Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake up guys!

Despite being told repeatedly by almost all my male acquaintances and friends that this is a movie I won't like I went ahead and braved watching The Hangover last night.And guess what? - I liked it. Yus! Yus!
Screw all of you who underestimate my perception of the male psyche and think comedies aren't really my genre of movies.
I'm not such a 'girlie girl' (whatever that means) after all. Go ask Facebook if you don't believe me. According to a 'do you make a better man or a woman?' quiz I'm 52% woman and 48% man. Huh try beating that!
I'm sure nobody else got such a unique result. *wonders whether she is supposed to feel ecstatic or suicidal after learning this*
Anyway before I go completely off-track let me fill you in with the summary.
Basically this movie tells the story of a bachelor party gone awry and how the incidents of one fun night lead to disastrous consequences the next day - like for example the groom Doug who's scheduled to be married a day after goes missing, his dentist friend Stu who has a control freak of a girlfriend ends up marrying a Vegas stripper Jade (Heather Graham). And the reason for all this madness? - Well Alan,the groom's soon-to-be brother-in-law had unknowingly spiked their drinks with a date rape drug the previous night. That's why they had all behaved like nutcases and woken up in the morning with Mike Tyson's(lol yes Mike Tyson) tiger locked in the bathroom, a baby in the closet and their entire hotel suite looking like a typhoon had wrecked the place. And to top it all...they have no remembrance of what had happened the last night.
Gathering their wits together, the three friends Alan, Phil and Stu set out to find their missing pal Doug before it's too late, i.e. he is too late to attend his own wedding.
To know more take a peek in here.
A hilariously crazy plot, excellent acting and plenty of ROFL moments make this movie thoroughly enjoyable.
Of all the actors Ed Helms(Stu) and Zach Galifianakis(Alan) deserve special mention for inducing gut-ripping laughter. And Bradley Cooper aka Phil, well..umm he looks hot and does well by my standards. Although, Justin Bartha as Doug does not have too many scenes, he does his part commendably.
I think I can now understand why most of my friends asked me to refrain from watching this movie. They have got this misconception that I hate comedies. That's not entirely true guys - I hate crassness, the kind of thing Jim Carrey (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and The Truman Show changed my view of him) or Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller specializes in.
But The Hangover is different. It does not make a deliberate attempt to make you laugh by tickling your ribs. Instead it focuses on telling a tale that might be absolutely insane but at the same time does not rely too heavily on humor of the slapstick variety. Thus the movie is able to generate genuinely funny moments without having to try too hard.
I mean guys+bachelor parties+Las Vegas = recipe for disaster. That is a given.
To conclude I'd say The Hangover is a must-watch movie of 2009 and truly one of the most entertaining comic flicks I've ever seen. Don't miss it people.

And lesson for the ladies : Boys and their bachelor parties are NOT to be trusted.

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Tharangni said...

i'ne never seen that movie but i think it sounds gr8!

Atindriyo said...

:) Liked your review - light and peppy....just like the movie.....

Samadrita said...

@Tharangni:It IS great in an extremely funny kind of way.Though I won't recommend it for people who are below 17.

@Atindriyo:Thank you :) You watched it already?Totally mad wasn't it? :P

Nightwing said...

this movie is the definition of still tell me 1 thing...why did they steal the tiger?
and what is it with girls trying to prove they are not girly??shouldn't it be a good thing???]

anyways....a fair review....and an awesomely funny movie...

Sayandeep Kundu said...

yep.. this movie is one of the best comic flicks...great editing.. storytelling is just the way perfect to portray all the hilarious situations,the entire pandemonium...truly funny,hilarious,enjoyable..i loved the performance of the actors's a must watch.

Samadrita said...

@Anish:Yeah I wonder why they did that.

@Sayandeep:Yea I know.But these days everybody could do with a good laugh.So it suits us just fine I guess.

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Ranjith said...

I seem to really envy your writing these days. Another Good one.Any ways, I've put your blog in my blog roll.Keep it up.

Samadrita said...

@blogger chat team:Uh okay.I'll consider your offer.Thanks for letting me know :)

@Ranjith:Thanks a lot :)

Daone said...

its pretty good though i think its over hyped. the crazy weird guy(alan, is it?) could have been more exploited. makes a good timepass movie nonetheless. i am pretty surprised you liked it, after all, you are a girl 48% notwithstanding!

Samadrita said...

@daone:Hey it's 52%! :( Anyway I liked the movie and did end up laughing out loud quite a few times.But really I haven't come across a single girl so far who has watched it.I guess I'm weird. T_T

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Crazy movie it is...............liked your review...............

Samadrita said...

@Writu:I'm glad :)

Arr0w said...

Watched this one with Ace and HK at a friends place last week, uncut. Our jaws and sides hurt for the rest of day. It was ridiculously funny.

And as to why they stole Mike Tysons Tiger?
Because it's an Awesome thing to do, that's why.

Best quote in the whole movie-
Mike Tyson:Where did you guys get a cop car?
Phil:We...actually kinda stole it...
Mike Tyson:......NICE!

Samadrita said...

@Arr0w:Haha yeah.And when that naked Chinese guy jumped out of the car..I narly choked with laughter.Fun movie it was. :D

workhard said...

Havent got to watch that movie yet.. Good review..

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Samadrita said...

@workhard:If you're someone who works everyday then you definitely deserve to watch this movie.
It will make you laugh a lot :)

Karthik said...

Yo! Agree with you. It's hilarious. But you know I never understood how a hen ended up in their suite.. :(
Strange! :|

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