Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Letter To Her Beloved

Beneath the cherry-blossoms-
I wait as always.
Days merge into nights,
Months die and seasons change.
Flowers wither away-
And bloom again.
But I keep waiting for you-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

Winter was early this year-
Christmas brought it's share of cheer.
Vivian has grown up a lot.
She can almost reach the flower-pot-
Kept on my window-sill.
The cherry-blossoms disappeared from view-
But then again that was nothing new.
And I waited for you like always-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

Early in April the snow melted away-
As Spring painted the countryside-
In colors so bright and gay.
The cherry-blossoms were as pink as ever.
And Vivian had a mild fever-
But she got well soon enough.
So no need to worry my sweetheart.
And just like always I waited for you-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

It is summertime now-
And Vivian often asks me-
'Mamma I wanna play the piano.Show me how.'
I sigh and say 'Sure I'll,darling.'
But then piano was never really my thing.
It has been a long time-
Since that sad day in autumn.
When you said goodbye to me-

Beneath this same cherry-tree.

So come back home to me.
I'm so helpless without you-
Don't you see?
At times my heart fills with pain-
And I fear I might not see you again.
But deep down I know that can't be true.
'Cause you always keep your promises..don't you?
So I'll stand beneath this cherry-tree.
And wait like always-

Until you return to me.

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Nightwing said...

one of your best post ever...if not your best post ever...and haven't read something this nice for a long long long time....keep it up....

comfortably numb said...

hey...that made for some really good reading!!!
good poetry
btw...dun ya think "Beneath the cherry tree" would have been more apt for the title???
but neways...what's in a title:D

Samadrita said...

@Nightwing:Thanks a lot :)I was a bit nervous about this one actually.

@comfortably numb:Um yea I did consider that for a title.But then went for this one instead.After all it is a letter.And hey I'm glad you liked this one. :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

defntly one of ya best eva........neat flow emotions............very nice

Sayandeep Kundu said...

a stark emotional portrayal... an unadulterated ecstasy of exuberance...truly a great one..great job ma'am.

Atindriyo said...

teary..........all in all, one of the very best

Ranjith said...

again you proved to be a much better writer.. good luck....

Samadrita said...


@Sayandeep:Wow those are quite big words that you've used to describe this one.Thank you so much.

@Atindriyo,Ranjith:Thanks a lot for these appreciative words. :)

Som...getting it off my chest!! said...

It's a silent musing,a song without music...makes for wonderful reading!!

Samadrita said...

@Som:I'm glad you feel that way :)

infracaninophile said...

I'll see you soon.
It wont be long.

Samadrita said...

@infracaninophile: :)

Soumya said...

Poetry! of life, of wishes, hopes and dreams.

Loved the experience. Thank you.

Samadrita said...

@Soumya da:Such warm words of appreciation coming from someone who is such a poet himself!You made my day.Thanks :)

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