Monday, August 31, 2009

8 Things About Me

Okay first of all thanks a bunch Sreya for tagging me.Unlike you this is my first tag...or is it? :P
Well in any case this is the first time I've actually come across a post where someone has tagged me.
So here I go...

1. Gilmore Girls(without this show I wouldn't be the same girl really)
2. LOST(ah do I need to tell you why I like this show?)
3. Bones(two words-David Boreanaz :P)
4. Curious Play/Fushigi Yuugi(the anime that touched me the most inspite of the drama overdose)
5. X-Men Evolutions(ah my favorite Cartoon Network show)
6. Heidi(show on CN)
7. Friends
8. Full House


1. Home(nothing like a meal at home with some tv for company)
2. The Haldiram's opposite college(food is horrible but anything tastes heavenly when you are with friends)
3. Bedouin(me and my girl gang end up here often when we are short of pocket-money)
4. Starstruck(thank you Adrija for introducing me to this place)
5. Fuchka/Panipuri at Lake Market
6. Food-court at Mani Square
7. Friends' places
8. Anywhere with mom


1.Read a bit of Dreamcatcher,got spooked out again and bookmarked page 144
2. Watched Taylor Swift's 'You belong with me' video 5 times at a stretch
3. Organized closet to again realize the fact that I've way too many clothes
4. Watched Kaminey
5. Listed down books I need to buy
6. Made an effort to finish pending lab-work and failed miserably(did it today :P)
7. Had a really really weird dream
8.Had a chat with my neighbor


1. Cracking the civil services exam and becoming a bureaucrat
2. Learning to cook some proper food :P
3. Getting more readers to comment on my blog
4. Author atleast one best-seller (I know I can..)
5.Seeing Celine Dion perform live(hey a girl can dream *sigh*)
6. Making mom the happiest mom on earth
7. Attending a Catholic wedding
8.Achieving success in most things I do


1.Finally getting to wear jackets
2. Snuggling inside a warm blanket
3. Absence of sweat
4. Christmas :D
5. Pleasant weather
6. Steaming hot coffee(tastes the best during this time)
7. Pithe (rice pancakes)
8.Outings with family and friends


1.A closet full of ONLY handbags :P
2. My own personal library with thousands of books
3.A very very big apartment in a decent neighborhood
4. Shoes by Jimmy Choos
5. Scores of anime and movie DVDs
6. A 10 mbps(or more) net connection :P
7.To be on Blogger 'blogs of note'
8. A swank car(an Audi or a Volvo will do)


1. Reading
6. Career
7. Soft drinks
8. Arguing :P


4.What the hell?
5.How sweet! :P


1.The school of pain teaches you to be patient ( framed this one based on a quote from What Katy Did)
2.True love is a myth
3.Good deeds always get rewarded
4.It's unwise to place your complete faith on someone(better be safe than sorry)
5.Equally good to drink lots of water(you don't wanna end up with stones in your kidneys do you? T_T)
6.Despite what some losers might say reading ALWAYS comes in handy
7. The best way to act cool is to be yourself :)
8.It's highly insensible to be lazing around when you have work at hand


4.A Kashmiri village
5.All the places of tourist attraction throughout entire Europe
6. New York(dunno why but the city has always had a magnetic appeal for me)
7.Rain-forests of the Amazon basin
8.The depths of the Atlantic Ocean(I'm talking of underwater diving)


1. A sleek new wrist-watch(haven't bought one in almost 2 years :( )
2. Inspiration
3.Paperback novels to sustain me during the puja vacation
4.Urge to study
5.A surprise gift :P
6. A new haircut
7. A new keyboard :X
8. A fresh bottle of eyeliner


1.Atindriyo(if you don't make this post I'll kill you :X)
7.Dylan(you haven't posted in a loooooong time)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake up guys!

Despite being told repeatedly by almost all my male acquaintances and friends that this is a movie I won't like I went ahead and braved watching The Hangover last night.And guess what? - I liked it. Yus! Yus!
Screw all of you who underestimate my perception of the male psyche and think comedies aren't really my genre of movies.
I'm not such a 'girlie girl' (whatever that means) after all. Go ask Facebook if you don't believe me. According to a 'do you make a better man or a woman?' quiz I'm 52% woman and 48% man. Huh try beating that!
I'm sure nobody else got such a unique result. *wonders whether she is supposed to feel ecstatic or suicidal after learning this*
Anyway before I go completely off-track let me fill you in with the summary.
Basically this movie tells the story of a bachelor party gone awry and how the incidents of one fun night lead to disastrous consequences the next day - like for example the groom Doug who's scheduled to be married a day after goes missing, his dentist friend Stu who has a control freak of a girlfriend ends up marrying a Vegas stripper Jade (Heather Graham). And the reason for all this madness? - Well Alan,the groom's soon-to-be brother-in-law had unknowingly spiked their drinks with a date rape drug the previous night. That's why they had all behaved like nutcases and woken up in the morning with Mike Tyson's(lol yes Mike Tyson) tiger locked in the bathroom, a baby in the closet and their entire hotel suite looking like a typhoon had wrecked the place. And to top it all...they have no remembrance of what had happened the last night.
Gathering their wits together, the three friends Alan, Phil and Stu set out to find their missing pal Doug before it's too late, i.e. he is too late to attend his own wedding.
To know more take a peek in here.
A hilariously crazy plot, excellent acting and plenty of ROFL moments make this movie thoroughly enjoyable.
Of all the actors Ed Helms(Stu) and Zach Galifianakis(Alan) deserve special mention for inducing gut-ripping laughter. And Bradley Cooper aka Phil, well..umm he looks hot and does well by my standards. Although, Justin Bartha as Doug does not have too many scenes, he does his part commendably.
I think I can now understand why most of my friends asked me to refrain from watching this movie. They have got this misconception that I hate comedies. That's not entirely true guys - I hate crassness, the kind of thing Jim Carrey (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and The Truman Show changed my view of him) or Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller specializes in.
But The Hangover is different. It does not make a deliberate attempt to make you laugh by tickling your ribs. Instead it focuses on telling a tale that might be absolutely insane but at the same time does not rely too heavily on humor of the slapstick variety. Thus the movie is able to generate genuinely funny moments without having to try too hard.
I mean guys+bachelor parties+Las Vegas = recipe for disaster. That is a given.
To conclude I'd say The Hangover is a must-watch movie of 2009 and truly one of the most entertaining comic flicks I've ever seen. Don't miss it people.

And lesson for the ladies : Boys and their bachelor parties are NOT to be trusted.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Stranger Of The Night


I was standing in the middle of nowhere.My car had broken down all of a sudden on this desolate stretch of highway for no apparent reason.Ten minutes back when it had abruptly stopped in mid-motion with a groan I'd gotten out of the car and examined every part of it minutely-I had checked the tires,the gasoline tank,the engine and what not.And I found nothing wrong with her.Yet she had refused to budge when I attempted to restart engine.

So here I was...forced out of the warm interiors of my car into the chilly December surroundings.It was already past evening and even though I wasn't even closely related to anyone from the Weather Forecast department I could sense the steady decline in temperature.
Shivering uncomfortably I zipped up my jacket right up to my collar-bone and rubbed my gloved hands together.The cell-phone in my left jacket pocket was of no use right now.'Cause first of all the network in here was really weak and I knew it well enough that none of my contacts were anywhere within a 10 mile radius around this place.
Everything was deathly silent all around me-absolutely no sign of life anywhere.Only this never-ending road,a few gigantic trees on either side of it and the dim streetlights were my grim company.
Having no better alternative I started walking and kept my fingers crossed for any passing cars.But sadly enough there didn't seem to be too many of them plying this road at this hour.And the ones who were still outside this evening where evidently in a hurry to get back home or reach their destinations without delay.
Already two cars had whooshed past me without a second glance at my raised hand gesture.
Why did it not surprise me?
Just when I was about to give up all hope I caught a faint glimmer of a headlight in the distance.
Yes it was definitely a car.But it seemed to be moving at a comparatively slower pace than the other ones that had just passed me and this suited me just fine.
As it came into clearer view I waved my arms frantically in a desperate attempt to make it stop.And thankfully enough it slowed down and ultimately came to a halt right beside me.Phew!
In the faint light of the nearest streetlamp I could only make out a woman driver.She had about shoulder length hair and appeared to be wearing a thin cotton shirt though I couldn't say for sure.
I mean you had to be absolutely insane to be venturing outside without a jacket in this weather.
About her face I cannot say anything since it was shrouded in complete darkness.
Relieved at finally getting a car to stop I stated my purpose.
'Uh hi there.My car seemed to have broken down over there..'-I pointed at it which was still visible a little distance away-'and I can't figure out what's wrong with it.. and I dunno much about this place either..could you gimme a ride to the nearest gas-station or garage or an inn maybe where I could spend the night?'
I blurted all this out at top speed.
Complete silence prevailed for a few moments after this and somehow during these brief seconds I felt like it was a big mistake to have stopped this car in the first place.Something within me urged me to get away from the spot as fast as I could and get to some place safe.
Then very slowly the woman nodded her head without even looking at me and wordlessly gestured me to get in the backseat.

Shaking off the uneasy feelings that were brewing somewhere inside the pit of my stomach I climbed inside.
Hey I should consider myself lucky to have gotten a lift in the first place.
The woman started the engine again and before long we were far from the place where my car stood listlessly.


Already 5 minutes had passed and she still hadn't uttered a single word.In the hazy glow of the streetlamps the woman appeared to be someone from a different world altogether-a lone figure whose sole purpose was to drive this car against this sinister landscape....It was as if she had been driving this car all eternity.
Gosh my mind was drifting away again.
In order to drive away the disturbing thoughts from my head I made a second attempt at conversation with the woman.
'Um you seem to be familiar with the road..I guess you live somewhere close?'I mumbled pathetically.
After several seconds she nodded her head twice-again without looking at me.
'This place is spooky don't ya think?...I mean I have hardly spotted a soul ever since I left my car..oh by the way before I forget I'm Jason...Jason Slater.'
Again no reply.Just a nod of the head in acknowledgement.
This was starting to get monotonous.
Refusing to be discouraged I tried again-
'Uh by the way thanks a lot.I mean if you had just driven past me like the others did I woulda still been stranded in that Godforsaken place...thanks a bunch for the lift.'

'My pleasure.'
Her voice came in a hoarse whisper that startled me more than anything else that evening.

'Besides you're the one keeping me company this lonely evening....aren't you?I should be the grateful one here.'
Hoarse as it already was,this time her voice sounded both seductive and dangerous.
Even in the biting chill of that eerie December night beads of sweat had started to form at my forehead.
This was way too creepy.Something wasn't right about this night and this place and this woman.What the heck was I doing inside this car?

'H-How much further t-to that gas-station?' I stammered.
'Oh not much further.You'll see...' This time there was a hint of a smile in her voice.

The car had sped up to about a 60 by this time.And a monstrous truck loaded with sacks had appeared in the road ahead.How come I hadn't noticed earlier?
But instead of slowing down the woman shoved hard on the accelerator and the car raced forward dangerously.

'Hey slow down....what the hell are you doing?' I shouted out in a panic-stricken voice clutching the door-handle.

'Aww stop being such a spoilsport...this is fun isn't it?' said the woman and for the first time since the whole evening,turned her head to look at me.

And I got the shock of my entire life.
'Cause her whole face was spattered with blood-blood that was trickling down her eyebrows,chin and hair most of which covered her grotesque face.And in place of her eyes there were two gaping holes.

I wanted to scream.But all the air seemed to have left my lungs.

The truck was only a couple of meters away from us now and still the car showed no signs of moving out of its way or slowing its pace.

'You'd always keep me company won't you?...I won't be lonely anymore.'

And then I felt the impact of collision.

The last things that I heard in my mortal life were the screeching of tyres,the shattering of glass and high-pitched female laughter.

P.S.:Okay this is the story that I was looking for the other day.It was set as a class assignment more than a year back.Thing is ma'am had only provided us with the beginning and we were supposed to develop the idea into a story.The storyline is nothing new but hey I wrote this down in 45 minutes flat.Let me know how you liked(or disliked -_-) it.
And by the way suggestions for a better title are also welcome. ^^

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Story of the red rose

Life's really strange sometimes. All morning today I had been frantically searching for a piece of paper on which I happened to have written down a short story a long time back. I searched my book-shelves, emptied my cupboards and looked in every nook and corner thoroughly. I emptied all the contents of my bags and purses (which took a very long time considering the fact that I've a LOT of them). I even checked inside the pages of all my notebooks, diaries and old textbooks .But got NOTHING. NADA. Atleast not the thing I was looking for.
Instead I got this...

A single dried up red rose securely hidden between the pages of an old diary-a token of love from someone who used to be special to me about a year back. But not any longer.
Know what I did with the rose? I just looked at it for a while apparently dumbfounded by my sudden discovery and then placed it back in it's hiding-place, the space between the two pages inside the diary.

I just don't have the heart to throw it away I guess.
The relationship was a BIG mistake but it too had its moments. And the memories of these moments are worth being cherished, not thrown away.

Also another realization dawned on me-Sometimes when your heart is searching for something in particular you end up finding something that you've never even dreamed about in your wildest fantasies. And therein lies the unpredictability of life.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

So much for remembrance

I actually thought that I was gonna let this pass and not even mention 15th August in my blog.But somehow I just can't.Damn this local club in my neighborhood!They have been shouting non-stop in front of the mic` all morning about this being the glorious 63rd year since our people drove the British away from this land..which was all great really.Until they started holding who-can-blow-away-the-maximum-number-of-candles-in-a-minute competitions.Not only that.They are even giving the entire neighborhood a blow-by-blow(literally) detail of how the candles are being extinguished over the mic.
Now since when did blowing away of candles started symbolizing freedom from oppression?Clue me in please,I have no idea.
It doesn't help that after being subjected to this auditory nonsense all throughout the day my mom is in a really bad mood.On top of that all the movie channels are showing either Mother India or Rang de Basanti or Lagaan or Bhagat Singh,none of which make my mother's list of favourite movies.(I was okay with Rang de Basanti though)
Right now she is jabbing her fingers into the remote buttons so furiously that I'm fearing for it's life.
Hang in there,Mr. Remote.I'd try to rescue you from the my mother's tenacious grip as soon as I start watching Gilmore Girls.
Anyway the point is..this is what an Independence Day is like in our country.Just another holiday where people are more interested in sleeping in or catching up with their favorite t.v. series(in my case) rather than attending some flag-hoisting ceremony.
But you know what sucks the most?
The fact that we don't even know what we''re supposed to do on an Independence Day.
We've no freakin' clue about how we should celebrate.
Actually the truth is we don't even want to remember.We just want our day off.That's all.

Happy Independence Day!
Whatever that means.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Letter To Her Beloved

Beneath the cherry-blossoms-
I wait as always.
Days merge into nights,
Months die and seasons change.
Flowers wither away-
And bloom again.
But I keep waiting for you-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

Winter was early this year-
Christmas brought it's share of cheer.
Vivian has grown up a lot.
She can almost reach the flower-pot-
Kept on my window-sill.
The cherry-blossoms disappeared from view-
But then again that was nothing new.
And I waited for you like always-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

Early in April the snow melted away-
As Spring painted the countryside-
In colors so bright and gay.
The cherry-blossoms were as pink as ever.
And Vivian had a mild fever-
But she got well soon enough.
So no need to worry my sweetheart.
And just like always I waited for you-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

It is summertime now-
And Vivian often asks me-
'Mamma I wanna play the piano.Show me how.'
I sigh and say 'Sure I'll,darling.'
But then piano was never really my thing.
It has been a long time-
Since that sad day in autumn.
When you said goodbye to me-

Beneath this same cherry-tree.

So come back home to me.
I'm so helpless without you-
Don't you see?
At times my heart fills with pain-
And I fear I might not see you again.
But deep down I know that can't be true.
'Cause you always keep your promises..don't you?
So I'll stand beneath this cherry-tree.
And wait like always-

Until you return to me.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

I believe in Terabithia

I watched an incredible movie last night. A movie which is not The Godfather or
Raging Bull or A Clockwork Orange or Amelie or any other critically-acclaimed classic for that matter but a movie which sure did a lot to tug at my heart-strings. The name of this movie happens to be Bridge To Terabithia. And even though there is a 90-10 chance you haven't heard the name of this movie before it will undoubtedly make the list of my favorite movies ever.

Why you ask?
Because it just taught me a very important lesson - something that I haven't been able to learn otherwise during the course of my life. It just taught me to believe. Believe in trolls, believe in evil squorges, believe in the existence of an alternative world called Terabithia where Jess and Leslie are king and queen. Believe in things that don't exist to the rational mind. Believe in something outside the cruel, harsh truths of our so-called existence.
I am sounding hazy ain't I? Maybe a summary of the movie will help.

Jesse 'Jess' Aarons is an average loserly 12 year-old school-goer who hails from a not-so-affluent family. Constantly over-shadowed by older and younger siblings and being picked on at school Jess seeks solace in painting whatever that pops up in his mind's eye. He is gifted too. But sadly enough his parents, who are caught up with making ends meet and taking care of so many children, are too busy to notice.
Now enter new transfer student at school Leslie Burke-cute, blond, tom-boyish with short hair who outruns Jess during practices on the very first day. And Jess isn't so thrilled about the idea of a girl beating him at something he was good at. So initially Leslie's attempts at befriending him are snubbed coldly. But she keeps on trying and eventually manages to reach out to him. And the two forge an unlikely bond.

Having finally found friendship worth having, both Jess and Leslie chance upon a rope hanging from a tree a few yards away from their houses one day. And using it as a medium to swing across a narrow channel they cross over to the unknown other side. Here they find a run-down car, a dilapidated tree-house, gigantic trees and a new world altogether. No not technically. But they choose to believe that it is a different world-a world where anything is possible. And Leslie names this land of their fantasies -Terabithia.

Each day after school Jess and Leslie would make a run for the swing and crossing over to Terabithia, they'd plan different ways to thwart the attempts of the evil Dark Master to bring mayhem to their kingdom. After all they were King and Queen of this land and it was their duty to keep it safe.
Together they rebuilt the broken down tree-house, stuffed their belongings in there and made Terabithia their home. It became their refuge from the dreariness of the outside world, from the insipidity of everyday domestic life. Here they could loosen the grip on their overtly imaginative minds and believe in things that they wanted to. Even though initially it's difficult for Jess, after Leslie asks him to 'keep your mind open' he starts seeing things differently.

And as their faith in Terabithia grows stronger they learn to cope with problems at school like getting even with the bullies who used to make their lives miserable, forming an unusual friendship with the attractive, young music-teacher on whom Jess apparently has a crush and similar such things.
Life was going well for Jess and Leslie. But then tragedy stroke.
One day while Jess is on an art-museum tour with his music-teacher, Leslie, while trying to cross over to Terabithia with the aid of the rope, slips up and drowns in the rain-swollen creek.
And in a moment Jess's world crumbles. All his beliefs are shattered. He refuses to accept the truth and goes searching for Leslie in Terabithia shouting her name again and again. And strangely enough she replies back...or that's what he assumes until he discovers that the reply had actually come from his kid sister May Belle who had been following him into his secret place. Angered and frustrated he shoves her to the ground and runs away into the woods.

Reality catches up fast. Dreams shatter soon enough. And Jess realizes this all too well. But his dad, who had so far always managed to ignore his existence, comes to his rescue for the first time. Consoling him he says that Leslie brought something special to him and only by cherishing it can he keep her alive. And finally Jess understands.
He doesn't have to give up on Terabithia after all. Working hard day and night he constructs a wooden bridge across the channel and finally one day taking his sister May Belle by the hand leads her into Terabithia and tells her everything about it. Finally after apologizing for his previous rude behavior Jess asks her to become the princess of Terabithia and after she accepts his offer, crowns her with a tiara made out of leaves and flowers. Thus Terabithia survives. And so does Jess. And so do we.

When I was a kid I firmly believed that Santa Claus was a real man who had a secret life just like Superman and could only be seen dressed in red on Christmas day - during other times of the year he lived as an ordinary man in some part of the world, probably engaged in some uninteresting profession like the rest of us. I also believed that the evil spirits of Evil Dead were going to follow me to my apartment from the theater (um I was kinda young when I watched the sequel to the first movie-highly unwise thing to have done)

But, of course, now I don't. Because I've been taught to believe in things, the physical existence of which, have been confirmed from a scientific point of view. And surely enough Santa Claus and ghosts don't make the list. Nor does God.
Now all we believe in is nuclear weaponry, nanotechnology(just read Prey :P), war, religious fanaticism, competitiveness, career, money and so on...because of course these things make the real world. But what exactly have we gotten out of believing in these things and rejecting God (playing atheists) and traits such as selflessness, compassion, empathy? - Nothing. Nada. Nil.
Instead we've lost everything worth being treasured.
And so I think it's time to start believing again. Believing in goodness of the human heart, believing in helping somebody who needs it without expecting something in return, believing in love and friendship, believing that in spite of so many differences in religion, nationality, culture and language we're all the same.
Because without our beliefs we can't live. Exist maybe but not live.
And it's high time that we quit just existing and started living again.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Two Facets of One-Sided Love

Here are a few more specimens of 55-word fiction.
Well I'll be honest.I haven't put in much of an effort while coming up with these 'cause I am fairly busy these days with college and stuff.But I can't let my blog lie ignored right?And hey 55-word stories are kind of fun to write.
So here goes-


His heart-breakingly beautiful smile brought a flicker of hope into Shruti's darkened world.Without him she wouldn't have been able to survive her parents' divorce.She felt so lucky to have him.

But then one day he stopped smiling, stopped waiting for her after class and stopped taking her calls. And Shruti's world collapsed.

His Fair Lady

She was the picture of perfection this evening. Clad in a flaming red-and-gold sari she looked divine. His heart swelled with pride. There was so much he wanted to say as he stood before the woman he loved.
But all he could manage was a forced smile and a 'Congratulations. Have a happy married life!'

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