Friday, March 05, 2010

Meet the laughing man

This is a first for me since I haven't done a guest blogger post on Aura of Sleepless Dreams before.But hey it doesn't hurt to showcase someone else's talent for a change.
So enough about me....let's talk about the blogger in question.
To anime-addicts over the net he is known as Kyo-a budding rocket scientist,an ardent anime and manga aficionado(as he likes to call himself) and a pure-bred Indian currently residing in Arizona.To the blogging world(which he has joined recently) he is known as The Laughing Man who gives us an insight into his creative side over at Rantings of a Deaf-Mute

Finally I present you with one of his 55-word stories-

Peer Pressure

'What are you waiting for?'
'I’m not sure if I want to do this…'
'Dude… come on… everyone does it…'
'Why? Just… cause…'
'I don’t want any trouble…'
'There won’t be…'
'But… what if…'
'Jeez… you’re lame… I’ll ask AJ instead…'
'No wait... I'll do it..'
All that dithering… for a single proxy.

P.S.(from the author): For the uninitiated... (I doubt there are very many)... but by 'proxy'... I was referring to the practice of having someone else sign for your attendance on a register... a tactic frequently employed by college students all over the world... (I wish my professors didn't know me well enough so that they wouldn't notice I was missing when I try this myself)

P.P.S: Do let him(and me) know how you feel about this. :)
Have a good weekend folks!

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Nightwing said...

Good fact superb..THIS is how 55-word stories should be....and the topic is an important one too...these days most people are introduced to various unhealthy habits through peer pressure...coz that is the 'cool' and the 'hip' thing to true...all this dithering for one proxy...

@samadrita-great of you to have this dude as a guest I gotta follow him.. :)

Rishabh said...

Yay! *claps*

Kyo has entered the building!
(Though I'm still outside the "Blogger's Building").

um...yeah...that's all I have to say *shuffles feet*

Okay bye *must-complete-assignments*

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said... was really nice..haha..during HS our classmates often do that :P

Samadrita said...

@Nightwing: Yep the purpose was to get him more readers anyway.I'm glad you liked the story so much.When I read it first trust me it made me laugh a lot as well XD.

@Rishabh: o_O How come you commented on kyo's post and didn't comment on any of mine? *sobs* Meanie!

@ayu: Hey girl students all over the world do this kinda's why I felt more or less anybody will be able to relate to this piece. :)

The Laughing Man said...

To all: Thanks for reading... and for commenting... Much appreciated!

@ Nightwing: I am actually very new to the 55 format.. .this one was my first... I have written a dozen more since then... and I am releasing them weekly on my blog...

@ Rishabh: LoL.. thanks for the comment... but dont be mean to Sammy...LoL (again)

@ Ayu: Yeah this story was inspired by the many times I have had to persuade other people to give proxies for me.... I was famous... or infamous... depending on how you look at it... and so people would always think twice before putting one in for me...

@ Sammy/May: Thanks for this!

Selenium said...


55 Words of Extreme truth...
Well done Kyo... That's only to be expected out of you.

And Sammy, thanks for showcasing this :)

The Laughing Man said...

SG! Whazza! Thanks bro... yeah.... visit my blog for a weekly dose of 55... LoL... some drama coming up next I think... (I have a dozen fictions set to auto-post weekly)

Chocolate Lover said...

you had been awarded on my blog :)
check it out :)

wisewit said...

Ha! it made me laugh, too, but it's all too true. Just think what it must have been like for those of us who always tried to be honest. No wonder I didn't have any friends! :)


The Laughing Man said...

@ Chocolate Lover: I have an award already? LoL... I would like to thank... *cliched acceptance speech*

@ wisewit: Thanks for the comment... Being honest is something I value too. But some of those lectures were a waste of my life... inane and sometimes incorrect... I really could not justify myself being in that room at that time when I could be doing other things. Not productive things, but at least they would be more fun.

The Laughing Man said...

P.S. I Loooovvveeeee Chocolate... My friends always reference this comic when they talk about my 'addiction'....

karan a said...

Three Cheers! The 55 word stories... the blog... I liked it... nice presentationa and way of expression... keep going!

Samadrita said...

@The Laughing Man: Um chocolover was talking about an award given to Aura of Sleepless Dreams I think. :P I already commented on that blog post of hers.
And this reminds me I've to prepare an awards post soon myself.

@wisewit: You had no friends?Ha I bet that can't be.Everyone have friends. :)

@karan: Welcome to my blog.Glad you liked it so much :)

The Laughing Man said...

Aww... you just had to crush my dreams didn't you May chan?? LoL...

vivek said...

HI Sammy !! .

Nice one , I laughed a bit the proxy thing will be register not thought , I thought of someone being used as the medium to do something .. but nice 55 words are always a gr8 effort to speak out whole thing.
I never tried over it I tells all the ppl whom I visit ..but will try on this phenomena ..which thrilled me ..

Thanks ..

Do visit back if you got time ..I know you will be busy .....So go green n interact with nature .. he he Don't get confused ..its my new theme made by me

Sorcerer said...

nice one!! :)

The Laughing Man said...

@Vivek: My first one... I have come a ways since then... or So I would like to think... find more 55's on my blog and a couple longer ones too...

@Sorcerer: Thanks!

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