Friday, July 23, 2010


Life, as they say, is strange. It is a bizarre cocktail of ups and downs, lows and highs, bitter endings and new beginnings. There are moments of madness when everything seems to go wrong and moments of perfect clarity when you get the feeling as if you might have downed an entire bottle of Felix Felicis.
Not everything can be explained from a logical point of view. Miracles, fortunate co-incidences do exist...even if all known rationale point to the contrary.
I have mentioned this time and again that happy endings never occur in real life as reality is a far too tangled up mess to be sorted out so easily. That is the sole reason why fairytale romances and fantasy movies still find acceptance among readers and audiences worldwide.
But are happy endings all that rare? Isn't life full of contradictions? 
People might use adjectives like 'corny' , 'mushy' , 'cheesy' to describe love stories. And yet it is the people(irrespective of gender) who devour such tales with enthusiasm and interest
There comes a time when we tire of unnecessary bloodshed, war, violence and the ugly facets of blunt reality. Then we seek solace in the finer aspects of life. That is why an age-old tale of love, longing, separation and dramatic re-union will never go out of fashion. Nothing compares to the bitterly sweet feeling of shedding tears at the thought of somebody else's predicament or feeling a strong urge to alleviate the distress of another.

Somewhere beyond the known realm of scientific accomplishments, technological developments, sparring nations, petty worries over margins and profits, lies the very essence of our human souls. All we crave for is a little happiness. All we desire for is to be at peace with ourselves and the rest of the world. All we want is a little love.

Love is a timeless emotion. It truly holds the immeasurable power of transcending all barriers and achieving the unachievable. It defies established logic. It heals. It cherishes. It comforts. It pardons.

I know what you're thinking : What the hell is this post about?
Nothing in particular. It's more like a self-motivational speech with tidbits of philosophy thrown in. :P
I'm heavily under the influence of an awesome Japanese drama that I happened to watch sometime back. And it tugged at my heartstrings like no other. That's why the 'psycho babble'.
I promise to make the next post as meaningful as possible (and more coherent as well).

Sorry about the prolonged absence from this page but I was a bit busy for the past two weeks with training and whatnot.
But I'll be more regular from now on.

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The Guy said...

Okay... your writing makes me wish I have a personal blog of my own.....

Then I find myself being the class clown again! :P

Congratz on getting out of Writers' Block

Nethra said...

Which was that Japanese drama?

My friend laughed at me when I told him that I prefer reading a novel over philosophical books. He asked me to live my life instead of losing myself in a fiction. Whatever he says, I will never stop reading fictions.

Anish said...

personally I don't mind violence as long as it is in fiction...but yeah...light hearted as we know it..and happy endings are what we crave...Everyone loves happy endings..everyone hopes for a happy ending..whether in fiction or real life..

and this is a proper post-it expresses feelings everyone can feel..but can't express properly...

D2 said...

Novels and movies, basically fictional stories, hold the key to the ideal philosophies of life. it's just that they are hard to actually carry out in full measure when we try to emulate them. That's why the differentiation between fairy tales and reality seems so phenomenal.
Welcome back, Sammy. :)

Aparna said...

love is a timeless emotion indeed

i didn't take it as 'pysycho babble' but as a very insighful post

read your interview.

keep blogging!

heavealie said...

This post was like a feather caught in a whirlwind hehe srry to say but you accepted that didn't you?at the end of the post.started with happy endings,took a u-turn to "love" hehe!!but fine gave me a reason to think and something or some piece that urges you to think is good for you ;)
i believe in satisfactory endings.a end you didn't wish but just accepted is something which is a simple emotion but made complicated by the people involved in it,like life simple but made complicated by the people around it.nice post,confusing but brain stimulating at the same know this rusty brain of ours needs a kick every day!!so you were that kick hehe.keep writing!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey Samadrita.. congrats to you..:) it encourages a lot..:)

Love lasts forever..we make it possible..:)

two souls, two thoughts, two..etc.. but finaly its a single journeyof two people..who walk together..

Samadrita said...

@The Guy: Haha maintaining a humor blog isn't too different from maintaining a personal blog isn't it?
Congratulations on being able to make others laugh. That's something rare. :)

@Nethra: Hana Yori Dango. But you already know don't you? :P
And btw to shut your friend up...use this line 'truth is stranger than fiction' :P

@Anish: Yes very true. But things such as violence and gore can't retain our attention for long.

@D2: That's right. But everything is possible in reality and if you look around you'll find plenty of such instances.

Samadrita said...

@Aparna: Oye thanks girl. I rarely see you now-a-days. :(

@heaveale: I love the way you begin a comment this post was like a warm breeze on a winter's day...... and such. Reflects the mindset of a poet. XD Keep reading.

@Pramoda: It does happen. We just need to believe in it. Sometimes believing is enough. :)

Purba said...

I am a die hard romantic but can't get myself to read mushy romantic novels.

Introspecting is good, each post doesn't need to have an agenda.

Best of luck for the competition :))

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

i really really agree with this one..promise!! i am a romanticist but a realist as well..i enjoy love stories so much though i know the sad reality that it rarely happens in real life :/

RE: @sammy: im not a big fan of midori days as well though i find the plot unique and hilarious ^^

aoi bungaku? it's my next review (but i haven't made written the review yet on my draft)i really love it! currently my top 1 in my top 10 list!!!!!!!!super!!!:D :D realistic animes are really on the top~ :P

The Laughing Man said...

More than happy endings... I want... happy "ongoing" and then perhaps a happy ending when I am good and ready... but yeah... happy "ongoing" would be nice right now...

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