Sunday, May 17, 2009

When India speaks...

God automata is screwing with my head so bad.I really like the subject though.Compared to other crap like principles of communication engineering it is heaven.But this however doesn't make the task of recalling the method of recovering the input sequence from the output sequence of a lossless machine any less tortuous. :(
Anyway let me inform you that I'm not gonna bore you to death with constant blabbering about my sucky ensuing exams.I ain't even gonna whine about anything here 'cause for a change I'm feeling quite happy and satisfied with the happenings around me.
It was a BIG day for India yesterday-the day of election results.And boy-did the verdict surprise everyone!All the exit polls and pre-result speculations were pointing to the fact that it'd be a close call-and that it'd be a tough job for both UPA and NDA to find suitable allies to reach the magic 272 mark and form the next government.
Do I hear you say anything?Third front?-Huh don't tell me you envisioned Mayavati shaking hands with Barrack Obama as the next Indian PM(*tries to imagine and barfs*).Though I admit I tried to visualise the whole scene a few times before and was close to getting a heart failure every time I did.
Oh Dear Lord thanks a lot for preventing this kind of a fiasco!
So what happened?-The UPA alliance scored a decisive victory over NDA and Dr. Manmohan Singh is all set to become the second PM after Nehru to serve a second term in office.
For the past few days there has been so much drama going on in different political circles.Leaders of different parties assuring UPA of their support yet at the same time caught whispering into the ears of someone from NDA on live camera.Others were busy declaring that they were 'keeping options open' which of course meant they were preferring to wait till the results came out and once they did they wouldn't hesitate to join anyone who wins the most number of seats-all the freakin' dumbos care about is being a part of the government and gaining charge of some ministry.
Ah but look what happened in the end.
The people gave Congress an overwhelming majority thereby re-affirming their faith in the leadership of Sonia and Manmohan.So after all the Indian voter knows what kind of a government he/she wants.He/she is not undecided.And this is the part I'm happiest about.
That age-old cliched saying of 'unity in diversity' doesn't sound so lame after all.India said this loud and clear yesterday that this is the way it wants to stay-secular.It still wants to follow the ideals brought to life by Gandhiji.Inspite of the numerous differences,divides and internal strifes the people want to stick together and move forward towards a better future.(atleast there's hope)
And when the people speak these unscrupulous jerk-offs who go by the name of political leaders have no other option but to shut the hell up and listen ^_^

P.S.:I'm under exam stress guys so not at my creative best.Pardon me if you find this entry to be uninteresting or like typical yawn material.Actually I wanted to type out a much longer post but I don't have the time :( But I promise to be back with a bang in June end.Till then have fun!

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Nightwing said...

very true...the most powerul force in the world..the power of the people...though i am quite a novice in these wont say anything about the elections..

Atindriyo said...

It's too early to rejoice. Here in West Bengal it's like one group of hooligans being outnumbered by another

taurius1 said...

AT is fun!!

The professor I learnt it from sings his lectures out. ^^

Samadrita said...

@Atindriyo:I kinda feel that way too.But you can't deny the fact that a change was necessary!

@Taurius1:Yea that's what I think too.Btw did you ever have comm engg?God I hate that subject so much.. >_<

taurius1 said...

Principles of Communication. Over with that last year. We have Digital Communication and Digital Signal Processing now. :/
It never seems to end!

NesQuarX said...

Ooh... computer stuff... I likes all - as a subject... ask me to give an exam and I'll ask you to eat kaka.

On the results... I'm really heartened by the nationals... but the regional - well - I'm afraid the price of change was a bit steep.

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