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Read before you hate Twilight

I suppose the self-explanatory title leaves no room for doubt about what this post could hold.
But before I begin let me tell you that I'm not one of those crazy fan-girls spread all over the world who day-dream about a seemingly perfect vampire lover-boy.Well let's be honest I used to be infatuated with this larger-than-life,imaginary character once.But that lasted for a very brief period of time.I'm a dreamer alright but that doesn't mean I entertain the idea of having ludicrous fantasies for too long.
Anyway let's come to topic now.
Even if you are someone who likes to keep himself/herself far far away from the world of books,novels and contemporary literature you are bound to have heard about Stephenie Meyer's best-selling phenomenon-The Twilight Saga in short.
Just in case you haven't-click on the link given above.I'm not in the mood for summarizing the story and its contents.
For the already enlightened ones(which,no doubt,most of you are) I'm sure you're already aware of the existence of numerous Twilight flame sites,blogs and similar such groups on social networking media and so on and so forth.Now incidentally the majority of Twilight haters happen to be men.
And that's really fine.'Cause it's a free country and you are free to like what you like and hate what you hate.
But a simple question-
Have you read the entire series created by Meyer?
If the answer to this question is No then-
Have you read even one book included in the Twilight saga?
If the answer to this question is No as well then here's what I have to say to you-
You are in no position to judge a book or its characters without ever having read it.
Yes yes obviously these days you have sites like wiki and which can provide you with details on any subject in the world within a matter of seconds.But that is simply not enough.
You can't form an opinion about a book without ever having read it.
Oh so you might have watched the movie.I'm sad to hear that.You must have suffered.
But then most movies which are inspired from novels fail to do justice to the original story and the Twilight movie was a notable example of such a case.It was nothing short of a disaster with the pathetically slow screenplay,lead pair's lack of any real chemistry and the female lead's monotonous acting or lack thereof.
So watching the movie is not a fair way of judging the story.
If you want to hate Edward Cullen and the books this much....why don't you read them and gain sufficient ground to strengthen that hatred first?That would make you appear less stupid.
Yes this part of the post is directed towards those who have jumped on the 'hate-twilight' bandwagon without having read any of the books.

That aside if you have already read the books and then came to such a conclusion then that's quite okay.
But I'd love to know the reason why you hate Twilight or Edward so much.Really.
What did he do to incur the wrath of the entire male population?
-Be utterly and dazzlingly beautiful?
-Be the perfect lover to his woman?
-Be an invincible vampire with superhuman strength and special abilities?
-Be perfect in short?
Is that why all men hate him so much?'Cause no matter which way you see it such a man cannot exist in reality.The very concept of Edward Cullen is out of this world.
Or is there a more simple reason behind the unpopularity of Edward among men?
Is he hated because of the fact that women idealize him as their perfect partner?
Is it 'cause of the fact that no matter how much one tries no man can compete with his image?
Is jealousy the answer?
Yes I think so.
Childish isn't it?
If men can go ga-ga over Batman,Superman,Justice League,Don Corleone,computer games and Fight Club then where exactly is the wrong in a woman adoring Edward Cullen?
 It does not necessarily mean they're looking for an Edward to date in real life.Nurturing such a dream would be a highly unrealistic and immature thing to do.

As far as I'm thoughts on Twilight and Edward are a bit out of the ordinary.I'm quoting a brief part from my earlier post on this subject to let you know what I mean.

.........I have been able to see the imperfection in the seemingly perfect love story.Rob Pattinson's acting made me realize what a chauvinistic,imperious and domineering man Edward Cullen was.Throughout the entire series he kept making the rules of Bella's and his relationship and a demure Bella had to obey.Wanna know why she did that?-'Cause she was hopelessly in love with this physically beautiful person,hopelessly in love with his perfection and ashamed of her own ordinariness.And though it's not quite apparent in the books,Edward continued to exploit this attitude of hers.When HE decided that it was dangerous for him and his vampire family staying anywhere near his beloved Bella he dumped her without ado and vanished from her life.When HE learnt from another source that Bella had committed suicide out of depression(which she actually hadn't) he set out to throw his own life away to punish himself for causing Bella's death or maybe showing off to the rest of the world what a genuine lover he was!He even made rules on how much physical they should get(he insisted that if he got too intense he might end up hurting her 'cause he was a vampire and Bella was a simple human).When he left Bella he hardly cared for the fact that in the process of trying to keep her alive he was inflicting a different kind of death on her.But the moment he 'realized his mistake' he came back to her with the pathetic excuse that he would have come back eventually 'cause he couldn't stay away.And poor Bella-poor human,ordinary and unremarkable Bella had to welcome him back into her life with open arms 'cause well..what better option did she have?She was way too much in love to stand upto him and show him his rightful place.
Throughout the series it was Bella who got hurt the most.Her body and her heart-Edward injured both.And it's hardly fair,right?
So after this realization hit me I was disillusioned with Edward Cullen forever.
If you hate Edward Cullen for similar such logical reasons then you have my respect.
P.S: I watched New Moon recently and although it didn't do much to leave any kind of impression the presence of Taylor Lautner was more than enough reason to sit through it.The wolf pack scenes aren't all that bad.The sequel is better than its predecessor.
So before dissing New Moon do try watching it first.

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ThE GEorGE said...

Properly written...
As I dun read books.. bt as a movie buff.. I cn only say.. the twilight Movie SUCKS!! I dun mind dat fairly complexed boy to b d heart beat of gals.... bt realy dun temme dat movie is a good one.. so boring and really not at all a touching love story!! Dun hav ne idea bout d Novel though.. so no comments on dat 1..

pawan said...

I haven't read the twilight series and I have no intentions to do so in the near future too. A friend of mine who's a avid reader particularly asked me to avoid all of Stephanie Meyer works. And I agreed and I'' tell you why.
A book adaptation of a movie, however bad it might be represents the book at least in a small way. So, a person watching Twilight will get a gist of the content in the books, if not completely but to a certain extent. I've watched both the Twilight movies and to a large extent they sucked. They didn't suck because of their actors or directors. They sucked because of their dull, insipid and bland storyline.
A vampire loves a human, the concept is fine with me. But better depictions of the same subject matter can be seen, for example, just watch the Swedish movie "Låt den rätte komma in", you'd fall in love with it.
There's nothing wrong in loving a movie or it's character and it all depends upon personal discretion. I like Tyler Durden because he inspires me and you can like Edward Cullen maybe because the character makes you happy, it's an opinion which no one can force on you.

I might be wrong, as it's just my personal opinion.

No hard feelings :)

Samadrita said...

@The George: Thoroughly agree with you about the movie.It sucked real bad.It was so boring that I almost fell asleep while watching.

@Pawan: See this is what I wanted to convey to the readers.In the star-studded world of literature Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is at best a form of mediocre writing.It's not a novel aimed at winning critical acclaim or awards or portraying reality.It's meant to leave you with a feeling that everything is hunky-dory.Why can't it be accepted that way?
No matter whichever you look at it fantasy after all is fantasy...something unreal.And your friend who asked you to steer clear of Step Meyer is no doubt among millions who chant the same old thing again n again without having sufficient ground.
If you say mushy romances aren't made for men...then that is still acceptable.But hating Edward for no valid reason isn't.At the most all men should maintain a neutral stance.But hating something point-blankly is foolish in a way.
I don't love Edward as you will know if you have read the entire post.But I don't hate him either.
Oh another thing Stephenie Meyer is also the author of another lesser known book-The Host- which was actually quite enjoyable in my opinion.Far far better than the Twilight series.

Selenium said...

I read the first two books... and I didn't like it cause it's not my cup of tea... though different, but I hated The Fountain head for similar reason.

I really don't argue or give a reason as to why I didn't like something...

Samadrita said...

@Selenium: Perfectly understandable.Everyone have a right to their own opinion.
I actually have a thing or two against those who pass judgement without even knowing what they're talking about.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

I came to know about Twiglight only after blog posts started cropping up all over the place....

yup i did not see it or read it, but i believe it has same effect on girls specially what LOTR has effect on guys.

The post is excellently written and yes I agree it is not good, but provoking a girl over twilight is more fun. :P :D

P.s. My gf wished I was a vampire. :P

Nethra said...

I read the entire series and the whole time I felt that something was missing. Though I enjoyed reading it, I felt it could have been different. I donno why I felt like that.
Didn't watch the movie and I don't intend too, because movies are always spoilers when we have already read the book.
Nice post. :)

atindriyo said...

These pink-gloss-candyfloss doesn't really attract me, and hence I've consciously avoided them....the books as well as the screen-adaptations....nevertheless, I liked your writing, like I always do....

and, try The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo now, it's worth a read..... and more than that....maybe the best thing to happen in contemporary literature since Pamuk's Snow, My Name is Red and Istanbul (I haven't read any of his other works).....In fact, the entire Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson is absolutely wonderful....It's worth a read ....Unfortunately, the author was killed by the rich, corrupt and powerful businessmen of Sweden, because he was a Communist and because he tried to expose these enemies. In fact, the entire trilogy was published after his unfortunate demise.... Till his death, he was known as a great Left-Wing journalist, but now, he will be remembered as a great writer who became a victim of our ugly society.....Just read his books, and you'll understand...

pawan said...

I've read your post completely and please don't have any doubts about that :). I said you can like Edward Cullen. I was just giving an example :)

Who said men don't like mushy romances? After all every man wants to be a romantic at heart.

Many people hate Edward Cullen for one single reason. Imagine a girl drooling over Edward Cullen's photo when her boyfriend is sitting beside her. Or talks only about Edward Cullen with him. The men who hate Edward Cullen hate him for one simple reason, which u've stated, jealousy. But actually, the story isn't mediocre either, it sucks to a large extent.

As you mentioned in the above comment that Twilight is not a magnum opus, you yourself give out an important point. The success of the book is largely due to the hype, if it was brilliant like Harry Potter, there'd be fewer people criticizing the novel.

Ankit said...

mmm..i read half the 1st book and what i think is that the story is pretty engaging.But the writing style is way too there is this situation when Bella is coming back from school n she cries.Now i could never figure out why she did that.There are many such instances where Bella's reactions would leave male readers scratching their heads.Ya may be girls react like that,true,when you can't feel the emotions yourself your interest wanes but still if Twilight would have been written from the 3rd person point of view it would have been much better...the same problem that i found in P.S. I Love You.the movie was gr8 though, unlike twilight.

and another thing..many guys( me included)trash twilight without reading the series..the truth is they just do so to take digs at you smitten damsels..just for the fun of it..:-)so ignore it yaar

Nightwing said...

Someone mentioned LOTR I see...and I would like to say that is how guys like men to be-Being a godfather like Michael Corleone...a king of men,a leader like Aragorn...people who save the world,people who are flawed like Travis Bickle and Jake La Motta....who are flawed...whom we identify with.....It's not because he is "purty"...or so perfect that boys hate him....Boys hate him coz he isn't a hero...or a flawed guy...or a bad guy...he isn't Tony Montana...

I am sorry if I sound rude..I hope I don't....but really...we hate Twilight and Cullen because he has done ABSOLUTELY nothing to deserve this hype or craze...yeah yeah he loves a girl....big deal,....everyone does..WHAT has he done??what's his claim to fame???boys aren't like girls..they aren't interested in sordid mushy love stories..they would ignore it usually...but if something so undeserving gets so much craze...then they will obviously hate it....

Samadrita said...

@Sid: Like always you make me smile :)I agree with you completely.As to your gf she is plain lucky to have such a good-humored man like you in the first place.You needn't be a vampire. :P

@Nethra: Obviously there were a lot of things missing.Twilight isn't a piece of good literature or not even remotely close to good.It's just meant drive home a happy feeling,a belief in happy endings.I completely understand what you mean. :)

@Atindriyo: Hey hey now don't say pink.That makes this healthy debate go into the territory of sexism and whatnot. :P
And besides I've seen lotsa guys wear baby pink tees in my college.And yes I fully intend to read that series by Stieg Larsson.I've read about his life in an article. :))

pawan said...

@ Atindriyo: Nice recommendation dude, agreed The Millennium Trilogy are awesome and they deal with the same issue, corruption.

@ Samadrita: Don't miss the the Millennium trilogy and they've been adapted into movies too (which are great I must say). And there is another series which I recommend, the Martin Beck series, they are about a policeman named Beck and his life :) They are awesome too!

Samadrita said...

@Pawan: I can't agree more.I'm so very thankful to you for admitting to this fact that jealousy is the primary reason. :))
You have my respect.And btw even HP had its fair share of negative criticism coz there are many people who believe that Rowling stole major concepts from Tolkien's LOTR and other such authors.
But yes her way of narration and language were excellent.
I donno about others but I am fully aware of the fact that the Twilight novels aren't examples of brilliant writing.They're not even close.But the basic concept of a fairy-tale like romance with a happy ending is a refreshing change from most dark n angst-ridden stories we get to read now-a-days.That's why they have been welcomed with open arms by diehard romantics across the globe.
And yes you are right again when you say that some men DO like romances.But unfortunately enough most of them are closet romance readers. :P

Samadrita said...

@Ankit: Here's another honest man.Thank you for stating your reason for hating Twilight.It is more or less acceptable. :P
About the style of writing..I think since the whole thing is narrated by a 17-year old girl Meyer couldn't make the writing appear too mature.She had to write it in a simple conversational style.Yes writing it from an outsider's perspective might have made things interesting.
I liked P.S I love you too. :)

@Anish: Nope you're not being rude at all.You are stating what you feel which is not a sin.
But here you're making the mistake of judging Edward without knowing him properly.
He loves a girl..a human girl-a girl whose scent arouses bloodlust in him like no other.He has to be in control of his emotions and animal needs just to spend 5 minutes with this girl.In order to protect the same girl he has gone to great lengths such as inflicting intense mental/physical torture on himself(several times).A girl who means the world to him in the real sense of the term.
Do you find love like that now-a-days or in reality?Nope.Nada.
That's why the books struck a chord with millions of romance fans worldwide.For the simple reason that in today's world which is infested with the horrors of hunger,war n terrorism reading a feel-good book fantasy novel like Twilight makes us smile,makes us happy.That's all really.
Just because it is not good does not mean it has to be that bad.
Twilight has its fair share of inconsistencies and flaws but that doesn't mean everything about it can be laughed off.
If you look at it even Tyler Durden was imaginary and beating oneself into a bloody pulp is unachievable in real life.

Aditya said...

I havent read it yet, so I dont have any opinion on it. yet.

Samadrita said...

@Pawan: Yep I have heard of the Millenium trilogy.Will surely give it a try when I have the time.These days I don't even have enough time for blogging :(

@Aditya: Good to know you are not harboring any preconceived notions without reading first :)

wisewit said...

I'm not really into vampires, so I never read the twilight series. According to one analyst who has read the stories, girls love them because the guy in the stories (I guess that would be Edward?) gets it as far as what girls want when so many guys in the real world just don't get it. It sounds plausible, but I don't know if it's true.
I do get worried when people get so caught up in a story or movie that they seem to forget about the real world, but that's not just Twilight. I've seen it with Star Wars, Harry Potter, and lots of others.


Nightwing said...

Oh come on..please don't bring in Fight Club here..Tyler Durden isnt about realism...he is about his philosophies,his fascism....Fight Club had a significant relation to the society of the 90s...the spiritual unrest through which men went during the 90s...Fight Club is deserves what it has got...the adulation and the recognition...

Twilight on the other hand is ridiculed by most fans because firstly like u said....the crazy fan-girls fawning over him...and secondly....may be because of the first reason...twilight is ending up getting much more hype than it deserves...see no one is against love stories....otherwise movies like my sassy girl,eternal sunshine of the spotless mind won't be rated so highly among both boys and girls...but the fact is..twilight is so highly over-rated by so many people...that it is ridiculed by others who feel it's undeserving this position....Like you said..if something isnt good it necessarily isnt bad...twilight isnt's just average....but since it's over-rated...guys feel so strongly about it...and what's more..maybe the books wouldn't have been ridiculed so much if it wouldn't have been for the two poor movies...and the over-whelming hype surrounding it's lead actors....robert and taylor...blocks of wood have more expressions....

The Laughing Man said...

I dont hate Cullen... (If thats his name)... I hate his acting... I dont hate the story... I hate the way it was presented... I am the first one to fall for a sappy love story I will have you know... but the presentation in the first one sucked badly enough that I fear I will not be able to subject myself to the 2nd.... I have never given an opinion on the books cause I dont have one... Oh... I hated the acting of the woman too... I cant imagine how people found her hot in the movie... she looked like a drug addict...

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

well..i was honestly one of those persons who hate Edward Cullen and twilight saga without reading the book and only finished the first half of the first movie..yeah.. i know i have no right to judge something i haven't read or seen myself..maybe its just an irritation to the girls i have known who are all dying and exaggeratedly fantasizes Edward..but thanks that you respect my opinion on this.. i still, on the other hand, respect those persons who love it..lolz..sometimes a person can normally hate someone or something without any applicable reason involved..

(reply on my blog)

Samadrita said...

@wisewit: Yea you are right.It's mainly because Edward comes as close to every girl's image of her dream man.That's why women are so obsessed with Twilight.
It's good to know that you are not among those who hate something blindly. :)
And btw are you better now?

@Anish: Trust me I have no intention of comparing Twilight and FC coz that will be absurd.I only highlighted the common fact that both concepts are beyond the realm of feasibility.And as far as the thing about Twilight haters has been seen most men fall in that category.And that's what the issue is here.
Have you ever seen Step Meyer being showered with praise by the critics?Nope that won't happen coz it is mediocre after all.The hype that has been generated is not due to the quality of its content but the concepts of the 'perfect' man and the forever kind of love that have been explored in the book.I never said everyone are supposed to scream their lungs out at the thought of Edward or go ga-ga about this book.Just don't hate it to such an extent where your opinions sound largely biased.
Read the book and judge it afterwards.You will find yourself liking it in parts I bet.
And btw have you seen New Moon?I liked Taylor Lautner in there.And not coz he looked hot but coz he performed quite well in most scenes and made the movie watchable.Robert Pattinson is irritating I agree.I couldn't even stand him in the few scenes in which he appeared in the movie.

Samadrita said...

@The Laughing Man: You mean the actor who played Edward?That's Robert Pattinson and yes he has done nothing in the movie aside from looking extremely white and wear red lipstick(?).True the movie was a total fiasco.It was a sorry excuse in the name of a film.And Kristen Stewart is a nightmare.I dunno how she was cast as the lead when she has like zero acting skills.But trust me kyo kun the second movie is better than the first.Coz Pattinson doesn't have that many scenes and Taylor Lautner has more screen time.And he acts way better than the other two stone-faces.

@ayu: Yes I respect people hating the book and its characters as long as they are not doing it blindly and have some valid reasons for doing so.I know very well that to each his/her own. :)

☆Tharangni☆ said...

i dont care about the content.. but even i dont know why.. i always hate Twilight! X( :D
>>Hey! You have an award from my blog! :)
Award For You.

buckingfastard said...

stumbled upon ur blog...and found it pretty interesting :)

well yea, i am a guy, and i read twilight, and yes i hated it. It was like reading nicholas sparks trying to pull off a sidney sheldon which u can bear to read as a passtime book but never as a literary work!!

da basic reason ppl dunt like twilight is the mushy heroism.. the absence of which prolly caused harry potter to achieve wat twilight cant!!

Anish said...

i dont hate twilight at all..I was just explaining the psychology of most boys...I am too ignorant about Twilight to love or hate it....but I think most guys do coz probably their girlfriends are more infatuated with cullen/pattinson.. :D

Samadrita said...

@Tharangni: Thanks for the awards girl! :)

@buckingfastard: Quite agreeable.At least you read the book and then arrived at a conclusion.And yes I agree Twilight is indeed mediocre.

@Anish: Bingo baby!That is what the case is here. :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Well a lot of things has been said.......somehow most of the guys dont like Twilight saga,beacuse mush repels them......also beacuse loving someone isnt a lifetime achievement according to the majority of guys....Edward has done nothing for the welfare of the universe...but i honestly had a crush on him for few days.....but the twilight saga has nothing much to impart....or reflect upon....its basically a leisure read...
And talking about modern literature try reading Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson Atindriyo suggests...its awesome....and also Pamuk...his writing style is very innovative...i loved My Name is Red,Snow,Black Book,Istanbul

wisewit said...

Yes, I am feeling better now. Have been for about a week, but still tired a lot. Now the flowers are blooming and I'm having trouble with my allergies. :( I'm also trying to do too many things at once. I really want to finish my next chapter, but there's also another project that I hope to post soon.


Vintage Obsession said...

Think i liked the book much better than the movie!!

Samadrita said...

@QOI: Yes I really need to read Pamuk.Haven't read any of his works......such a tragedy :(
And Stieg Larsson has been on my to-be-read list for some time now.
And heartily agree with your views about Twilight being a leisure read.

@wisewit: Oh new project ha?Is it like a short story?If it is I'm definitely looking forward to it :)
And take care of your allergies.

@Vintage Obsession: Same here.Couldn't agree more with you on that.

Som said...

My two cents for the discussion:
-The movie is so-so...left it viewing midway on my lappy
-The book interested me, because movies are always "something else"
Hate those differences, about HP and others!
Its an another matter of fact altogether that I gave up reading it after 30 pages ^_^

This was my first flirt with fantasy romance...and I'm pretty sure its not my kind of stuff.

I would prefer Casablance, notebook, Titanic any day to this one.

P.S. Most of my friends don't hate it per say...but just plain-simple "don't like it" :P

Tui series tar Indian marketer and promoter hoye ja...on the online front...rocking stuff...unfortunately people aren't that logical ^_^

heavealie said...

samadrita even if you write a book based on explaining ppl not to hate twilight without even reading it ppl wont be convinced!!stephen king once said to meyers that she cannot write worth a dime!!true very true!!our world with disney and all the glitter and all the teenage girls with no brains has been corrupted!!next you will say go listen to hannah potato or the sissy brothers!!perfect partner??do you really need a perfect partner??girls have a habit of rectifying even the minute bad habits of guys!!girls would go nuts if that is also snatched from them!!so for all the twilight lovers!!!i think you all wasted precious hours of your lives reading crap!!intead go read a bumper sticker stuck behind a truck!!thats more worthy lol!!oh btw!!i'm bak in mumbai and thx a lot for the awards!!will read all your previous posts as soon as possible!!keep writing!!

Samadrita said...

@Som: True the book is a form of mediocre writing as I said numerous times before.But that doesn't mean it needs to be completely trashed by everyone.It does have a few merits of its own.That was the point I was trying to put across.Coz trust me I prefer Nicholas Sparks,Susan Elizabeth Philips and other romance writers to Step Meyer.By far.

@heavealie: Lol let me tell you I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus or 'Hannah Potato' and neither of The Jonas Brothers.But then that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad.You've to remember that men and women have varying tastes and as civilized human beings we need to respect that.Same with Twilight...I know very well it is an undeserving piece of writing but that doesn't mean it's complete crap.Like I said you have to read to see for yourself.Sometimes we tend to judge something in a completely biased way and that's not right.That's what this post is trying to drive home.

Firebolt said...


You've made me think about this, all over again.. looks like I am going to have to give the Twilight series an honest try after my exams..

Great post, btw =]

Samadrita said...

@Firebolt: First of all welcome to Aura of Sleepless Dreams.Well as I said do not expect Twilight to be a masterpiece or an epic romance of any sort.It is just like a fairytale.That's all.But do try reading :)
Thanks for the comment.

Diwakar Sinha said...

very good post!
i've read the first one and some part of the second book. it is not the kind of books i read or like, but i did so only because of the hype.
those who like to read such stuff, can give a better opinion..but as for myself, i can say that its not my cup of tea.

Carl said...

Uuugggh I could barely get through the first book but the movie however I did... What i didnt get was why Bella was so plastic??

I mean u cant be scared from the beginning till the end of the entire vampire-werewolf love saga...

Saw New moon n again didnt find it great...

Karthik said...

Hahahaha.... lol... :D
Reading the comment section was damn interesting. :D
Well, no comments on Twilight! :P

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