Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Endings

I finished reading a book last evening which was incredibly like The Da Vinci age old secret society engaged in Gnostic studies(You've to read the book to know whatever the hell that means) who would stop at nothing to discover an ancient treasure,a secret US agency comprising agents who are actually scientists but trained for military warfare,an Italian black-haired beauty who deals with the theft of historical artifacts...ah too many similarities.But anyway it wasn't that bad even though it looks like a desperate attempt to generate another record-breaking best-seller like the famed Dan Brown book.In fact it was far better than all those Nicholas Sparks I have read...ending with a tragedy so heart-breaking that I wouldn't stop crying.Well to be truthful I adore Nicholas Sparks really.His books are written in simple language but carry some deep inner meaning-mostly he writes love stories with a truly sad ending.And I was actually starting on his A Bend In The Road last night.But then I back-tracked.The first few pages were enough to tell me that this was ALSO going to end in tragedy-jeez!I was like so pissed off then..seriously what is wrong with this man?Why does he have to end all his love stories this way?I mean what kind of a sadist is he?(okay maybe that's not the right get the idea)..But surprisingly enough Nicholas seems like a very happy person himself.He lives in North Carolina,earns millions of dollars from his publications,has a loving wife Cathy whom he acknowledges in all his books and seems to be a doting father of 5 children.Now why is a happy person like him always hell-bent on making other people cry like babies?(okay I do...dunno about others)Some past personal tragedy I thought.But come on...there has to be a limit to the number of tragedies he can write.Doesn't he get tired?Anyway I am damn sure a lot of you Nick Sparks fans out there won't agree with me.And you shouldn't.He is a brilliant writer I'd say.In terms of literature his works are nothing great.But he tells stories that leave a deep impression long after you have read them.They make you cry,make you ponder on the complexities of life and make you wonder whether the goodness of human heart or the spontaneity and purity of true love still exist(btw does true love exist in the first place?...hmm).And even if most of his stories end with tragedies...they mark the beginning of something new.There is an underlying message of hope that he wants to deliver in the end.Let's just say it's his way of showing that life isn't like a Hollywood rom com.Life isn't fair.Life doesn't always turn out the way we hope it would.But life always goes on hope and faith.It just always finds a way out through all the heart breaks,pain and hardships.That is the true nature of life.And yea it's not like happy endings have become equivalent to myth.But it only happens to those who are fortunate enough.And not all are fortunate.
But inspite of all this I am sick of sad endings at the moment.I truly hate crying.First of all,it makes my head hurt like hell when I cry a lot.And once I start it's damn hard to stop.It's like all the sad things that I have encountered so far in my life come back to me in a rush and I just cry and cry some more.Btw all this might lead one to think that I am a very emotional person but in actuality I am not.In fact I am more insensitive than you can possibly hope to be.(well I have broken more hearts than I have mended >_>)But even so I am not that bad you know.I am also just a normal teenaged girl all who wants is to be happy.And I want to make others happy too...spread light and warmth around.And I think we could do with some happy endings...especially in today's world where you hardly find a reason to wake up in the morning and smile to yourself.So these days I pray for happy endings...both in romance novels and in real life.And I am sure you do too. ( ^_^)

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