Saturday, March 14, 2009


The wind that blows from the west-
Gently touches my skin and caresses my face.
And it is then that I remember you-
Forgetting the rest.
I think of those days-
When fate seemed so benign.
And I think of that time-
That was only yours and mine.
I remember the mirth-
And I remember the tears.
And I realize-
Back then my heart had no fears.

I remember that solitary world of yours-
Where there was no light.
And I remember how desperately-
I wanted to make it vibrant and bright.
I still hear that carefree laughter-
Resounding through the night.
And then I glimpse your face-
That is now,forever out of sight.

I remember how I rebelled-
Against all the odds.
And I recall how willing I was-
To fight all the gods.
I even remember-
That painfully long day,
That day in September-
When you seemed so far away.
And I remember the things I did-
To keep my worries at bay.

These memories are all I have now.
Only these connect the two worlds-
That I always wished could be joined somehow.
But with each passing day,
They get farther away.
And I use all my strength-
To hold on to them.
Even if it only brings pain.
Even if I have everything to lose,
And nothing to gain.
And as a bead of tear-
Glistens at the corner of my eye,
I realize with a pang that all I wanted-
Was to never say goodbye.
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Atindriyo said...

Lonely, like our dreams...

AubintheDark said...

One day maybe you won't remember
That agonizingly long day of September
Maybe we may meet again
Or maybe not if it causes pain
We did things that were best for each other
And maybe one day we will find
That it wasn't really wasted time.

addy said...

summertime breeze is not far away/winter will never get on summer sun its sway/ sometimes words are never enough/to write down what u r left with of love/ wait till spring springs back to you/ with merrytime colors and a heartwarming view/ the coldness of hearts are then bound to melt/ the need of true love will again be felt/ the scented breeze will take away all gloom/ as in the hearts eden love will bloom/ so never ever fear the night/ as it only declairs the advent of the light!

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