Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Truth About Tears

It's weird how sadness provides me with inspiration for writing which,by the way,doesn't mean I am emo.Okay maybe a wee bit.But not much.Anyway right now I am totally in the mood to create something only because my heart is aching-hurting a lot.I know I am speaking as if I am about to invent a space-shuttle of some kind which can travel through to another universe but trust me creating something out of a piece o' paper and an ordinary pen or just a plain notepad page and your keyboard keys is something of no less importance.Atleast I feel that way.And I am sure there will be quite a 'few' people out there who'll agree.
Anyway before I begin digressing like hell(is that even an expression?maybe not...but what the heck?Most poeple are too much into I am writing it anyway)I should kick-start this.So tears huh?What about them?
I'll tell you.
Official definition from Merriam Webster site- a drop of clear saline fluid secreted by the lacrimal gland and diffused between the eye and eyelids to moisten the parts and facilitate their motion plural : a secretion of profuse tears that overflow the eyelids and dampen the face.
But there's more to the word 'tears' and it's meaning than that.And here's a feeble attempt on my part to bring out it's significance.So here goes-
They say tears are a sign of weakness.Your tears are a living(or non-living? -_-) proof of the fact that you are so weak,vulnerable,not strong at all.
In a country called India where emotions,spiritual well-being and relationships are valued more than materialistic matters people say 'Don't waste these tears.They are precious pearls.' to soothe the heart-broken and the grieving.
A fact worth noticing is that tears seem to be conspicuously absent in about 99% of the entire male population of the world.Boys don't cry.Boys should never cry.Otherwise they wouldn't be men.They would be er..sissies.Or it could be that their lacrimal glands are missing or something.
Tears are-what should I say?-a woman's thing.Women and tears are associated in just about the same way a mother and her baby or Einstein and the theory of relativity or perhaps Pamela Anderson and cleavage are.Women are supposedly weak-emotionally and physically and psychologically and well in every damned way possible.So whenever a woman is wronged or hurt or witnesses someone else being wronged she gets emo and she cries.She can't fight back and she isn't even 'tough' enough to ignore an act of cruelty or inconsideration.So what she does is shed tears.How truly pathetic!
And pathetically enough I am also a specimen of this 'pathetic' species.And this means I cry.Cry now and then.Cry when I am sad.Cry when someone else close to me is sad.Cry when I feel lonely.Cry when friends turn out to be..well..not that friendly.Cry when I see a little child in tattered rags washing dishes in a streetfood-stall with a genuine smile playing about her lips.Cry when an 80 year-old man barely able to walk around approaches me on the pavement and offers me a pack of incense sticks for 10 bucks.
Okay I am being a bit over-dramatic here I guess.I don't cry all the bloody time.But these things do make me sad to the point where I am on the verge of tears.So does this mean I am weak?
BLOODY HELL no it doesn't.It means I am a human being-not a cyborg.For some reason the fact that I can actually cry for someone else apart from myself makes me feel happy-relieved even.And I think anyone who has a heart that can feel for another,that can bleed for another has nothing to be ashamed of.'Cause it's only when we feel pain like this that we truly seek to find a way to heal it.And that makes us strong-not weak.
In most situations people draw strength from their bittermost memories and painful experiences to carry on with life.It's only when we witness the distress of others that we feel the urge to alleviate it.Many would probably share the opinion that 'People can take care of their own damn misery.We have much more important things to do.' Yea like what?-Taking care of your own selfish needs and turning a blind eye to everything else just like you have done for most of your truly meaningless life?If we do that all the time don't we degrade ourselves from humans to some lower life-forms?
I think we do.
It's okay to feel sad and vulnerable.It's okay to turn to somebody to support you when you can't do it yourself.And it's totally more than okay to shed tears for someone in pain.'Cause it's agony like this that gives us the strength to endure and to overcome.In a way it also helps us to get in touch with our humane sides which,strangely enough,all of us are losing at an alarming rate.
So I say let it all out honey.And cry!Sig 2


Nightwing said...

ya u r absolutely right....sometimes when we cry we feel a lot better...because we let out all the pent up emotion and frustrations...and who says boys dont cry??of course boys cry...they are human as well...they cry alone...or like chaplin the that no one can see their tears...people may associate tears with hurt...but tears are the best way that shows your heart still cares...because tears cannot be faked...

Samadrita said...

Yea I know boys do cry..I guess ektu staunchly feminist sound korchhi ei post-tay.But I was just trying to generalize things.Anyway thanks for the comment Anish :)

Jagjit said...

That was quite a complete definition of tears. A lot more telling than the Merriam Webster one. But do you really think that boys should NEVER cry? :| First time here. Like your writing style a lot. Cheers. :)

Samadrita said...

First of all thanks for your comment!And no I was actually talking about the society or in general people's views on the issue of men shedding tears.Boys themselves feel that they should never cry-that was what I was trying to say.But yes I guess I made a mistake by not putting-Boys should never cry- within quotes.

kalyan.. said...

1.dont thank me for the comment , i haven't yet read the post :D

2. but i am curious as to what was the comment u posted and deleted too @ my blog. :P

NesQuarX said...

I wouldn't agree with all that's written there, but y'know what? It's a fun read! And that's worth a poke.

Samadrita said...

@kalyan:Oh no I will have to thank you 'cause you just increased the number of comments for this post which will help bring more readers here.So thanks :)
@NesQuarx:I am glad you liked reading it.

Diptasree said...

when we cry, we are usually perturbed about some issue..sorta weakness of d thinking process according to me..but shedding tears is not a sign of weakness; usually linked with women [well there are some subspecies of "gals" who like straining their lacrimal glands for every single petty reasons! (duh!)nevermind].. but just shedding tears and momentarily feeling sorry for the reason(s) behind the saline water isn't enough..we should start acting on how to improve the situation / fight with it.
if u are in pain and just cannot express yourself to anyone.. tears do the job.. and help u feel a lot BETTER! no doubt!
ahh.. about boys don't/can't cry!.. its sorta misconception(?)..if not so then i should say they are deprived of this easy way of flushing out ones pain! what say Sam!

ps: one of a kind topic.. so common to all of us.. yet seems strange in a way to talk about! well written sam.

Sayon said...

Hey... superb piece... true and right observation... "In most situations people draw strength from their bittermost memories and painful experiences to carry on with life" ... I totally go by it !!!

Samadrita said...

@Sayon:Thanks buddy!

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