Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Silent Protest

I have been there for centuries,
Silently walked millions of miles-
Beside you,behind you-
But still I cannot be found
In pages of your history.

I helped you get to your feet-
When you stumbled and fell.
Urged you to move on-
When you did not have the courage to.
I served life to you on a platter,
Helped you get through your darkest nights.
Yet you did not give me my due importance.

You asked me to hide my face
Behind a veil-
I complied.
You inflicted on me-wounds.
Deep and painful.
Yet I bore the agony in silence.
But then you injured my soul-
Left it bruised and scarred.
And this time-
I screamed out aloud.
The pain had become unbearable for me.

I never asked you for anything.
Except perhaps a little recognition.
But all you ever gave-
Was pain and agony-
That I mutely bore.
But not anymore-

Now I want everything that I was denied.
My share of everything-
All the things that I deserved,
All the things you never gave,
All the things that I will now take.

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Sumana said...

Wonderful poem Samadrita!
really awesome piece of work.well done.

Samadrita said...

Hey thanks a lot dear!Im glad u felt that way.

Atindriyo said...

Truly awesome. Dylanesque (Thomas, I mean)

Samadrita said...

Thanks a lot re....though I haven't read Thomas Dylan.

Atindriyo said...

Well, even the other Dylan was influenced by Thomas...Way to go !

Diptasree said...

i really love this poem.. deep thought and very well expressed!

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