Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fears and Hopes

Erm hello again!Thought I wasn't going to make a post in here anytime soon....ah but here I'm with a poem..or something close. :P
Here goes...

I try to take a long,deep breath-
And recognize that burning sensation in my throat.
There's no clean,pure air around-
Only fumes of this thick,black smoke.

The glass house I live in-
Will shatter to pieces..any moment now.
And I'm afraid I'll walk the streets again-
With a bruised heart in tow.

There are no glittering stars above,
When I look into the face of the night.
There's not even a solitary firefly around-
To cast a tiny thread of light.

The walls are closing around fast.
This eternal pool of pitch-blackness-
Is about to engulf me.
And I finally realize that I have to break free.

No longer can I live in this fragile world of lies.
That's why I want to breath again in your abundant skies-
And drench myself in the summer rain.
Only then can I hope to be whole again.

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Palash Haque said...

Aah....Not close..It IS a poem..indeed..and its pretty damn good.
If this is what you created while you were not at your creative best..then I gotta say you are 'GOOD' and I mean it.
I didn't know automata provides poetic excellence though!
Good luck!!

Atindriyo said...

Has that 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' feel...well written :)

Samadrita said...

@Palash:No automata doesn't..however laziness and a basic resentment towards poring over your text-books in mid-May does.Anyway thanks for your kind words!
@Atindriyo:Thankee :)

NesQuarX said...

You've such a straight style... It's refreshing.

Nightwing said...

obviously everyone just loved the poem...so i would be much obliged if anyone will tell me what the poem is trying to say...its nice...but i am dumb....and i dont understand it...

@ atindriyo
i am sorry...but i didnt see absolutely any simillarity with "lucy in the sky with diamonds"...

nice poem...but judging from it..your life must be pretty sad....

NesQuarX said...

@ Nightwing
Dude... What's hard to understand when somebody uses 20 lines to say: "ARRRGH! DAMMIT! WTF? GET ME OUTTA HERE!!" using interesting words? It's just nice because it says that in 20 lines and does a clean job of it.

Nightwing said...

no..i grasped that part...the part i couldnt understand is out of where??things seem pretty calm around us at the moment....

ohh leave it....the poem is beautiful..thats what matters i guess...

Atindriyo said...

Poetry is not for the brain. It's for the heart.
The feel. The feel...

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