Saturday, October 02, 2010

New Twitter : A fail story

I never had any intention of turning this page into a tech blog but even so I'm tempted to talk about the new version of twitter(or more appropriately known as the new twitter) as I'm an active user of this social networking site facilitating open information sharing like no other. I have been lucky enough to gain access to new twitter even before I could whine about not having received it yet. But alas once you get to use new twitter you'll find yourself coming face to face with one disappointment after another. And all your high hopes for the makers to have launched an interface that will render the use of other twitter clients unnecessary will be crushed.

So here's the lowdown on new twitter : good, bad or worse?

Before I begin let me show you how you'll know if you've got the new twitter or not once you log into your account-

See the region bounded with brown? You need to click on the 'try it now' button in yellow which will take you to the new twitter interface which will look somewhat like this-

What makes the new twitter worth it?

Twitter's collaboration with sites such as flickr, youtube, twitvid, twitpic, yfrog, DeviantArt and so on makes it easy for one to view embedded images and videos right from your home page. That's right you don't need to click on a link to transport you to that site to view a video or a picture, you can conveniently view it on your sidebar. The main timeline, mentions, retweets, searches and lists columns are placed on the left hand side of your page making it easier to keep track of all.
A major drawback of the new twitter which showed a limited number of tweets on the home page itself is redeemed in this new version. Now you can view older tweets simply by scrolling down without having to click on the 'more' tab.

What makes the new twitter a big flop?

1.)Despite the fact that the new interface gives you an impression of a twitter client like tweetdeck the new twitter does not enable auto-shortening of links. Major fail story this one. So you need to use a client or browser add-ons like echofon or twitbin every time you have to include a long url in your tweet.

 2.)The old twitter made it possible for everyone to know what medium you were using to for example below every tweet you would've found a 'via web' or 'via echofon'. But new twitter doesn't show anything of the sort on the main timeline column itself. To know any further details about a tweet you must... on the arrow button at the right as shown in the screenshot above(see where the arrow in blue is pointing towards) to view further details of the tweet. For example who retweeted your tweet, who replied to your tweet, his/her profile and latest tweets...all such details(or sometimes redundancies) are shown in the sidebar....but you of course need to click on the arrow button first which can be a pain at times-

3.)Another feature of new twitter which annoys me to no extent is the way the right hand side of the home page or sidebar looks like -

The 'favorites' and 'listed' columns are so close to each other they're virtually competing for space. Notice how the last favorited tweet is enormously difficult to read owing to the closeness of the two columns. Major turn off!

4.)You cannot reply to more than one person in a single tweet via new twitter. Yes you must painstakingly reply to each one individually. Only thing you can do to tag multiple people in the same tweet is to type their nicknames/handles manually..although there's the auto-complete mechanism which guesses the name of the user you're trying to tag.

5.)The new twitter does not show the very important and immensely helpful 'Also followed by' and 'You both follow' features when you visit another user's profile. So every time you want to find out who are your mutual followers you will need to switch back to the old version. How irritating is that!

It goes without saying that I've switched back to the old version already and use a client such as tweetdeck whenever I am reluctant to use a browser. I could possibly find out more pros and cons but for the moment, this is pretty much the gist of the new version.

So if you're still sulking like an 8-year old over not being allowed to use the new twitter as of yet, let me tell you it's totally not worth it. Atleast in my opinion.

Feel free to share your views on this.

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Neha said...

I guess I am the only alien left who has not yet got the new twitter..but even if i do, I don't think i will use it as I am a tech illiterate..I have a comfort level with tweetdeck and don't wanna learn a new thing all over again!! and after reading your review, I SO don't want it :P

Ajay Kontham said...

A good review!!

I have never observed so many facts about the new twitter. But amidst all, we like simplicity which the new enabled with in the home page itself. Though there are cons, I think they wanted to update to a new level, but weren't so good in doing so.

But I like the new twitter defending the odds you specified!!! :P

Giribala said...

You will eventually get used to the new Twitter :-)

Anish said...

I think it's because we are not used to it...same thing happened with new Orkut,new Facebook,new Imdb.It might not be perfect and have a lot of flaws but people will get used to it..but personally I feel the apps are better...

and very good analysis btw..You pointed out the good and the bad like a regular techie :D

Jidhu Jose said...

nice post.
Anyway I like the new Twitter.

♠ Tharangni ♠ said...

WHAT! if this is how the new twitter is gonna be, i'd never switch over!

Samadrita said...

@Neha: Well let's see how you feel about the new twitter once you get it. Most people are unhappy with it..but there are a few who are liking it all the same. I love tweetdeck too. :)

@Ajay Kontham: As far as I'm concerned I see more cons than pros.

@Giribala: I'm not too sure about that. I've switched back to the old version already.

Samadrita said...

@Anish: Well reading all those tech blogs out there helped shape my perspective for writing such a post I suppose. And let alone get used to the new version I'm shunning it in totality.

@Jidhu Jose: Well I don't. :)

@Tharangni: I'd suggest you try it out yourself and then decide. As it turns out some people are liking the new twitter too.

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

haven't got new twitter yet !! O.O

Girish said...

I don't tweet and I never reply to any tweets!
I only read what they are tweeting and that too once in a blue moon!
It doesn't matter to me whether I try the new twitter or stay in the older version :D
Nice post on the pros and cons :)

evanescentthoughts said...

It's been a while since I opened twitter. Let me open it and check if I have received this new twitter button. After reading your analysis on it, probably I wont. Even new orkut was a failure.

thenewdimension said...

Well, the new twitter wasn't exciting at all. If you have ever used brizzly ( you will find that the new twitter has copied 80% of its features. As you mentioned, inability to shorten tweet is the biggest problem with it even if twitter have its own shortener
While twitter had planned to adopt aggressive marketing plans and bringing all users back to the web version after launching new twitter, they mustn't be feeling well after reading such reviews.

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said... not a user of twitter.most of my friends only uses facebook hhehe..facebook and blogger are the only sites i have now..i cannot maintain my account in others because of being busy hehehe~

Arpana said...

A well absorbed minds of yours , i have not started yet this new twitter.

abhishek said...

havnt used so cant say if i agree with ur views or not
anyway thanks for sharing!

hey wats wrong with new imdb? i thought it was awesome.

Yarlagadda Umesh Ram said...

But I think it's pretty cool than previous version...

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