Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Light

The clock kept ticking-
While I sat there all alone,listening-
Waiting for that one miracle.
That would change everything.

I heard the low rumble of the clouds,
That defeaning roar of thunder.
'The storm's approaching isn't it?'
I sat and contemplated.
'What more can I do?'I thought.

My room was dank and dark-
And my house feeble and small.
It might collapse in the storm-
It might also kill me in turn.
Yet I sat there like a waxwork-
Unable to move or budge.

Louder and louder the wind howled.
The rain had become heavier too.
'It won't take long now.'
I voiced my thoughts.
And then I heard a knock-
A gentle,little rap on my door.

I knew I had to get up then.
'Someone has come to take me.' I thought.
But when I opened my door-
I found you-
And I found light-
Flooding my darkened little room-
Dispelling the gloom.
As I gazed into those brilliant blue eyes,mesmerized-
You just smiled and said-
'It's time to come out.The storm's over.'

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