhinav said...

You forgot few important things about boys, e.g. Football , nothing is more important than it. Bikes are their second love after moms.

Beer, GNR , Pink floyd is part of enjoying life and there is no harm in having fun.

But still you cannot classify men in the categories you have mentioned. Every human being thinks differently and the traits are that which one chooses to be. What men think and do is a difficult question.

deepa kashyap said...

Ohh yes !! guys are so predictable :P
i loved the concluded part , our demands from life are same !! :)

Nethra said...

Even I have met such men...who hate watching porn, do not booze and fag. And I have also met the other extreme.

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Too much is made out of what men wants and what women wants.

Sayandeep Kundu said...

Path-breaking is the new stereotype, where the path needs to be explored first.

Pratibha The Talent said...

Very well written post and persistently holding attention by creating interesting scenario .

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

well..i HATE guys whose into porno and cigarette and also those who just go with the flow because they think 'this is cool'..well..based on my experience..we cannot really tell what men want unless we know them..hmm..but perhaps youre right..there can be a possibility that men and women have the same wants

Prateek said...

I think you generalized Men. Though the post was written too good. You can see my Like. :P

vineet said...

even i loved the post, interestin perception fr sure i can say, hwevr,dese xtemes are alwayz dere no mattr watz d genre may b nt in the same field bt its dere, nice take again

heavealie said...

lol This topic was definitely not about pc games :(
yup i visited your blog just by reading the flashing words computer game addicts but it was nice. you know ppl keep saying that woman are all complex and web of thoughts that you will get stuck into like a maze you will not be able to get out of but you knw what?men are like that too.i sometimes just sit there in the canteen staring into oblivion thinking about something or not thinking just staring. men are definitely complicated!!nice post. keep writing.

Defiant Princess said...

You and I share a similar IndiRank ;)

Nice post, I think once in a while the poor men should be given a chance too.. to think what They Want :D

Omi said...

Damn, I hadn't checked your blog in like forever. Feels nice to be back.

Hehe, true. The porno thing is kinda hard to believe, if I were to be brutally honest :P
Nevertheless, nice post. I was expecting a longer one though coz you can readily find much more fodder on this topic. Some correction- If by thinking about sex every 5 minutes you refer to the research that was conducted ages ago, it actually said 52 seconds. No, seriously!

Oh, and BTW, being a staunch feminist, I know you would enjoy this post-



Soumya said...

Surely refreshing! I think I was too tired of seeing uncalled for feminism around me.

Men or women, treat the way someone deserves to be. I live by that.

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