Sunday, May 24, 2009

Think you're all grown-up?...think again

I am starting to think that there isn't much of a difference between the personalities of a 9 year-old and a 19 year-old.
What..don't agree with me?
Sample these-

A 9 year-old cries when someone snatches away his precious Pokemon figurines/cards while a 19 year-old cries when his parents get his net connection cut off.

A 9 year-old dreams of possessing a cool-looking bicycle while a 19 year-old fantasizes about the coolest new cell-phone.

A 9 year-old thinks his class teacher is his worst enemy.A 19 year-old thinks any college professor who sets the class any homework for the weekend is the 'crappiest teacher ever'.

See....there's hardly any difference.People of both age groups are KIDS.Or maybe,I'd say, a 19 year-old possesses more childish character traits than a 9 year-old.
In fact in some cases a 9 year-old is capable of showing more maturity than a 19 year-old.(if a 19 year-old possesses any maturity to begin with)
Atleast they know it's their duty to go to school and finish their homework on time.While we think it's perfectly normal to stay up till late,wake up late,skip college and go to the mall instead.

The next time I'm in a situation where I have to watch over someone's kid I'd think twice before scolding him/her too harshly.

I donno whether it's a common syndrome plaguing all college students or engineering students in particular-but we never study..atleast not before the exams are like a coupla weeks away.And then we sit and shed tears(not literally though....or maybe we do) and ask ourselves 'Why oh why didn't I study throughout the sem?Everything woulda been so much easier then.'And we'd vow to keep ourselves updated with the syllabus from the next sem.
Now repeat the same sequence of events for the next sem and so on..
It's a never-ending cycle.
And WE are supposed to be responsible young adults who are the future of this nation.

God or someone else...please save our nation!

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Nightwing said...

you know...i honestly think this is your best post...and here i was thinking i am the only one who does this....i am still not studying...and dont feel like it....

okk..that best post bit was a little far-fetched...but are absolutely right about everything in this post...

NesQuarX said...

Graph of maturity with Age: \

arnab said...

why study? :o
there are better things to do

Ranjith Gomez said...

It would be good if we all stay innocent and happy ,,,,

Atindriyo said...

Child is the elder brother of the father of the man...
I.e., every kid is a 'jyathhamoshai'...
(This is Shibram-speak)...

Samadrita said...

@Nightwing:Lol thanks :)
@NesQuarx:That graph is so accurate :(
@Arnab:Better things?Like what?laze around all day,do nothing n chat with random people on gtalk?
@Ranjith Gomez:Happy..maybe.
Innocent..Are you kidding?
@Atindriyo:Yea buddy I agree.Children are way more mature than us. >_>

Selenium said...

You just scared the crap out of me Milady :|

I thought Immaturity is the main reason why this life is so Unpredictable and Fun in the first place. If everyone was Mature, then there won't be any Sarcasm, no Jokes, no Leg Pulling, no Risks taken at random. Life would become boring.

However, I also agree, Maturity brings peace in life... but that's not the kind of peace I'd seek out.

Just my opinion... don't think too heavily about it :)

NesQuarX said...

Selenium... Rethink the definition of maturity.

Selenium said...

I'll post in the following points...

This give the Definition of Maturity we are talking of.

2> Quote::>
Maturity is a psychological term used to indicate that a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctual, and is not determined by one's age. Maturity also encompasses being aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act in serious or non-serious ways.

3> After thinking over the above link and definition... I come to the conclusion that Maturity is something that you must learn to be. It's true today's youth don't tend to be Mature... which is causing social and psychological problems.

4> But :|
If everyone started acting mature... it would be boring. What I meant to say in the last comment was not that Maturity is bad. But what I meant was this -> "Maturity is important to keep good relations and Social Standing... Immaturity is important because this is what makes you Human, and Adorable." A Balance between the two would be perfect... No?

5> In the End... I said it was my opinion of how life should be. It's only natural, that there are people who don't agree with me... :) So, Let's put this Aside :)

SR said...

the promise of studying from next sem part is damn right! but promises are meant to be broken :P
still using 'khali' registers from my first year. only the back pages are filled up :P

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