Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fact or Fiction

Gosh what's wrong with the media these days?Why are they so hell-bent on bending the obvious truth that's dancing naked in front of everybody's eyes?No seriously what do they think?That all our brains are filled with dung or something?
I mean,come on,haven't all of us gotten enough proof already that Shiney Ahuja is a freakin' rapist?
It's the newspapers and the news channels that brought to us this shocking piece of news in the first place that this 18 year-old(or was it 19?) girl had filed a complaint with the police saying she has been raped by the actor.Next we get to hear that he has been arrested and that preliminary forensic investigation has revealed that the girl has indeed been assaulted physically.The actor had even broken down completely during investigation confessing rape.So there I thought.The police had got ample proof,case has been filed,the rapist bastard is in prison.Now all that people needed to do was hold a trial,convict the accused and hand him some form of capital punishment.End of story huh?
Guess not.'Cause apparently the newspaper people are still having some trouble coping with this truth.And why?Ah 'cause of course he is such a hot and good-looking actor.And he had to resort to rape?I mean, is this for real?Any girl would wanna sleep with him wouldn't she?How come his stupid maid dared to deny the pleasure of er servicing him?This HAS got to be a false case.The guy's totally loaded with cash and maybe this is just a conspiracy to either ruin his image or get him to cough up some money to save it.This HAS to be the obvious explanation.
A reporter of a popular daily who does special articles on Mondays(I happen to be a huge fan of her column...not anymore I guess) even went as far enough to declare that she felt sorry for Ahuja.Sorry for him and not the poor girl who had to go through this traumatic experience.People are probably expecting the girl to be thankful or something that she had been raped by a Bollywood actor.Wow totally cool huh?
Even though the proof and everything is shouting rape in everybody's face the reporters are apparently trying to act blind to everything and desperately trying to find another version of the whole incident.Yeah,that's just how idealistic journalism gets in our country.Ignore the truth and make up some other version of the story that is more likely to sell or fit as acceptable to the readers.
And jeez what's wrong with his wife?Even after all this she is saying 'Family stays by his side.' and how he is such a 'man of character' to anybody who'd care to listen.
The guy not only blatantly cheated on her but committed such a heinous crime.And she still is going with the whole see-I-am-such-a-loyal-wife act.God I feel like throwing up.
Anyway whatever the case maybe it's painful to see how much people in our country are obsessed with Bollywood.These actors and actresses are considered the real icons even though all they do is earn millions by faking stuff.They are the heroes.They fall in love,dance around trees with their dreamgirls,kick some bad-guy-butt,make sacrifices for the greater good and what not.So naturally they can't do anything wrong now can they?And even if they do everybody go to great lengths to deny that fact.
After all it's better to be blind rather than see the disgusting truth.

P.S:Well about the Memoirs of a Most Miserable Time-Part 2,I just don't feel like recounting my horrible experience with the nurses anymore.So maybe I'll write about it some other time or maybe not.Trust me guys you aren't missing out on too much of the good stuff.

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Nightwing said...

i have countered your post in my blog...check it..

Muskan said...

Before the court gives its verdict, you cant say shiney IS a rapist!..
Punish him by all means,ONLY AND ONLY IF HE IS GUILTY. But let the law decide that. How do we now what really happened?
there are so much of up and downs in this case..
if shiney is proven to be guilty, he has to suffer for what he did! But let the truth come out first…DON’T JUS CALL HIM A RAPIST. “A person is innocent till proven guilty”.
And wht if he is proven innocent later on…come’on who will get back shineys reputation if the rape allegations are proven wrong.
my heart goes to maid and her family if she really is a still it hasnt been proven yet...DNA reports arent out yet!!
so u cant say it ws SHINEY who raped her...
well m nt on shiney's side bt yea wht if he is proven innocent later on......
bt if he is proven guilty...he should be hanged!!
u wrote nice though!! i respect ur may b true tht he raped her bt it is yet to b proven !!.

Samadrita said...

@Muskan:Yeah I totally agree with what you're saying.Nothing has been proven as of yet.But you know I'm more or less sure that it was HIM.Preliminary investigation has shown that the girl couldn't have been having consensual sex with anyone.She was indeed assaulted.The injury marks atleast say so.
You know what I'm most pissed off with?How everybody is going all 'Shiney Shiney' and nobody is taking notice of what the maid could've gone through.It's like no matter how much proof people get they'd wanna believe that Shiney Ahuja is being framed.
Anyway I'm kind of regretting making a post on such a topic in the first place.God it's so disgusting to talk about.

Atindriyo said...

Don't blame Shiny alone. He's a victim of suppressed sexual desires, something that leads to outbursts of perversion like this...soething that is a product of our society...of this state of utter existential despair even in the midst of all the wealth and luxury, that leads to things like this...Remember Raskalnikoff in Crime and Punishment? Well, actus rea follows mens rea, but every criminal act doesn't have an ulterior motive...
If and when the court finds him guilty "beyond reasonable doubt" (and I say this from whatever little knowledge of law I possess, myself being a student of that subject) he will be convicted under section 375 of our backdated Penal Code...which doesn't prescribe death penalty for rape, but mere R.I for a minimum of 7/10 years, or life imprisonment, with or without pecuniary penalty...
But first and foreost, the Court of Law shall have to be satisfied of his guilt, and, I re-iterate, "BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT"...Now that's a tricky game, a real tricky one...
But still, we need to accept the rule of Law, for that's what democracy in the modern state ordains...
And as for the media, it's a widely acknowledged fact that they stink real bad...
When the greatest patriot of our times, viz. Dr. Vinayak Sen rotted in prison for "sedition", the popular media was busy flashing headlines like "Anu Malik celebrates birthday with mother", "Himesh opens his cap" and such shit...I don't know enough to comment about the situation in other countries, but in our country the media surely is not the Fourth Estate...It was, once upon a time, but not anymore...In the words of author Shibram Chakravarty, "Journalism once had a missionary zeal, but now it's merely a jealous mission"...And this was said about 30-40 years back. Since then, the situation has worsened even more

wisewit said...

I think there are two separate issues here:
1) is the man guilty
2) is the media giving him special treatment
It may be surprising, but the answer to 1) doesn't make much difference for 2). If someone else were accused of rape, what would the media have done? Would they have assassinated that person's character first and looked at the evidence afterwards? Or would they have gone making ridiculous excuses for the guy? If the answer for the movie actor is different than for anyone else, something's wrong.
Maybe there's also a third, hypothetical, question: Why might someone who has it all do something like that? Maybe because he does have it all and isn't used to having someone refuse him?
Please keep in mind that I'm writing this in a hurry, so I might have worded something badly.


Dylan said...

Blah Blah Blah

How do I get that cool rotating label thingy you have?

NesQuarX said...

Firstly, nice template. I likes.

Secondly: I have neither hatred nor sympathy for Shiney Ahuja, he (possibly) banged a girl without thinking of the consequences, as we generally tend to do when boning a lass. Now the shit has hit the fan and lo! Media fodder!

I really, really, really doubt the forcible rape part, as for marks on the body... um... NOT a marker of rape. And the legal/societal definitions of adultery and rape are TOO DAMN GENDER PARTIAL.

So anyway, the issue here is that it's a public figure who has humped his maidservant and not any other jack. And thus the fiasco finds an outlet. SO anyway, yeah, the media sucks. And rapist or not, Shiney is a moron.

kalyan.. said...

1.Be a part of the solution, not the problem.
2.Deeds matter. We are all equally great and civilised in our thoughts.
3.Media sucks, because we let it.
4.Switch off TVs if they suck, or else, be a journalist.
5.Rape has existed, because we dont help the kid that grows up in the slum.
6.Shiney raped because we let him. The government is curropt because we are.
7.Every good thing has a bad side that makes it somplete.
8.It's our own mistake, and it's our ownselves who need to be quarantined.

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