Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Angel

The forest was deathly still.
Dark and cold.
There wasn't even a light breeze-
Or any sign of life anywhere.
Not a sound could be heard.
Except perhaps the soft swishing of her long white dress-
Brushing the dead leaves aside.

The cedars and firs around-
Rose to the sky-
Like tall sentinels.
Their thick foliage eating up all the sunlight.
But inspite of the darkness
She seemed to see everything clearly.
Gracefully she moved.
The dead leaves crumbling to powder-
Under her bare feet.

Her cascading curls hung to her waist.
And a serene smile played about her lips.
She wasn't remarkably beautiful-
And yet she was.
Just looking at her soothed my tormented heart.

She continued to make her way
Through the forest
For what seemed like an eternity.
And then abruptly-
She stopped in her tracks.
And turned towards-
Only then did I realize-
That I have been following her-
For I don't know how long.
Maybe a few minutes,maybe a few hours-
Or maybe forever.

And I was terrified.
Confusion shrouded my heart.
But then she smiled her enigmatic smile.
And slowly raised her hand-
Her finger pointing towards something.
But I couldn't see what-
Her hypnotic beauty held me captive.
I couldn't tear my gaze away from her.
And then I heard a musical voice.
'Isn't this what you've been looking for?'
She said,still smiling.

And then I saw what-
She was pointing at-
A clearing in the woods,
A tiny ray of sunshine peeping-
Through the greenery,
Making the dry leaves on which it fell
Shimmer like gold.
And I couldn't hold my tears back any longer.
Folding my hands together-
I knelt down.
And whispered, 'Thank you.'

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Atindriyo said...

Beautiful. Reminds me of Tagore's Shadharon Meye...

Samadrita said...

Hey thanks..but what's Sadharon Meye about?sorry haven't read it.

Atindriyo said...

Robi Thhakurer ekta shundor kobita. Parle pore nish. Darun lagbe

Nightwing said...

its really beautiful....very poignant...

NesQuarX said...

*One eyebrow raised in an appreciative gesture*
This one I liked. It's got an 'oh!' moment.

*The other eyebrow raised in mild surprise*
What a distantly similar theme!...:

GvSparx said...

I can't believe it!
How can our thoughts be so very similar..
I should rather say, how can we be so similar!
Hey Samadrita, I am so pleased and shocked
Pleased to read your beautiful poem
And shocked to see that I wrote a similar piece someday.
Anyways, I would love to read more of you.. Connect me on facebook if you like to!

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