Wednesday, April 14, 2010


On a gruelling summer afternoon when I was sitting on my bed trying to solve some apti problems mom came into my room unannounced and said : 'Let's go out for a hindi movie...'
(she has an aversion to most Hollywood flicks)
I looked in the direction of our windows and made a face.
'It's almost 40 degrees still wanna go out?
She shrugged and said 'I don't's been a while since you watched a movie with me.'
Now let me tell you..during the summer months I'm always in full-on lazybones mode. So in case you don't have a bull-dozer or crane at your disposal you can't make me budge from my room. No way.
But on this occasion I was in a dilemma.
Solution: Download and watch. (Lame, I know)

And so we did.But lamentably enough we have had total duds at the box-office so far this year (with the exceptions of My Name Is Khan which was half-decent and Ishqiya which I haven't seen yet)
So with our limited options we decided to opt for Karthik Calling Karthik which had garnered mixed response from all sides. And this is where the main story...err movie review begins.

Synopsis: Karthik is the quintessential wimp who can never bring himself to say it to his landlord or boss or colleagues. Constantly being taken advantage of by others he seeks solace in day-dreaming about the hot Shonali Mukherjee in office,writing her romantic mails and saving them as drafts. Such is the state of his sorry life. But then things change when he gets a mysterious call from someone claiming to be well.....Karthik!? The 'other' Karthik motivates him to take control of his life and turn it around.He promises to teach him how.
And so in typical Bollywood-ishtyle our new Karthik gets a make-over done and takes sweet revenge on everyone who has so far made life difficult for him. He even succeeds in persuading Shonali to go out with him and manipulating his boss to upgrade his status in office.
Everything was hunky-dory until he made the mistake of telling Shonali about the mysterious late-night caller when he had been specifically asked to keep the story of the calls a secret. This angers the 'other' Karthik to such an extent that he starts making threatening calls and vows to bring the real Karthik down.

That's about it. If I'm to divulge more then I'd end up spoiling the movie for others although I guess for most of you this is already a 'stale tale' and besides there's not much left to guess anyway.

KCK could've been a really good movie with its theme of a made-famous-in-movies mental disorder. But it ends up being a forgettable take on schizophrenia due to the immature handling of the plot.
Karthik is supposedly an IIM topper and yet he is shown sitting inside one of those narrow cubicles like an ordinary clerk.(o_O beware CAT aspirants!) And also by a silly twist of fate he turns out to be the only one who knows how to renew a builder's license quickly when his boss had conveniently forgotten about the deadline. Let me recount another extremely idiotic sequence:
Shonali to her boyfriend(one before Karthik) who was already married with a kid: How could you not tell me about this sooner?
Doofus boyfriend: Well..then you wouldn't have been my girlfriend no?
Shonali (with a WTF expression on her face): What?
Er hello Mr Director(debutante Vijay Lalwani) did you take your viewers to be utter morons or something?

Another weak link in the movie would be Deepika Padukone(duh!).Yea yea I know all you guys out there fawn over how she is the epitome of sensuality and go ga-ga over her dimpled smile, but have any of you ever paid attention to her 'eenglish' dialogue delivery?
I really can't describe it but just by listening to it for a couple of seconds makes me wanna run her over with an aforementioned bull-dozer.
And besides she should really put some meat on 'em bones...her bare back looks disastrous in that halter-neck dress she wore during a night-club scene.
Her zero chemistry with Farhan Akhtar doesn't help matters either .Instead of adding spice to the movie the romantic scenes come off as annoying and a distraction from the central theme.

(By the time the crisis in Karthik's life deepens my mom was already dozing off and I was battling yawns that were threatening to defeat my resolve of watching the movie in one sitting)

Now about Farhan Akhtar let me tell you, I liked him in Rock On and Luck By Chance but somehow he couldn't breathe life into Karthik's character in this movie. And his cracked, husky voice induces irritation at times especially when you can't make out what he is saying over the phone.
The last 30 minutes of the movie are its best when Karthik takes matters into his own hands to deal with this menace in his life.The ending was realistically done as possible.

All in all I'd give KCK a 5/10...which is quite generous by my standards.

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Anish said...

bad movie...great review....agree with all your points..the director needs to give up making movies...and deepika needs to go back to badminton..and farhan to direction...well written...

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

aaah haaa.... great review, but you did go for a bad movie very late.

But still, you are never too late to see a bad film, good your mom got a good sleep in the theater...:D

But still deepika rocks..and I have no regrets seeing her bad acting in the whole movie...;)

Guria said...

Interesting review! And don't roll your eyes, my net connection is good enough sometimes for me to be leaving a comment! :D

Niraj said...

I personally like the movie...Bollywood gone with diff treatment and diff way of story telling with an excellent performance by farhan...gr8 review...keep going!


Som said...

Oye....6/10...eta ektu beshi generosity hoye gelo!!

We screened it....3/4th went away after 20 mins :(
Made a choice that day, ki ham pehle thoda dekhenge phir logo ko dikhaenge ^_^

Love being pirates.....

The Ketchup Girl said...

bad bad bad film. too many loop holes, shoddy direction, zilch chemistry. But i so love farhaan. :)

Samadrita said...

@Anish: Exactly.Well atleast Deepika needs to go back to modelling...she is a terrible actress. >_<

@Sid: Um we watched the movie on my pc.I said it in the post na that we downloaded the movie :P
As for you liking Deepika..I understand :))

@Guria: Roll eyes?Who would?I'm prancing around in glee after seeing your comment.Woo hoo :D

Samadrita said...

@Niraj: Well of course everyone have their own opinions no?Good to see you on my blog. :)

@Som: Yea now that I think of it 6 seems a bit more than it deserves.Let me edit it to 5 :P
You guys screened it?Explain.

@The Ketchup Girl: Yep.Agree with you on all points.Although I don't love Farhan :P :))

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

interesting movie :)

Lazy Pineapple said...

Great review...I saw it...I think its a one time see at the best.

Deepika and Farhan have no chemistry....they should not pair up...they looked more like bro-sis.

And deepika badly needs some acting classes..

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting review!! :)
I like Farhan, though! Some of the songs are pretty good! :)

Daone said...

I disagree with most of the points in your review. The movie was addictive since the beginning credits part with the beautiful office imagery serving as the background to the names of people involved in the making. I loved the romance part- the part when he showed the e-mails, I had tears in my eyes and I must tell you that doesn't happen often to me. About the review, you have chosen to criticize only the minorities and dismissed the whole plot as being lacklustre instead of going into the details about why it is bad. The license bit is tacky, I agree and so is his stature in the office but in no scene have they shown his actual position in the hierarchy in office. Going by his well furnished apartment, smooth sedan and purchasing power, I think he was paid well- essentially for an IIM topper. He just didn't get a cabin and wasn't respected enough.
I loved the songs, the way they are shot and overall the whole flick. But then, that's me. We can agree to disagree, right? :)

Nethra said...

I'm glad I didn't watch the movie and I agree with you about Deepika. If not for OSO, she would be nothing. She hardly acts and whatever. However I like Farhan.
Nice review. :)

Som said...

As in I'm the head of "FLIX" our movie et al committee. We control the LAN and DC++ and of course screen movies on demand and the new releases.

So 'screening' is my job....and this one sucked big time :(

atindriyo said...

Some sarcasm!

If I ever make a movie, please write a review for it...........

myundiary said...

Well, it sounded interesting in the beginning. I guess I have to go see it to get the rest of the story.

sagar V said...

hey i think movie really has a good plot..n quite simple in presentation..iked it. yes it do lags.. but oveall fine..
yeah like the range of your subjects you write on

Samadrita said...

@ayu: Yes it is but could've been better.

@The Lazy Pineapple: Totally.I don't think they look like siblings but Deepika is like a sickly bamboo pole while Farhan is much shorter in height.They don't go well together. :)

@Shilpa Garg: I liked only 1 song which came at the very end.The others were okayish..I've seen Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy come up with better compositions.

Samadrita said...

@Daone: The way they showed the credits in the beginning was indeed attention-drawing.But then the director messed it up.See the movie had a good plot and story but the screenplay is boring and lacklustre as you said so yourself.There are many scenes which continue in the backdrop of a dreary,dark room for 2 or 3 mins at a stretch.They bore you to death.And please IIM toppers do not sit inside narrow cubicles doing some lame paperwork all the time.Karthik's swank apartment and car ....and his status of an ordinary worker drone in office is paradoxical if you ask me.As for me I think Deepika's zero acting skills are majorly responsible for the lack of chemistry between them.
But then again that's how I felt. :))

@Nethra: Gawd don't remind me of OSO or I might just end up puking.Urgh!Deepika really needs to go back to modelling.Thanks for the feedback.

@Som: Ooh I see.Sounds interesting.

Samadrita said...

@atindriyo: Whoa really?*jumps up in the air* I promise I won't bash your movie much even if it turns out bad :P :P
(which of course it won't..knowing that it's gonna be directed by you)

@myundiary: Hey do watch the movie.You'll never be able to judge unless you watch.But I didn't know you watched Bollywood movies.

@sagar V: Of course everyone are bound to have a unique opinion about the same movie.Thanks for the visit and I always write whatever comes to me. :))

Navya said...

Ok wow.
1. I've seen the movie and give it a 4/10 (I Ain't as nice as you!)

2. Long time. Whoa.

3. How have you been?

4. Following you, but how do I that? Grr, I hate being new to blogging (Still!)


Selenium said...

On this post... I have to say this about me and my mom.

She comes to me saying let's watch a movie... and I make her watch Anime :P

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