Monday, April 26, 2010

Join the bird-talk

I'm compelled to write this post for the sake of a friend who has vowed to bring down twitter sometime in the future.(he is a budding engineer in the I.T department)Yes so strong is his hatred for this hip and happening micro-blogging site that he avoids it like some kind of deadly flu virus.

Reason: He is prejudiced 'cause he had a brief but bad twitter experience.He had the misfortune to follow people who tweeted stuff like 'hmm just woke planning to wash my face' followed by 'washed my planning to brush my teeth'.
You get the picture don't you?
Anyway it's not only him.Many of my virtual and non-virtual friends who still haven't grasped the concept of 'tweeting' have mixed feelings for this rising new trend.So this post is aimed at giving such people a clearer perspective.Not that I'm much of an ace tweeter or anything...but I'd like to share my views nonetheless.

Why tweeting is hip

1)Twitter is the hub of breaking news.If you are wise enough to follow the official accounts of CNN or BBC or NDTV and newspapers like Hindustan Times or magazines like India Today you will find news reaching you even faster than most television channels.A lot of our famed journos and news channel anchors like Barkha Dutt,Rajdeep Sardesai,Sagarika Ghose,Vir Sanghvi,Dr Prannoy Roy of NDTV also have active accounts on twitter so not only will you be able to keep track of incoming news but also analysis of international as well as national developments.And when they have time they reply to you as well.

2)Twitter is an efficient medium of locating like-minded people just like any other social networking site.It's just that the difference lies in the fact that twitter offers you much more privacy than sites like Orkut,My Space,LinkedIn or even Facebook.Here the possibility of random 'creeps' stalking you becomes much less.People will only keep track of you if your tweets are worth being followed.

3)Twitter has been embraced by all kinds of celebrities-bollywood and hollywood actors,authors,directors,teen idols,sportspeople,music artists,famous chefs,team managers to even politicians and world leaders.So now you have the option of  following your favorite celeb's tweets and even interacting with them.

Personal thoughts:In my opinion most Bollywood and Hollywood actors tweet complete crap.Mostly they'd tweet something along the lines of 'Finished the shoot of going to the gym'.Well frankly speaking we might enjoy watching the movie sometime in the future but hearing about it being shot is not ONE bit interesting.And nor do we care about your exercise regimen.What's worse some tweet like total dumbasses 'it ws mah 29th bde ...hd lts f fun..thnks fr al d gud wishs pals..' -the torture doesn't end here.In order to complete the sentence he tweets a second time in the similar I-can't-type-out-entire-words pattern.
Super annoying!
Shahid Kapur,my hawt as hell Shahid Kapur, tweets like that. *sob* *sob*
Sorry honey I don't dig guys who can't type out a proper sentence.
Well but you are hot.Take that as consolation! :P

However don't get disheartened for there are plenty of celebrities who make sense.I advise you to follow Shekhar Kapur,Rahul Khanna,Gul Panag,Anupam Kher,Karan Johar(well I don't follow him 'cause I'm a Kjo hater)Shashi Tharoor(yes yes the controversy aside his tweets SHOULD be followed)Jim Carrey,Ashton Kutcher,Al Yankovic(Weird Al Yankovic,yes),Russell Brand(yes Katy Perry's husband-to-be)Ricky Martin,Mandy Moore and a few others.
They tweet on world events.And sometimes their sense of sarcasm just cracks you up...especially Jim Carrey,Ashton Kutcher,Al Yankovic and Russell Brand excel in that.
(please add your favorite names in this category)

4)Twitter is the perfect place to let yourself be heard and express your opinions on absolutely anything and everything.Be prudent and follow people from your country and timeline who tweet sense.Follow people and organizations from other countries you want to keep track of.Even accounts of google,youtube,blogger and other famous sites are on twitter.

5)Finally twitter is the perfect way of promoting your blog or website,if you have one that is.Via sites like twitterfeed or tweetfeed you can enable auto publishing of your latest blog post along with a shortened version of the link.Care to put a twitter badge on your site or blog so that your readers are directed back to your twitter account.

Tweeting has been made more efficient and easier with the arrival of browser add-ons and software such as Echofon,Seesmic,Twitter widget for Opera,Tweetdeck,Digsby,yoono and so on.Use the one which suits your needs perfectly.Lastly if you're looking forward to increasing your number of followers then visit twittercounter.This site enables you to follow featured users automatically and hence the chance of others following you back grows.

Although if you want to have a meaningful twitter experience I suggest you go the slow and straight way.

A WORD OF CAUTION:There's a force on twitter which goes by the name of 'Justin Bieber fanbase' or 'Beliebers'.Steer clear of them at all costs.Or you might just die of boredom and annoyance.Avoid Justin Bieber too...(all this applies if you are NOT a fan)

And last but not the least,avoid being a complete doofus like a certain suspended chairman of a major sporting franchise and don't tweet something which might come back to haunt you later. :P

So what are you waiting for?Join the conversation and start tweeting now.(Darn twitter should pay me for this)
Do share your views about twitter and mention your favorite tweeting celebrities and people you like following.

P.S:Follow ME. (:P)

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Neha said...

Oh I was going to say that twitter should pay you for this :D

great info..twitter is one of the few sites that gives you 100% privacy..I follow none of the celebs to be honest..I recently followed baman irani; but his tweets are boring to say the least..will unfollow him soon enough..we also have a great convos on twitter na :P

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

hehehe! nice :D

loved the read.. and yea..twitter should seriously pay you :D

Lazy Pineapple said...

Interesting :)..I did not know you are a tweeteroholic:P

I have a twitter account @februarygirl..but I hardly twitter..just update my blog posts there :P

Anish said...

yep...apart from the beliebers twitter rocks....specially for news and can guage the general trend of reactions by reading the tweets....and the constraint of 140 letters helps you sharpen your expressive abilities..apart from some celebs like Carrey..others suck....

ohh and a good essay...if you wrote this in an would get top marks :D in points form and all...

Sonia said...

Totally agree with most of your comments :) I almost gave up on Shahid Kapoor too. Thankfully, he stopped the short forms and now tweets in full words and sentences! He's yet to punctuate, but I think there's hope for him, yay!

wisewit said...

I've looked at Twitter, but it doesn't seem to fit the way I work. Usually even my comments are too long for a tweet! :0 :)

I guess I could use it as a headline ticker for my blog--in fact, I may do that sometime in the future--but right now I've got other things I'd rather spend my time on.


Gyanban said...

Firstly,i like you template much better than the previous one.White backgrounds are so much easier on the eye.

Secondly - Twitter ,as any other technology has pros and cons. Think Facebook - originally planned to be an intra college discussion board..then intra college, then inter office...but today it has lost all of it. So twitter too will go the bell curve - no escaping it.

thirdly. - it is too insignificant a technology to get upset..learn to co exist with is more beautiful that way.

savvy said...

Well as ur from Kolkata, i guess u might like to check out Derek OBrien @quizderek. . .
@SashiTharoor should be followed on Twitter, i believe. I don't follow bollywood or hollywood celebrities. . Bollywood guys tweet mostly scrap. .

I do tweet quite frequently @Souveek

The Ketchup Girl said...

You resonate my mind and how, gal! People who do not like twitter are the ones who still haven;t gotten a hang of it. They still treat it like their FB status message- what's on your mind? I barely tweet, BUT i follow a lot of people and media agencies, and its never been short of fun. Twitter has not let me down, not yet.

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

@sammy: yeah..the ending's pretty nice compared to the anime which where stop at the middle of the manga :D

freelancer said...

haha...but hey even srk's tweets are good. and by the way missy you following me or not??
@itsFreelancer :P

Chatterbox said...

All I can say is Twitter is fun :)
I follow my blog buddies and real life friends to have some fun :)

In fact I once wrote a post on very similar lines, check it out here:

Keep up the fantastic work :)


Samadrita said...

@Neha: Yep we have awesome convos on twitter which continue over multiple languages :P people should envy us.
Thanks for reading.

@Chocolate lover: Haha I know.I wish twitter listened to you guys.*sulks*

@Lazy Pineapple: Well I've only recently found myself getting addicted to twitter. :D
Will follow you!

@Anish: Lol yea I would've gotten a perfect 10 on 10 if I wrote this on a paper. :P

♪ Tharangni ♪ said...

I'll agree with you regarding the tweets by celebs.., which is also one of the reasons why ranbir kapoor isn't on twitter (cuz of tweeting abt going to brush teeth, take bath etc)-read in newspaper.. :P

Samadrita said...

@Sonia: Oh he has?Wow that's news to me.Will have to keep track of him then. :P
Welcome to my blog btw! :)

@wisewit: Yea the 140 character limit does come off as an annoyance at times.But then twitter is a micro-blogging site.And it is a very nice medium for interacting with all kinds of people without having to disclose too much about yourself unlike social networking sites. :))
A headline ticker ha?You could visit a site like Feedburner for that.

@Gyanban: Ah yes I had to change my template coz my followers weren't showing up in the previous one.And I like white backgrounds too. :)
I think you are right when you say that these trends die down eventually.Like 5 years back Orkut was a happening thing but now it is far behind facebook in the social networking scenario.As for twitter..let's just see what happens to it in the future.As of now it is pretty much a useful my opinion :)

@savvy: First of all welcome to my blog. :)
I already follow Derek O'Brien.And I follow a few other hand-picked celebs whose tweets make for good reading. :)

Samadrita said...

@The Ketchup GIrl *high-five* Glad to know you feel the same way about twitter. :)

@ayu:Ah okay.Then I might try downloading it after my exams. :)

@freelancer: Okiedokie will follow you.Be sure to follow me back. :P
And yes SRK tweets sense. :)

@Chatterbox: Ah okay.Sure I will.And thanks for reading :)

Booklover said...

hey Samandrita,

Nice blog here.Wonder what your name means though. I want you to check out this new book review blog Book Reviews

Also look at our Facebook page too. Thanks and happy book reviews


Prash said...

Good work, and blog! Just one suggestion: it is awkward to see missing spaces after punctuation marks (after a full-stop or a comma). If that's a new personal style you are developing, great. Else you may want to consider adding them, it might the blog in becoming more readable.

Keep up the good work!

Journomuse said...

Loved reading the post. And frankly thought I do tweet to, my tweets are far and few...on those I follow is the big ben..that cracks me up, everytime I see the tweets...every hour, the number of hours is tweeted as bong/ bong bong..:) for those addicted to tweeting, thats a good way to keep time too..:)

RepublicOfChic said...

Does anyone that matters write their own tweets anyway?

Samadrita said...

@Booklover: Thank you lots.Well my name is an uncommon one-it refers to a female in bengali who is loved and accepted by all :)
As for your book review blog I already took a peek into it.Looks promising.I'll surf through it later after my exams are over :)

@Prash: Thank you and welcome to my blog.As for the blank spaces after punctuation marks you're referring to...they happen to be a result of quick typing and nil editing.Not trying to invent a style...especially not one which makes no sense :)
You see my exams are round the corner so when I blog these days I blog real quickly.Will take care to edit the post thoroughly in future :)

Samadrita said...

@Journomuse: Hey glad to hear you liked it.Big ben ha?Will care to follow him/her then.Thanks for reading :)

@RepublicOfChic: Hmm well many of them do...and some of them don't.Priyanka Chopra for example confessed to the fact that a PR firm tweets on her behalf.
But if you care to follow the tweets of Al Yankovic or Jim Carrey or Russell Brand you'll know it's them.They have got a purely original and unique style of tweeting.Glad to have your comment. :)

Dr Roshan R said...

tweeting since a yr.. yet to understand the worlds fxation on "THE BEIBER !!".. weird :)

The Laughing Man said...

LoL You almost convinced me to take up tweeting... except my tweets would read...


Went to campus...
Attended classes...
Met with professor...
Professor crushed my dreams...
Went to Sleep...

Rinse and repeat...


Homework to do/Lab to write
Possible date with Kris (Only thing worth tweeting about)
Lots of sleeping and manga/anime/movies...

Rinse and repeat...

Samadrita said...

@Dr Roshan R: Trust me I share your sentiments.Screaming teenaged fangirls over the world are a force to reckon with.And welcome to my blog :)

@The Laughing Man: Lol initially even my tweets were sorta like that.But I got the hang of it soon enough.Now tweeting has become addictive to me :)

Lakshmi Rajan said...

When I read the post title I thought it must be something to do with bird-watching :P and then i realied its the tweetie birdie. When I initially opened an twitter accound after much reluctance to be part of yet another networking site,to my surprise i was bored with the twitter homepage. Later when I stumbled on tweetdeck, I realized the power of Twitter. Ofcourse, I am not still a impulsive or compulsive twitter but then may get active again in couple of weeks :) well written!

Samadrita said...

@Lakshmi Rajan: Yep even I shared similar sentiments when I first joined twitter.You need time to get yourself acquainted with the format.But once you get the hang of it...twitter becomes addictive. :)
Thanks for reading.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

I always have a silent prayer that twitter is a application in my blackberry.... my life would be so boring if not for twitter and you who replies to my tweets...:D

Tweet tweet!!!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

ekdum jhakkass post! whole twitterverse compiled in a single post!

Me too not following any celebs... ulta the ppl I follow become celebs!

I'm sharing this one...

pRasad said...

I always used to wonder how this twitter would be useful in the era of facebook..

Appreciate this post..:)

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