Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Random Observations

1.)It's highly unwise to antagonize your mother when she is either watching tv or talking to someone over the phone. Both these actions lead to severe repercussions involving disasters like your eardrum exploding.

2.)Also equally unwise would be to read a Stephen King novel after dark.

3.)It's pointless to tell your bff that she is dating the wrong guy. She will have to realize this the hard way. 'Cause there's no other way she'll realize her mistake(not even if you practically yell this information into her ears everytime you see her) when she is so busy being smitten by him.(gross)

4.)The Benjamin Button movie might suck. But Brad Pitt is definitely hot.

5.)I can't figure out which annoys me more-people who can't stop talking about themselves or people who try so hard to act cool 24*7.

6.)Not everyone who have two legs,two hands,two eyes,two ears,one nose are human beings.You don't qualify as long as you don't have a heart, a soul or a conscience.

7.)It's so much easier to have a clear perspective of things when you're single. Being 'in a relationship' definitely clouds your vision.

8.)Guys gossip more than girls do.

9.)After counting the number of feminine health-care products(read moisturizer,sunscreen lotion,face-wash,cream,hair serum,conditioner and stuff) that I've to apply on myself on a daily basis I can safely conclude-IT'S A TOUGH JOB BEING A GIRL.

10.)You can be the biggest loser in the whole wide world even when you have a world-class beauty for a wife and a world-class actor for a dad.(Sorry about this one Anish... >_>)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something That Doesn't Change

I connected with a long-lost school friend on Orkut a few days back. We used to be in the same section till the 10th grade and then he sort of vanished from our school and not to mention from my life. It was like one moment he was there...and in the next one he wasn't.
And then all these years have gone by. We're almost about to graduate from college. All this time we were probably just one phone call away from each other. But then none of us bothered. I guess I'd sort of accepted the fact that I was never going to see or hear from him again.
Orkut does come in handy I must say. Even though you keep getting these stupid requests for friendship from all sorts of weirdos out there...sometimes you can also get a request from an old friend, a familiar face. And the feeling it brings with it is worth all the trouble of maintaining an Orkut account.
Come to think of it there are so many people whom we come across during the course of our lives. Sometimes they stick to you for a long period of time and sometimes they don't. But no matter what life moves on. Because you don't stop walking just because somebody says goodbye along the way. As long as the path stretches in front of got to walk on.
Everything changes-time, faces, circumstances, priorities and even people. The workings of the human mind baffle me sometimes. I don't know how we can accept all these changes and still manage to retain our sanity.
Pondering this over I realized that we can't. We can't continue with this walk on our own after all. Just like you can't solve a mathematical equation which has only variables and no can't survive without having a constant in your life. Life won't make any sense otherwise.
We must have something in our lives that doesn't change with time. Something that anchors us to our past and at the same time helps us to nurture a dream for the unknown future. It could be a person dear to us, it could be something we like to do, it could be a desire or an ambition, or something we firmly believe in, it could even be a song or a few lines of our favorite poetry. It could be anything actually. I have no idea. Because I'm not particularly sure about what my constant is. But I know that I have one too-because without one you can't possibly carry on with everything. Maybe it's a dream that is keeping my sanity intact and at the same time helping me cope with these million changes. Or maybe it's my mom. She has always been there for me no matter what-my best friend, my inspiration, my role-model, my hero.
And as long as I have my constant I'd gladly accept all the changes that are awaiting me. Atleast I think I can.
So what's your constant?

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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cellphone Syndrome

I was napping this afternoon,having succumbed to the heat. Before that I'd been trying to finish with another Meg Cabot book. But sadly enough my eyes had started to hurt after only 2 hours of reading when usually I can go on for like 4 or 5 hours. Oh by the way we're talking about reading e-books here not ordinary paperbacks. With a paperback I can go on for an entire day without rest or anything.
'This is just great.' I thought.
I was already feeling a bit irritable about my college resuming tomorrow and now on top of that I have this sudden dreadful rise in temperature to contend with. My life couldn't get any worse. Or maybe it could.
'Cause I had just somehow managed to drift into a pleasant state of semi-drowsiness when my mom's stupid cellphone starts ringing. Now this was not a first but everytime this happens I awake with a start. Opening up my droopy eyelids a bit I found much to my chagrin that mom was already in the living room answering the call.
Okay here's the thing about mom's cellphone. It is ALWAYS ringing-24*7. Either it is a call from some lousy bank employee trying to lure her to get a loan she doesn't need or stock alerts through sms-es that keep coming at an interval of 2 seconds all through the morning and noon. You'd think then maybe we have some amount of peace prevailing in our apartment in the evening. But you're wrong. In the evening it's the turn of our cordless phone to spread some er music. Then of course how can I to forget my own damn phone?
Sometimes I get so peeved with the cellphone that my hands itch to switch it off, if not throw the ruddy thing out the window. But then I decide to keep my hands to myself 'cause I don't like the prospect of my neck being snapped in two. Okay I'm kidding. My mom isn't that violent. But then you never know how angry a workaholic lady might get.
When I tell her, 'Why don't you switch it off when you're resting?'
She'd be like, 'I might miss an important call you know.'
So now I pretty much keep my mouth shut when her phone rings.
The way I'm speaking ill about phones might give you the idea that I don't get much calls or something. But that's not the case here. I do get a decent number of calls and sms-es throughout the day. But NOT like crazy. Like most of my peers do and more significantly my mom does.
I have these really close friends A1 and A2 in college and both of them are really awesome and all. And we have a lot of things in common except well..this cellphone addiction thingie. A1 has 4 cellphones and insists on bringing 2 of them to college. And the entire time I'm with her both of them keep ringing alternatively at an interval of not more than a few minutes. And she attends each and every call. So who calls her you say? She has this exclusive number for her boyfriend and very close friends like A2 and me and a few family friends and relatives and another number which most of our other classmates know about.
Same with A2. She has two handsets and often brings both of them to college. Be it during classes or lunch-hour or even when we're supposed to be doing experiments in our labs she can always be found texting someone or the other. And who does she talk to? Ah friends-lots of them. People in our college, people outside our college, old friends from school and lots of net buddies.
But anyway they are the best people I've come across in college. Love you both :)
Then there is this other guy in my college. And whenever I look at him he has his phone to his ears. In the beginning I used to think it's just a coincidence. But now I've started to get a feeling that he might have been born with the thing glued to his ears. I mean he is always on the phone-even while he is having his lunch or walking towards the bus-stand or smoking a cigarette or even when he is ogling at a gang of giggling girls. Amazing multi-tasker innee?
Oh then there are these lovey-dovey couples many of whom talk to each other starting from 11 o'clock at night till 5 a.m. in the morning. No I'm not exaggerating. They ACTUALLY pull off this feat night after night.
You'd think that one would run out of topics to talk about. But then some people have special abilities I guess.
God sometimes I feel strangely out of place.
To be honest it's not like I have never suffered from the whole married-to-my-cellphone syndrome. In fact a coupla years back I'd clutch my phone to my chest carry it around everywhere I went and talk to friends for hours on end. But then I got over it just like people grow out of their teenage years.
Now my phone has become more of an afterthought. I talk to people. I'm not unsocial. However it's mostly people calling me up to know about stuff-like when to submit the lab report, what classes do we have the next day or can I bring some copy or homework the next day or my close pals calling me up to engage in a casual chat. But now I keep things within limits. Sometimes I use GPRS to surf the mobile net, check my mails or blog page. Sometimes I play games when I'm pathetically bored. And most of the other times I make use of the excellent music-player I have to listen to my favorites.
And my phone is always switched off when I'm sleeping.
I guess I don't entertain the idea of my phone controlling every aspect of my life. We've enough gadgets doing that already.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Farewell Michael

The world bade a very tearful goodbye to Michael Jackson at Staples Center last
night.In an elaborate ceremony involving family,friends,a handful of music artists,actors and other celebs and thousands of mourning fans Michael made his last public appearance as memorable as any of his other stage performances were.And it lived upto its expectations of being 'the greatest media event ever'.I think so atleast.

When I was like 7 or 8 I used to be hooked to MTv.Bad thing?-I know.But I loved to watch the music videos of Celine Dion,Shania Twain,Backstreet Boys,Madonna and of course Michael Jackson.
I'll be bluntly honest.I wasn't ever a big MJ fan.But whenever he'd appear on Mtv singing and dancing up a storm I just wouldn't be able to take my eyes off him.
The thing is my dad was always a sworn MJ fanatic.I didn't seem to have inherited that from him.But then as I think about it now I might have always liked him even though I didn't.Weird no?
That spooky 'Thriller' video with the zombies and all used to freak me out.But then I liked it as well.Just as I liked those magical dance moves and that iconic moonwalk- even the crazily ostentatious outfits,the glove and the cap.
In the end it's true what people say.MJ=Magic.In his personal life Michael might have been an eccentric person,caught in his own world of fantasies...but on stage he was a hurricane.He was a wave.A phenomenon like no other.Just like Berry Gordy,the founder of Motown records put these feelings into words-'..The more I talk about Michael Jackson, the more I feel the King Of Pop is not big enough for him.
..I think he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived.'
So true.So very true.
And I guess I'm not alone when I'm remembering Michael and his electric stage presence.Thousands of MJ lovers poured into Staples Center yesterday to say a final goodbye to their all-time favorite.
For those who missed this event I will try to summarize the whole thing.
The event started off with Smokey Robinson's speech-'We come to this space where only days ago Michael Jackson sang,' he said. 'First and foremost, this man was our brother, our son, our father and our friend.'.After this Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz belted out 'I'll be there' in which unfortunately enough Mariah Carey's voice quivered noticeably which was quite a letdown.I've always been a fan of her amazing voice.
Among the ones who shared their memories about Michael and paid their tributes to him were actress Queen Latifah,Motown founder Berry Gordy,close friends Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson,actress Brooke Shields,Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee,Martin Luther King lll and Bernice King,Mariah Carey,Trey Lorenz,actress/singer Jennifer Hudson,Lionel Richie,Stevie Wonder,John Mayer,Usher,Jermaine Jackson and Britain's Got Talent runner-up Shaheen Jafargholi.
The performances that touched me the most were Jennifer Hudson's Gospel rendition of Jackson's 'Will you be there',Usher's 'Gone too soon',Lionel Richie's 'Jesus is love' and Jermaine Jackson's 'Smile'.To be frank the lyrics of 'Never dreamed you'd leave in summer' are beautiful but Stevie Wonder didn't sound that good-must be the signs of age.John Mayer was good with his guitar as he belted out 'Human nature'.However the surprise package of the evening was 12 year-old Shaheen Jafargholi who was supposed to join Michael onstage for his concert that
was scheduled to have taken place this month.He has a really powerful voice-that kid
has got it in him.

A tearful Brooke Shields who called MJ a 'lover of life' recalled fond times with her old pal and quoted lines from the book The Little Prince saying to her Michael was like a little prince rather than a king.

In the very end after Marlon Jackson made a very emotional speech remembering old times with brother Michael,Jermaine handed the mic over to Janet Jackson to say a few words.But she dodged and handed it over to Paris,MJ's 11 year-old daughter who could only manage 'I just want to say... ever since I was born.... daddy has been the best father you can imagine.And I just want to say I love him so much.' through her tears.

You know Janet it doesn't matter if you didn't have a very good relationship with Michael during the last few years.He was after a few words wouldn't have hurt.
Anyway conspicuously absent from the event were Jackson's close friends Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor.Diana Ross could have wanted to stay away to avoid an awkward confrontation with the Jackson family maybe.But I donno why Taylor didn't come.I mean come on,an 8-months pregnant Jennifer Hudson could take the pain to come and perform but the evil old hag couldn't...saying her grief for Michael wasn't something she wanted to share at a public event.Whatever suck!
Another thing that I couldn't help but notice was the absence of white celebrities and music artists.Most of whom climbed up on the stage to say or sing a few words were all colored people.Maybe Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird hasn't lost it's significance even in 2009..if you know what I mean.
At the very end Jackson's backing singers,his family and friends performed 'We're the world' together.And strangely enough...or maybe not..I found myself singing with them with tears in my eyes.

Woah I thought I wasn't going to cry.'Cause I never liked MJ that much.In fact at some point of time I thought he was a big old freak addicted to his popularity and lavish and twisted life.And here I was crying my eyes out just like I did while listening to Elton John's soulful rendition of 'Candle in the wind' at Princess Diana's funeral a decade back.It was only at that moment that I realized that it's very hard to hate MJ after all.Eccentric he might have been..but then which genius isn't?And his charity work across the globe can't be forgotten right?That's why probably Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee declared that they were making Resolution no 600 which will give Michael Jackson recognition for his humanitarian work.But of course it has to be passed at the House of Representatives first which won't be that easy.
Several facial surgeries,sex-change operations,child-abuse scandals and his eccentricities aside MJ was the King of Pop and he'll always be.Nobody or nothing would ever be able to replace the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson.
And even though he was way too young to pass away maybe this is how he should have gone-shocking the world,creating a stir,with a BANG-Michael style.
Rest in peace MJ!You'll always be alive in our hearts.

P.S:Ironic but I'm downloading MJ tracks now for the very first time in my life.Better late than never.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

When words are hard to come by

I wasn't supposed to be at home today actually.Had plans to go to Crossword with a friend.It's been a long time since I actually bought a paperback book myself.Each of the last 8 books I finished in the course of a week happen to be ebooks.Though I've a coupla unread paperbacks with me one being Emma by Jane Austen and the other The Metamorphosis by Kafka-both of which have been gifts from friends.
But alas plans had to be canceled at the last moment 'cause my friend fell sick.She has fever and all.Hope you get well soon Addy!
Anyway so I was sitting on my bed looking out my window and trying to enjoy the pleasant weather but not quite being able to do so.And before I realize it I was writing this down on a page of an old notebook.I hope it doesn't sound too depressing.And even if it does I guess I can't help it.It IS a gloomy day after all-atleast here in Kolkata it is with the rain and all.So here goes-

I am looking out my window-
Into the gloomy face of the sky,
The pen held limply between my fingers.
My mind is casting about for the right words-
To describe this emptiness within.
But they are not coming to me.
In vain I'm searching for the sun-
That's hidden somewhere-
In between the smoke-grey clouds....
I wish I knew where.
I'm urging my pen to move,
Over this blank sheet of paper.
But there's nothing to write.
The melancholy strains of that mournful song-
Keep playing inside my head-
Time and again.
I wish I could forget those heart-felt words-
And that bitterly sweet tune.
But I know I can't.
'Cause they are a part of who I am.
'Give me just a li'l bit of light..
And everything will be alright.'
And as if in answer to my plea-
The sky clears to reveal a magnificent blue-
The grey flecks moving aside...
Making way for that dazzling light.
And my dull world changes in a minute.
I find my colors again.
I can feel my throbbing heart now-
It's beating as fast as ever.
My fingers are no longer numb,
'I've found my words.'-
I whisper with a tearful smile.

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