Monday, January 25, 2010

Cold morning sighs

The misty silhouette-
Of frozen mornings
Leaves impressions-
Outside my window.
I trace patterns-
Lost in a maze of thoughts,
Of how cold I’m.

The icy breath-
Of the North Wind-
Whispers in my ears.
I wonder what it says!
Maybe it, too, has a story to tell.

The flowers in the backyard-
Bloom for me,
For all.
And the sad faces-
Light up as if in revelry.

As dawn breaks-
Across the eastern horizon-
The sun paints the sky crimson.
My reverie is broken.
I yearn for some warmth,
Knowing at the same time-
I’m no longer cold.

P.S: The end of January is near yet the mercury level refuses to go up.The freezing weather seems to be in no hurry to bid adieu and as a result Kolkata continues to experience its coldest winter ever(arguably).Although the cold has never been as severe as the vicious Delhi chill.
I will tell you why I've loved every moment of this season- first of all it has enabled me to savor the heavenly bliss of snuggling inside a warm comforter and reading all day.And secondly it has rendered the use of warm jackets and coats absolutely necessary. (how else will I get to flaunt my winter wardrobe eh? :P)
There's however a single thing bugging me....Achoooo!
Yea that's right I caught a terrible cold...and that too when my college is about to resume classes.Talk about perfect timing! >_<
That aside this post is dedicated to this wonderful season which has painted the city in all its glorious colors this year.
I hope you have enjoyed your winter too! :)

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☆Ths[Schrei]☆ said...

hey! I too have written something similar to this:

Nightwing said...

yep....loved this winter....although going to sleep at 4 in the morning....never actually got to see it....but a very comfortable time....

oh and nice poem by the way....well written...

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

i agree with you..this kind of weather make us a lil bit sentimental and realizing is easy done..also..the appreciation of the nature..the forms of clouds..the breeze that caresses our hair.everything seemed to be noticeable and leaves a warm mark on heart ..nice lovely x3

wisewit said...

Wow! sounds like you're having colder weather than we are! And we're so much further north. Well, there's no accounting for the weather. . . .


Samadrita said...

@Schrei:I read that poem girl! :)

@Nightwing: 4 in the morning?Whoa in this cold?I usually go to bed by 2. XD

Samadrita said...

@ayu:I'm glad you loved what I wrote! Yes the weather is indeed freezing out here(not technically though).

Samadrita said...

@wisewit:Blame global warming for this irregular and unusual weather pattern.Last year we were literally in our summer clothes by this time.And this year it's still so cold.You can hardly predict climate changes anymore.

The unsure ascetic said...

beautiful words there to describe the weather..winter is indeed gr8..cheers and chills from Delhi.

heavealie said...

ohh so the poet finally arrives with the north winds!!well written and yeah i have a few experience in this field so yeah i can say that the season was well portrayed here!!and yes it was damn cold!!!dont knw how i bowled in that freezing temp!!anyways well written and keep rhyming!!

Shruti said...

Its a very good poem! Yeah the climate change is at the peak! Adverse climatic changes this year.. Even rain was not on proper time! Its high time we do something!

sawan said...

cheers for that beautiful poetry! I luv season except for the fact that during morning shifts I have to wake up at 4 in the morning to get ready to go to work :)

Karthik said...

Seems like your P.S is bigger than the poem? hehehe.. :P
It was a beautiful poem. Loved the second stanza - "The icy breath- of the north wind.." I too am loving the cold weather.
Enjoyed it. :)

Samadrita said...

@The unsure ascetic: Whoa Delhi must be terribly cold no?Lol who am I kidding!Anyway glad to see you here :)

@heavealie: Hey I have written poetry before too...not that I'm any good at it.I just write whatever comes to me.Never try too hard :)

Samadrita said...

@Shruti:I don't think we can do anything anymore girl.Let's face it we're nearing the end very soon.Thanks for the comment :)

@sawan: Waking up at 4 in the morning?Lol that sounds like torture.I wake up at 7 for college and even that seems excruciating at times :P

Samadrita said...

@Karthik: Hehe yea after I made the post I realized that I shoulda put the P.S part in the beginning :P
I'm glad you liked the lines. :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

cold winter expiriences.....nice story.....

Samadrita said...

@QOI:Thank ye ma'am!

Selenium said...


Everytime I read this poem... I feel like I'm reading a poem coming from a total Pro...


I liked this because it describes everything, leaves nothing, and is still ambiguous enough to make the reader think about some philosophy... or so I felt.

Samadrita said...

@Selenium: Wow I'm flattered really.Thanks for those words.But this poem is just a simple description of the cold season according to the way I see it mixed with my feelings with a hint of melancholia.
Thanks again for the lovely comment. :)

Gyanban said...

Hi first time here, quite enjoyed reading cold morning sighs...
dont know if you've seen the movie Dr.Zhivago ...your poem would quietly comfortably nestle there...:-)

Samadrita said...

@Gyanban:Ah Dr Zhivago seems to be a vintage movie-no I haven't watched it but I've heard of it.I'm glad you enjoyed reading this! :)

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