Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Random Observations

1.)It's highly unwise to antagonize your mother when she is either watching tv or talking to someone over the phone. Both these actions lead to severe repercussions involving disasters like your eardrum exploding.

2.)Also equally unwise would be to read a Stephen King novel after dark.

3.)It's pointless to tell your bff that she is dating the wrong guy. She will have to realize this the hard way. 'Cause there's no other way she'll realize her mistake(not even if you practically yell this information into her ears everytime you see her) when she is so busy being smitten by him.(gross)

4.)The Benjamin Button movie might suck. But Brad Pitt is definitely hot.

5.)I can't figure out which annoys me more-people who can't stop talking about themselves or people who try so hard to act cool 24*7.

6.)Not everyone who have two legs,two hands,two eyes,two ears,one nose are human beings.You don't qualify as long as you don't have a heart, a soul or a conscience.

7.)It's so much easier to have a clear perspective of things when you're single. Being 'in a relationship' definitely clouds your vision.

8.)Guys gossip more than girls do.

9.)After counting the number of feminine health-care products(read moisturizer,sunscreen lotion,face-wash,cream,hair serum,conditioner and stuff) that I've to apply on myself on a daily basis I can safely conclude-IT'S A TOUGH JOB BEING A GIRL.

10.)You can be the biggest loser in the whole wide world even when you have a world-class beauty for a wife and a world-class actor for a dad.(Sorry about this one Anish... >_>)

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Atindriya said...

I agree....Well written

Nightwing said...

1-4 totally agree
5-so do i
6-dont agree
7-like watching the show from the sidelines...being neutral...
8-you know the wrong guys then
9-being both are tough
10-we cant judge who's a winner and who's a loser unless we are in their shoes...

Nightwing said...

oh and btw,great post...nice change from the serious ones...

Dylan said...

Your no. 6 is nice! Very quotable! ^_^

I don't agree with no. 8. Most of the people I know are guys. And only some of them gossip.. like 5 or 6. Out of my friends, nobody gossips. Really, all we talk about when together is Sports, Video Games and Sex. :P

Sayon said...

My take :-

1 is a darn truth. 2 and 3 are truth . 4 is kinda truth. Yes for 5 as it gets annoying. I consent to 6. Then 7 is relative. 8 is wrong. For 9, being a guy is tough too. Well couldn't really get it but loser and winner depends upon individual perception.

Samadrita said...

Wow so many disagreeing people here.I still tend to believe that no. 8 is true..maybe for a few guys...but true nonetheless.
And I've framed no. 7 from personal experience.One tends to do a lot of irrational things when in a relationship that he/she otherwise wouldn't have done.
@Sayon:How is no. 4 partly true?Brad Pitt is H-O-T.And in no. 10 I was talking about Abhishek Bachchan.I am his no. 1 hater.
@Nightwing:Thank you.I just thought of writing something un-Samadritaish.
@Dylan:I've kind of got a rough idea of what guys gossip about...or most of them do anyway.Glad you liked no. 6 :)
@Atindriyo:Wow you sure are a good friend. ^_^

Nightwing said...

hey Dylan is right...we mostly chat about sports(mainly soccer),games movies etc....boys dont gossip....

NesQuarX said...

1. Oh so true, not to mention the silent treatment if you dare defend yourself.

2. Naah... Quite the contrary.

3. Works with all the genders swapped too.

4. I wouldn't know. But he's cool in my books.

5. The latter, definitely. Poseurs are disgusting.

6. Guess I'm not human with only a brain to account for.

7. You still have vision when in a relationship?

8. Depends on your definition of gossip. If you mean PNPC of people around: No. If you mean PNPC of people afar: Yes.

9. I've researched the female specie quite extensively and I'd have to agree. But you'll have to admit that the perks even it out quite nicely.

10. Hey! Michael Douglas is fine if you ask me! :P

Quintessence Of Illusion said...


2.)Dont agree

3.)Very true

4.)Kinnda agree..........

5.)totly agree


7.)yeah defntly

8.)luv ya for writin dis........totly totly agree wid ya

9.)aah yes........being a girl ......i hafta agree


Samadrita said...

@Writu:Yes yes finally a girl commenting in here.Thank you so much for agreeing with no 8.Love you for that ^^
I happen to be reading Dreamcatcher at the moment and parts of it are definitely creeping me out..guess I'm not brave enough :(
@NesQuarX:Yeah Michael Douglas turned out fine.But I was just referring to AB junior.God I hate him!And about the guys-gossiping-thing I mean GOSSIP..not discussion on grim global issues or world famous personalities.
Anyway thanks for agreeing with most of the observations both of you! :)

wisewit said...

The problem is that men and women have different definitions of gossip.
Men: Gossip is what girls do when they get together and talk.
Women: Gossip is what people do when the get together and talk.
At least, that's my impression. I could be wrong, I guess. :)
(Don't take me too seriously!)


Atindriya said...

A small clarification : I agreed with observation number 2 because I believe it's unwise to read anything after dark....Have some mercy on your eyes.....

Samadrita said...

@wisewit:I'm afraid you're a bit wrong.There are certain guys who certainly do gossip a lot and worse than women.Trust me I know!

Samadrita said...

@Atindriyo:Oh well you need to read Stephen King first and then figure out whether you agree with no. 2 or not.

Atindriya said...


wisewit said...

I guess I need to be clearer. My point was that a lot of the men I've seen don't think they gossip because they (unconsciously) define gossip as something women do. So, by that (unfair) definition of gossip they never gossip, even if they're doing the same thing women do when they gossip.

Of course, by any fair definition, men do gossip. I know; I've seen it, too! My dad say they gossip worse than women. As for me, I have a hard time judging if one group of people does something more than another.

And of course, I never gossip. (Oh, and by the way, did you hear what my friend did last night . . . ?) :)

Again don't take me too seriously on any of this.


Ranjith said...

hey, nice thinking..
and guys do gossip, but that cannot be measured in a scale to be said that they do it more than girls...btw, nice post....

Samadrita said...

@wisewit:Aha now I know what you meant.And I totally agree with you.Going by the general definition,quite a few men gossip more than women do.
@Ranjith:Nope I know a lot of guys who gossip much worse than girls do.Gah I'm kinda tired with this whole argument about men gossiping.Anyway thanks! :)

Sayandeep Kundu said...

10 random things.. randomized version of a perceptive mind... that's too relative.... there's nothing absolute in it.. so can't really say what's wrong n what's right.. a visitor's opinion has nothing much to do with the views portrayed here..but.. well written definitely.. at least we get to know a bit of sammy-ism i suppose..

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