Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I had a freaky dream....

I woke up feeling really cold.Though there was no reason to feel so.I was wrapped up in my warm blanket.Yet I felt terribly if I were buried under ice.I had no idea what time of the day it was or whether it was night.I sat on my bed and my eyes searched for my wall clock..but then I couldn't see my walls 'cause a thick mass of swirling mist was encircling my bed.It rose so high that I couldn't see anything in my room except my bed.Suddenly a kind of fear gripped me.I had this feeling that there was something unnatural about this mist.It was advancing...slowly....towards the bed...towards if it wanted to engulf me.I was scared...'cause I knew there was noone inside the house..I was all alone and the darkness suddenly seemed so menacing and unfamiliar.
But then I thought that it was just mist..not a monster.Gathering my courage I got up from my bed and groped in the dark for the light switch..but strangely enough my hands found nothing on the walls....just cold hard cement.I walked to the farther end of my room where my windows were located.I expected to find them open..'cause otherwise there would be no mist inside my room in the first place.But to my utter astonishment they were closed-tightly shut just like always.With trembling hands I threw them open...I needed some fresh air.I knew it was going to be very cold outside but I didn't care.I just wanted to see the outside world so badly.I felt trapped inside my own room.
As I looked outside I found that it wasn't completely dark.Nor did I see the sun.It was hard to tell what time of the day it was.The houses around looked the same as always-listless.But something felt very wrong.Something wasn't right.It was so silent....not even a single twitter of a bird or a bark from a stray dog,no sound of passing vehicles..everything was deathly silent.It appeared as if the entire city were lifeless.It was so creepy.My heart began thumping loudly in my chest....I looked up expecting to see the gray face of the sky and then got another shock.The sky was completely obscured by an impenetrable layer of smoke..thick,black smoke.And slowly it was spreading on all sides.......obscuring everything...swallowing whatever light that was left.And it was slowly entering my room....thick curls of the wisps of smoke drew nearer I felt even more cold than before....was this fog then?No it was smoke...some kind of smoke I had never seen before.And it was choking me...numbing me...I coughed violently..grasping my curtains for support...somehow my limbs were refusing to support my weight any longer....I was collapsing.
'Close the windows.'my mind kept telling me.Close the damn windows....But I was falling and my room had already filled with black...and I was suffocating...I was dying...close the windows....I have to close the windows....

It was then that I awoke with a start.I had been dreaming.
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