Friday, July 03, 2009

When words are hard to come by

I wasn't supposed to be at home today actually.Had plans to go to Crossword with a friend.It's been a long time since I actually bought a paperback book myself.Each of the last 8 books I finished in the course of a week happen to be ebooks.Though I've a coupla unread paperbacks with me one being Emma by Jane Austen and the other The Metamorphosis by Kafka-both of which have been gifts from friends.
But alas plans had to be canceled at the last moment 'cause my friend fell sick.She has fever and all.Hope you get well soon Addy!
Anyway so I was sitting on my bed looking out my window and trying to enjoy the pleasant weather but not quite being able to do so.And before I realize it I was writing this down on a page of an old notebook.I hope it doesn't sound too depressing.And even if it does I guess I can't help it.It IS a gloomy day after all-atleast here in Kolkata it is with the rain and all.So here goes-

I am looking out my window-
Into the gloomy face of the sky,
The pen held limply between my fingers.
My mind is casting about for the right words-
To describe this emptiness within.
But they are not coming to me.
In vain I'm searching for the sun-
That's hidden somewhere-
In between the smoke-grey clouds....
I wish I knew where.
I'm urging my pen to move,
Over this blank sheet of paper.
But there's nothing to write.
The melancholy strains of that mournful song-
Keep playing inside my head-
Time and again.
I wish I could forget those heart-felt words-
And that bitterly sweet tune.
But I know I can't.
'Cause they are a part of who I am.
'Give me just a li'l bit of light..
And everything will be alright.'
And as if in answer to my plea-
The sky clears to reveal a magnificent blue-
The grey flecks moving aside...
Making way for that dazzling light.
And my dull world changes in a minute.
I find my colors again.
I can feel my throbbing heart now-
It's beating as fast as ever.
My fingers are no longer numb,
'I've found my words.'-
I whisper with a tearful smile.

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aritrachatterji said...

I just came by your blog accidentally but must say wasn't really unlucky coz u do have a nice blog with such a nice content.

And about this post I will say, "NICE!"

aritrachatterji said...

But if I could enjoy the privilege of giving a suggestion I would say that the background colour of the BLOGUMULUS(the flash based tag cloud) is not matching with your blog background colour and looking somewhat odd... thanks

Atindriyo said...

Aye...words...Can you borrow some to me, please?
Else how shall I express my feelings on reading this?
And some tears too, if you don't mind...Mine have dried out long back

Nightwing said...

beautiful!!!that's all i can other word to describe....

Samadrita said...

@aritrachatterji:Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you liked this post.
And about the label cloud thing..well I never quite noticed that the background color looked odd.Maybe I'll change it then..all I've to do is change the color code in my template.
@Atindriyo:Thank you.But don't sound so sad.And btw you don't need tears.Trust me.
@Nightwing:Gee I'm so happy.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

you write so well........even this is one is very good

Samadrita said...

@Writu:I'm happy you feel that way. :)

Swapnil N said...

wow....grt words....

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