Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Promise of the Shooting Star

Beneath the starry skies I stand-
To witness something surreal and grand.
Something that starkly contrasts
The insipidity of my everyday life.

At this moment I have no worries.
Nor do I have any nagging doubts.
Thankfully they are all locked up-
In the farthest corner of my mind.

My heart is also empty of all emotion,
My mind completely blank.
And my eyes are blind to everything around-
Except this tranquil ocean of darkness.

I try to drink it in-
The beauty,the mystery-the spectacle of it all.
And I realize-
I am no longer empty from within.
My heart has filled with awe and wonder,
And a joy so great-
That I fear I may drown in it.
Now I know why I am standing here,
What I have always sought for.

So I wait with bated breath,
For that moment to arrive-
When a trail of brilliant light-
Will illuminate the night sky.
And dazzle my eyes momentarily.
When I would fold my hands,
As if in prayer.
And make that sacred wish-
My most cherished wish.
And then I would know it will come true-
'Cause it'd be the shooting star's promise.

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Atindriyo said...

Great stuff!!! Really...

Samadrita said...

Hey can u be more critical Mr poet Atindriyo??I know I am not good with verses..

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