Friday, April 23, 2010

Soul of a Woman

  You'll never know how I feel deep within-
For this crazy heart of mine-
Is like a bottomless ocean full of mysteries.
The deeper you plunge into it,
The more lost you'll feel.

My heart is like a simmering volcano-
Of bubbling rage and resentment.
But at times it is a haven of peace and quiet,
Just like a soothing Autumn breeze.

I spend sleepless nights weaving dreams-
Or dealing with my hidden fears.
And sometimes I just think about you-
Sometimes I shed silent tears.

I may not utter words at times-
To let you know how I feel.
But I might say it all through my eyes.
Be sure to keep yours on me.

I bask in the resplendence of the sun.
I'm a bird of the abundant skies.
Do not try to hold me down.
For I'll always,inevitably break free.

P.S:A salute to the irrepressible spirit of womanhood.
P.P.S: It seems inspiration always hits me when I'm studying.Life's a travesty!

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shinnichi kudo said...

whoa...!! dat was sooooo goood

Lazy Pineapple said... have captured the spirit so well...

Anish said...

nice,simple and touching..feelings everyone can relate with....not just girls...good work!!

Ankit said...

good one...loved it.
specially the lines..
"i may not utter words at times,
to let you know how i feel" true, so simply phrased.:)

Sayandeep Kundu said...

good one..simple yet beautiful.. it seemed to me a true tribute to the free spirit of an innerself

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

interesting poem...and yeah, inspiration comes when no one is looking...:D

Samadrita said...

@shinnichi kudo: Thanks Minal.Really glad you liked it so much :)

@Lazy Pineapple: Why thank you!I hope I have.

@Anish: Wow you saying this?I can hardly believe my eyes. :P :D
(I thought you were gonna take this as a feminist piece or something :P)
I'm happy you like it.

Samadrita said...

@Ankit: :)) I'm glad you can relate to how a woman feels so well.Someone sure is lucky :)

@Sayandeep: Ah how can I dupe such a poet of your calibre? It partly is based on me :))

@Sid: You found this poem interesting?Hmm unusual kind of feedback.... :P
Yea whenever I'm studying I get tons of creative ideas :(

Rajat said...

beautiful expressions

Chatterbox said...

Brilliant work :)
You are a gifted writer, I am glad to have come across your wonderful blog.
Loved the line,"But at times it is a haven of peace and quiet,
Just like a soothing Autumn breeze."

Keep up the fantastic work!!


The Ketchup Girl said...

:) nice. you go, woman.

☆Tharangni☆ said...

yep u r right!! :) i couldn't agree more wid u! :)

Neha said...

lovely piece..brilliant..

I can see your feedburner coming back to normal :)

wisewit said...

Yeah, I like it. It sounds just like so many girls I've known!


Samadrita said...

@Rajat: Thank you!

@Chatterbox: Thanks for the lovely comment.I hope you remember that you've been to my blog a coupla times before as well. :)

@The Ketchup Girl: :D Sure.Thanks.

Samadrita said...

@Tharangni: :)

@Neha: Thanks.Yea I had to get my hands dirty to fix my feedburner feed. :D

@wisewit: Yup that's how women feel.In any case it's good to see you after such a long time.Still working on that story?And how're you?

Nethra said...

Hey that was nice, very girlie. :)

Singh Amit said...

Very beautiful poem. :)
Well-written :)
Loved it..:)

wisewit said...

Oh, I'm OK now, and I have a draft of the next chapter, but it still needs proofreading. Not hard work, but BORING! Still, I ought to have something posted in a few weeks. I've also made a reasonable good start on the following chapter, so I'm hoping to be able to keep things going a bit faster than they have been. I'm hoping; we'll just have to see.


Samadrita said...

@Nethra: Hey I'm glad you liked it :)

@Amit: Thank you!

@wisewit: Looking forward to that chapter then!

Gyanban said...

lovely lines,simple, and they highlight the free spirit very nicely.

Abha Vatsa Midha said...

Hi Samadrita..... came across your profile in blogosphere :). I am new to blogging.

I liked the last stanza most....for ill always inevitably break free....

Parv Kaushik said...

SIMPLY WOW!!! very mind blowing piece of poetry by you... very bful!! i'm reading and re-reading it...!!

Samadrita said...

@Gyanban: :)

@Abha Vatsa Midha: Hey welcome to my blog page.And I'm so glad to know you liked this piece :)

@Parv Kaushik: Wow I never knew it was good enough to be read again and again.Must say that makes me feel good :D
Thanks for reading.

Anjana said...

awesum............simply superbbbb!!

Samadrita said...

@Anjana: Hey thanks a lot.And welcome to my blog.

SavvY said...

Hm. . Basically i guess it means i'll never understand women! Sigh!
Lovely piece. . . Another thing that i wanna share is that i'm also most creative just a few days ahead of exam!

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