Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Night Whispers

Something's strange about this hot April night-
'Cause I just can't switch off my dim bedroom light.
The mass of swirling thoughts inside my head-
Is doing enough to keep me away from my bed.

I strain my ears and listen,to the sounds of the night-
The occasional cry of the night-bird,
The distant barking of a stray,
The familiar,eerie whistle of the night-guard-
And the screeching of tyres on the highway.

As I look out the window and breathe in the night air,
The night whispers something into my ear.
And just like that they all go away-
The lonely hours and the tears-
The despair and the sad years.

The chiming of the clock tells me it's three.
And I know this night has finally set me free.
I am free to make my own roads.
I am free to dream and fight all the odds.

Ah! now I want to sink into a deep sleep.
I just realized I have numerous promises to keep.
And I know when I wake up to a new tomorrow.
My heart will be empty of all the bitterness and the sorrow.

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NesQuarX said...

Nice one. The optimism is very infectious I'd have to say :)

Sayon said...

Good work...I could actually feel the sense...nice :)

NesQuarX said...

Ahh, I was expecting that change of name... The previous name gave me unconscious shivers down the spine (I do horribly detest the social networking site by that same name...)

Don't know where to leave me a message? Why I'm omnipresent! Even Google knows that ;)

Nightwing said...

has it ever occured to you that you might be suffering from insomnia...but dont worry..it wont kill you....

Atindriyo said...

Very sweet...

Samadrita said...

@Nightwing:I have been suffering from insomnia since I was 14.And since I am still alive,(considering it's me who is typing out this comment and not my ghost)chances of it killing me in the future are also kinda slim. :)
@Atindriyo:Im glad you feel that way.



kalyan.. said...

good poem.

Samadrita said...

Thanks everyone!

animita said...

really nice poem..loved it :)

Samadrita said...


SarahA said...

And then it enables you to write, right? I am loving the images within your words that brings them to my minds eye. Well done, you.

Samadrita said...

@SarahA:Yeah it totally does.I actually wrote this one down on a piece o' paper on the particular night I'm talking about here.Anyway thanks :)

Diptasree said...

i could actually feel and visualise every word u have written sammy. its like i was watching u from somewhere ..invisible to ur eyes!
[i think i know why i felt that way..but not to forget ur poem is descriptive in its own. :)]

Surya said...


I am new to this blog.

"And I know when I wake up to a new tomorrow.
My heart will be empty of all the bitterness and the sorrow."

Hope you had reserved a new tomorrow for you....

Bcs, I dont think the Sun have something in him NEW to offer somebody....

Let always you b with new tomorrows to go with your days for the sake of what can be defined as life....

I am very happy that I read some of your posts. Its creatively high, and you the invisible represents creation of the Ageless!

I request you to visit my blog

Thank you.

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