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After School Horror

Well wisewit ,my dear blogger friend, tagged me with this a long time back but I was way too lazy to respond to it.I'm hoping he isn't too mad at me. :(
Anyway before I proceed any further let me tell you this is a story tag which is completely unlike the tags one usually finds across the blogosphere.Basically someone starts a story and passes it to other people who add a bit more to the story and then pass it on to other people and so on. . get the idea right?
However wisewit has a few conditions.I'm copy-pasting them below-

  1. If you are tagged and choose to participate, paste the rules, the guidelines, and the story into your own blog page.
  2. At the end of the story, add a few paragraphs of your own.
  3. On a new line at the end of your contribution, put your screen name and the address of your blog in the following format: by [screen name] at [blog address]
  4. Add a list of the people you are tagging, if any, at the end.
  5. Participation is voluntary; even if you are tagged, you are not required to contribute. In particular, if you feel that any part of the story is inappropriate for your blog, you do not have to post the story on your blog.
  6. By participating in this game, you indicate that you agree to allow other people to use your contribution as required to participate in this game.

  1. Try to make your contribution consistent with the rest of the story.
  2. At some point, someone will need to write an ending to the story, but the object is to keep the story going as long as possible without it getting repetitive or boring.
  3. You can choose to tag as many or as few people as you want, but I would recommend tagging about three or four people—if you know that many.
  4. For the sake of variety, it is better not to tag the person who tagged you.
  5. In principle you can write whatever you want, but, if you write something other people find offensive, they are likely to choose not to participate. I recommend keeping it “family friendly” if you can.
That's done then.Now we come to the story-finally!

After School

Somehow, there is nothing quite so forlorn, even eerie, as a school building after the children have gone home. Naturally, it is not completely deserted at first. The principal is still in his office, finishing some paperwork, perhaps. Moreover, the children who have been made to stay after class or who help the janitor sweep the floors remain for a while. But of the principal, the less said the better. And as for the children, they are soon gone, wandering home by twos and threes once their work is done. In the end, the building is empty, empty with a solitude such as only a building normally full of the lives of children can know.
In the hallway, there yet remains a single boy. His hair has not been cut for a while and is beginning to cover his eyes, the cuff of his shirt is beginning to fray, his shoes are scuffed, and the knees of his faded jeans are worn thin, but he is oblivious to all this. His eyes are turned outward, not inward, as he scans his surroundings cautiously. There is, in fact, an air of growing uneasiness as he proceeds.
The corner of the building is set into the hillside and mostly underground. There are no windows there and the lights have been turned off. It is dark and desolate even for that deserted building. To find a single child there is already unusual. To meet another would begin to stretch all credibility, and yet, as he nears the stairs he comes face to face with a girl—dark hair in braids, round face, and somber, almond shaped eyes. She is wearing a jacket that comes down almost to the bottom of her skirt. For a moment, he pauses, looking back at her. Then he continues to the stairs. At the top, he feels for the light switch—it will be even darker down below.
“No!” Her voice is urgent, frightened.
Turning back, he finds her eyes staring into his, wide with fear.
“Don’t go down there!”
“Why not?”

by wisewit at

Here goes my contribution-
The girl hesitates for a while.

"Just don’t." she finally manages in a foreboding voice.

The boy ignores her and begins his descent down the staircase.

"I’m telling you…..DON’T GO DOWN THERE." This time the girl’s voice is laid with panic aside from fear. However she doesn’t move from her spot or physically make an effort to stop him.

The boy pauses in his tracks and looks back at her again. Her face is almost invisible from where he is standing.

“Tell me why and maybe I won’t.”

“Bad things will happen okay? Really bad….just listen to me.” she pleads.

‘I am not scared of bad things…not anymore.’ he shouts back with unnecessary force and then hurries back down the stairs.

It wasn’t true. He was scared of a lot of things- right from confronting the bullies in school to going back home to his drunk father and enduring some more physical abuse.

He tries not to think of what had happened earlier that day-the way Mason and his thuggish cronies had stuffed him inside his own locker.
He closes his eyes tightly shut in an attempt to drive away the unpleasant memories of that incident. But it doesn’t help.
"What could possibly be more horrifying than his everyday life?"
The answer comes to him in a flash-


He quickens his pace and continues going down the stairs without any idea of what awaits him in the eerie depths of the school basement.

by Samadrita at 

People I am tagging

Guria-this girl has tagged me many times before and I just had to return the favor at some point of time :)
Anish(try it)
Anyone who thinks that this story could shape up into something interesting and wants to take it up.

I know tags are kind of a pain really since they take away the liberty of coming up with something original while making a post.But this one was completely different...and not to mention plenty of fun too.So I'm hoping all of you'll like it and help add to the story.

P.S:I edited the post to include the names of a bunch of other people 'cause it appears wisewit is looking forward to reading different versions of the story. :)

P.P.S:Don't forget to let me know what you think about this.

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heavealie said...

interesting game!!yup its like on poetry forums one person adds a para and then people start rhyming!!i really want the people who are tagged to change something from here coz i have seen hundreds of movies and read hundreds of books based on bullied kids in high school!!so why not give it a new dimension from down the stairs!!although it was a good write i want everyone to write something that has been heard but not so common that everyone knows that yeah this involves drunk dad and fellow classmates bullying!!start the engine of your creative minds people!!!keep writing!!

Nightwing said...

ummm...that's it??where are the dead children that the principal,a serial killer killed over the years??why arent there scattered skeletons???

it seemed to end quite suddenly...just when i was enjoying it so much....i love reading horror stories in the morningl... :P

Nightwing said...

ohh sorry sorry....the next person will continue it....*makes a note to self to read rules carefully*

in that case...great going!!!

Shruti said...

Hey, hehehe :)
Lets wait for Guria 2 take up this tag!
Now, Visit my profile, Something is waiting for you :)

Singh Amit said...

Really an interesting tag..:)
Quite liked it..
Might be I would try it... :)
I liked your story very much :)
U have completed it very nicely... :)
Especially when boys says...
"What could possibly be more horrifying than his everyday life?"

it's touching.... :)

Samadrita said...

@heavealie:Yea I agree with you re.The thing is I did this in a hurry yesterday.And since wisewit wants me to get a whole lot of people to contribute to the story I didn't wanna come to the main part of it too soon.So I thought why not add to the boy's background a bit?(it wasn't much though)
I hope the people I'm tagging(now there's one less) will make a fine job of this.

@Nightwing:Lol yea get your specs checked Mr Superhero :P
Thank you anyway!

@Shruti:Aww thank you for all those awards dear! :)

Samadrita said...

@Amit:Be my guest.Like I mentioned in the post before anyone is free to try out this tag.Interesting innit?
Thanks anyway! :)

Aditya said...

Interesting I must say. Its like a pool of thoughts :)

wisewit said...

So many things I want to comment on that I'm almost lost.

First Sammy, great job! You gave it a totally different spin than I had been thinking, but it fits with the story. That was what I wanted: other people giving there own stamp to the story but in a way that fits with what goes before. I do hope more than one person will respond to you tag because my idea was that the story would branch out into many different versions as it went along and then it would be interesting to compare them at the end.

heavealie: Yeah, it's an old idea at root, but I haven't seen it done by blog tag before. Also, most of the time it's done with a single linear story; my idea was to have the story branch out into more and more versions as it went along.

Nightwing: Well, I did think there was something scary about the principal, but then I usually think any principal is scary. So I hear you're opting out. Oh well, it really isn't like writing a normal story.

Sammy: Hmm, your contribution took me by surprise. I guess what's cliche in one country may be more unexpected in another. No problem about your writing it in a hurry. This is more like a game than like serious writing. That goes for other people, too: don't be afraid to contribute--it isn't meant to be a masterpiece. Also, although the story is heading in a ghost/horror direction, if you can take in a different direction without the move seeming forced, so much the better.

Finally, I'd like to say I'm open to suggestions for ways to improve the rules of the game. I made them in a hurry, after all.


wisewit said...

Ooooops! It looks like I got a name mixed up. Nightwing is not one of the people tagged, so some of what I said won't make any sense. :( I think I meant daone. I hope nobody's irreparably insulted by that, but it is kind of confusing when so many people here seem to go by more than one name!

Also: what I said in the suggestions about keeping things "family friendly" could give people the wrong impression. I'm not asking people to be politically correct or something, but it would be good to think about how other people might feel about posting your contribution on their blogs.

sorry my comments are so long winded.


Samadrita said...

@Aditya:Thanks :)

@wisewit:Oh okay I just thought you wanted only 1 version of the story.Damn!
Okay it's never too late I guess.I'll edit the post and tag some more people.And I'm really relieved to know you like my contribution.I sorta did this tag in a hurry :(

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

hey thats a awesome tag...will take up in coming week...:D

Singh Amit said...

Thanks a lot for tagging me...
I would complete it soon..


wisewit said...

Hey, it's no big deal! Running up just one version of the story would have been OK. The rules are very broad on purpose. They would even let you have two people tag each other back and forth to build a story. It's just that I think things could be so much more interesting if the story branches out into many stories as it goes along. . . . At the same time, this story belongs to everyone else at least as much as to me, so I don't really want to be telling everyone else what to do or how to do it. :)


atindriyo said...

nice premise.... I love this eerie feel....

P.S. I wish I had been to a school like this one because, firstly, it's in the hills, and, secondly, guys get to wear jeans over!!!

wisewit said...

atindriyo: Wait til you see what happens at that school before you decide you'd like to be there!!! :)

It's true: in America the state-run schools (what we call public schools, but that word means something different in the UK) let you wear whatever you want--as long as it meets dress code, which is usually pretty permissive--but stop to think what that implies. Every morning you have to choose what to wear to school and worry if people will make fun of you for wearing it. . . . :( Shabby clothes are kind of in style now, but there was a time when people would have made fun of you for being poor if you had worn clothes like that to school. It's not all a paradise! :)


Vidhu .. !! said...

Im on it !

Vidhu .. !! said...

You have been awarded ! get back to my blog and accept it !


Chatterbox said...

That is quite a challenging tag.
Quite demanding as compared to the the usual question-answer tags that populate the blogosphere.

I too would love to jump in to add a twist to the story, but horror stories are something I am not very comfortable at.

I hope to read how the story unfolds as people whom you've tagged add in their thoughts.

Can't wait to read what the next writer adds in.

Thanks for sharing it Samadrita.

Keep writing :)


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