Sunday, March 01, 2009

Thoughts on getting old

Ah to be 15 again!Watching all these anime based on high school life(Kare Kano,Aishiteruze Baby,Vampire Knight etc) has gotten me deeply reminiscent of my early teens.Surely being 15 or 16 was scary.But it was also wonderful and exciting.So in an attempt to go back to that time I searched for my old diary which happened to be my best friend even until a few years back.And luckily enough I found it.Flipping through its pages I rediscovered that 15 year-old girl who was wondering how it would feel to grow into an old woman.Don't get what I mean?Well just read on and hopefully you will understand.

And I would close my eyes-
And listen.
To the soft rustling of leaves.
And recollect my sweet childhood memories.

And my hair will be as white-
As the snow falling on the cedars.
And my hands numb and cold.
But my heart will be as fresh and young
As a newly plucked marigold.

And I would sit on the old armchair.
And often doze off with a book-
Kept open on my chest.
And my grandchild would come wake me up-
Saying 'Gran,come and play with me.'

And I would walk down the garden path
Clutching my stick.
And inhale the scented breeze.
And watch the butteflies,fluttering by.
And look up at the crimson horizon-
To watch another glorious sunset.

And I would take out my father's photo-
From my old trunk.
And look at it with misty eyes.
And I'd remember the day when he first told me-
'Never give up,'cause life's beautiful.'

But I know those days are far off-
As I am but only fifteen.
But when those days approach,
I will remember his words-
'Whatever you are and may be-
Cherish all that life brings to you.'

Ah well if you still don't get it these are a few lines that I put down in my diary when I was 15.So my 15 year-old self isn't entirely lost huh?
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Atindriyo said...

Wow! Amazing maturity (literally too) for 15...

Samadrita said...

Thanks pal!

SarahA said...

Oh to be 15 again, or even 20, or come to think of it even 30! But really age is just a number. You are only as old or as young as you feel.
Lovely write, you.

Samadrita said...

Thanks a lot Saraha!Im glad you liked it :)

wisewit said...

You showed a lot of insight for a 15 year old. When I was 15 I was studying calculus on my own and failing high school because I didn't give enough time to my school work. Figure that one out!

Samadrita said...

@wisewit:Wow calculus at 15....I didn't start on that until I was 17!..And you sound like my friend who knows a hell lot about world literature yet never got good grades in that subject at school!

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