Friday, November 27, 2009

I am BACK...well almost

I can hardly believe that I'm sitting at my desk typing this out in the all-too-familiar editor window of my blog right now.But I AM and that's what matters I guess.Been a while hasn't it guys?
To be frank I don't quite know why I suddenly decided to vanish into thin air from being an active blogger.Maybe I was a bit too tired of my everyday routine of reading blogs that I follow and commenting...sometimes spontaneously and sometimes just for the sake of commenting.I think of myself as a person who does things from her when someone like me starts doing things mechanically it's more than safe to conclude that it'd be a recipe for disaster.I guess that's why I needed a break so badly.
And also I had my college-work to deal with.
Come to think of it I can also place the blame on Amalga-my latest hang-out zone when I'm online.If you are sick of your regular,crappy social-networking chat with random strangers(UGH...) and want to have meaningful discussions on movies,music,books,anime,manga or anything under the sun for that matter...then join AmalgaNation.(Nice publicity for our forum na Arr0w , Omkar? XD)
Anyway whatever the reasons(fathomable or not quite so) might have been.....I think I'm almost done with my break.Though I'd have to take a temporary leave again owing to my semester exams which start from the first week of December.
Although technically I don't know the date.'Cause WBUT ,(the university under which I'm graduating,that is) which is legendary for it's lack of organization,HASN'T published the Godforsaken exam schedule yet.
Yea these days I'm basically going through the studying-like-a-mindless-zombie phase without even knowing WHEN my exams start....all thanks to my screw-up of a university.In short my life sucks at the moment.

Anyway before I go on ranting any further I should say a few more things.
First of all I want to thank those few blogger friends who have taken the pain to remind me in the last few weeks that I am NOT blogging lately(lol) and that they miss my posts.The thought that I'm not forgotten is quite comforting I must say.Thank you for that guys!I know I've missed out on a lot of your creations but I promise I'll make up for it  by being a loyal and regular visitor after my semesters are over.
Ironic..but I've been awarded quite a few times by fellow blogger mates at a time when I haven't made a single post.So that means I've quite a few awards to give away and return the favor.But it has to be put on hold for the moment for obvious reasons.

I guess it's time for me to say bye but before I log off here's a message for my new readers-
Welcome to my blog folks!I know you became a follower with some expectations in mind.So I just wanna say that I'll try my best to live upto them.I'll be back to full-time blogging from the month of January.So wait for me okay?
And of course keep blogging everyone! ^_^

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